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Could anarchism work?

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Started: 12/27/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello, in this thread I will be attempting to prove that a centralized authority structure is not required for order and civility to be maintained within society. My hopes are that someone on this platform will be able to provide factual and compelling contradictions to my thesis, and possibly change my viewpoints by ultimately proving me as well as my statement incorrect. My stance on the issue aforementioned is in favor of anarchism respectively, and I will be providing a considerable amount of evidence to support this ideology. One of the most common arguments against anarchism is that there will be "nobody to build the roads." This is simply suggesting that without a state, socialized services such as the construction of public roadways, schools, fire stations, etc would not be built and maintained due to lack of state funding. This statement is fallacious for a multitude of reasons. In a true anarchist society, the market would replace the state in the funding of public services and institutions. Property owners will construct roads and provide other services aforementioned and operate them in exchange for payment by the general public. Privatization will not only replace the need for taxation, but the state as well. In order for people to have access to these services, they will be required to pay a small amount of money after a specific amount of time. This is a free society's version of taxation, with the exception being that it is entirely voluntary. Another common argument against anarchism is that there will be no police to provide protection. This problem can also be solved by using the magical and all-knowing free market. Privatized police departments will replace state police and offer protection for the public and their property in exchange for payment with what money would have originally gone to taxes had there been a state in this scenario. I will debunk more examples of common arguments against this ideology when my opponent acknowledges them.


By default, in ANY FUNCTIONAL governing structure, there must a leader. Without a leader there's always going to be a struggle for power because when the 2 parties inevitably disagree, there will be no authority to make a final decision. Without authority to make a final decision, the society/relationship will implode. This is the reason why today's marriages end in divorce. The authority structure has no male leader. Instead, in feminist societies, the male and female constantly compete for authority and thus the relationship ends in divorce or cheating.
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