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Could we consider as philosophers non academic people (eg. Rappers, Artists, Poets, etc)?

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Started: 11/28/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So the other day I had this argument with a friend and pretty much I was the one considering street artists, rappers, etc the modern philosophers and that we could compare such people with Plato, Aristotle,etc to a certain extend.

To support my argument I would just say that since a philosopher doesn't need an academic background (mandatory) and since that kind of people tend to have that kind of moments of questioning life and existence, they may well come up with certain philosophical aspects and why not establish a new philosophy.



I actually do feel quite strongly on this issue. I very much accept your point of view, and to a certain extent understand it.
However, comparing Aristotle, a true, worthy genius, with, for example, B.I.G. or Eminem is truly warped.

A philosopher is not someone who sits and thinks, or writes, or manages to create a rhyme. A philosopher, by definition, is "a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields."

Today's rappers and artists tend to argue on issues and topics that are not profound. Profound means, "penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding." Aristotle hypothesized on the functioning of our universe, and scientific facts. Other true philosophers searched deeply into the functioning of life, religion, politics etc. The aforementioned modern "philosophers" definitely speak out on relevant issues, but not in a deep, thoughtful manner like Plato, Aristotle, Galileo and so on (there are some exceptions, but we are talking about the general group).

For example, the Black Lives Matter movement was very important to many, many African-American rappers, and was also a very relevant topic in other areas of popular culture (I know it still is, but much less than before). However, instead of being a Philosophical view on the idea that Black people and White people are an unjustly separated group of ethnicities, each with their own problems and their own privileges, the issue was portrayed as a shouting match, with little or no true penetration of the core of the issue.

There are definitely exceptions, but in most cases, the people you mentioned tend to enter into an issue with the mindset of proving their point or to solidify their views. That isn't philosophy, that is literally propaganda.

Philosophy is much more than an opinion. It is a search into the depths of a matter, with a willingness to accept a different outcome of facts than is desired. Philosophy is not approaching an issue with an end goal of being proven right or with the end goal of creating a movement. It is the searching for the driving force behind issues. Personal opinions have no place in true philosophy, and pop culture nowadays is all about enforcing one's own opinions. Philosophy requires an open mind and a blank slate. Philosophy searches for facts, and does not propagate perceived ones.

I hope I have made a clear statement of my views concerning this issue.

I very much look forward to reading your reply, and hopefully it will compel me to think more deeply about this issue.

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Posted by canis 2 years ago
It would not make a difference..
Posted by DrKaboom44 2 years ago
Did you mean to put rappers or did you really mean rapers?
Posted by canis 2 years ago
What ever...Philosophy is just a word..Make your words count...
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