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Court Session, Mr. Krabs vs. Bikini Bottom

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Started: 5/19/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In the episode, "The Krusty Sponge", Mr. Krabs, in Spongebob's words, "poisoned his own customers" with the help of the Dreaded, "Spongy Patty". In this court session, I will justify that Mr. Krabs is, in fact, guilty of these crimes. Although he did have a court session in that episode, Mr. Krabs was let off the hook, when he let the Judge use the kiddy Train as many times as he wanted too, I won't be won over that easily.

These are my Witnesses:

-Squidward Tentacles

-The Food Critic

-Joe ( the first guy to be poisoned)'

-The cop that arrested Mr. Krabs on the scene.

My opponent can justify his 4 witnesses, and shall try to prove that Mr. Krabs is innocent of these crimes. May the better Lawyer win.


I accept your challenge
Debate Round No. 1


Judge: order! the session of "Mr. Krabs vs. Bikini Bottom" will now commence. Plaintiff?

Me: i hereby call Squidward Testicles-

Squidward: TENTACLES!

Me: whatever, to the stand.

opponent: OBJECTION! Plaintiff has brought an animal into court!

(everybody from spongebob angrily eyeballs Defendant, who looks at them and them sits down slowly)

Me: ahem, now, mr. Tentacles, before this session, you told me you were suing Mr. Krabs too, is that correct?

Squidward: yes, he is an unfair boss, and made ME the peddaler for the Kiddie Ride when he let the judge of the last case of court use the ride as many times as he wanted. I had to petal for 2 WHOLE WEEKS until the judge got tired of whipping me. Plus, Mr. Krabs doesn't even pay us correctly! He just gives us these (holds up Krabby dollars)

Me: then how do you pay for your house?

Squidward: well... I took a night job

Me: where did you take a night job, Mr. Testi- i mean, Tentacles?

Squidward: uhh... a gay bar...

(everyone stares blankly at Squidward)

Me: well, you were a witness to the poisoning, is that correct?

Squidward: yes.

Me: tell me about it.

Squidward: well, I was in this stupid outfit-

Spongebob (from crowd): I thought it was cute!

Judge: SILENCE! Carry on Squidward.

Squidward, well, I was sitting on my break, when Joe showed up. He looked different, and He acted it too. He was moping around, holding is stomach, as if in pain. Then I saw it, holes in his head, and he was turning yellow. I realised that this happened after he had eaten a spongy patty. Then I saw everyone else doing the exact same thing. And then I saw somebody handcuffing Mr. Krabs. I thought, now's my chance to sue him! He's already going to jail, why not? But when he conned himself out of trouble, I was outraged! And then the Kiddie Train ride...

Me: and that is why you are here, yes?

Squidward: yes, it is.

Me: thank you Mr. Cameltoes, you may step down.


Me: you can step down now.

(Squidward steps down, beet red.)

My opponent can have a crack at bringing up a witness. I await his case.


whitesox1010 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


my opponent has forfeited the round. I will wait to present more proof until he actually posts a round.


whitesox1010 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent clearly will not post an argument. So, I win.


whitesox1010 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
and why u so mean in the comments whitesox? Are you on craque? If so... can I have some?
Posted by Loveshismom 7 years ago
Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
y'know, you forgot to say ur four witnesses dude...
Posted by whitesox1010 7 years ago
We will crush and destroy u while u cry to the evergreen
Posted by JohnMaynardKeynes 7 years ago
For the record, your opponent doesn't need to prove "innocence." That would be insane. He has to prove that there's a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof is on you.
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