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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/22/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Affirmative assertion #1 : Courts order busing was the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston public schools in 1974.
"Neighborhoods were segregated by race and kids went to neighborhood schools.
"Boston built new schools but they were still segregated
"Things got worse in Boston even after the law said schools had to be segregated

Affirmative assertion #2 : Students and social benefit when more children are able to attend racially integrated schools .
"School students are more likely to feel safer, less bullied when they are in diverse schools
"If they had ethnically diverse classrooms and schools , it would decrease bullying
"Schools continue to be educated largely in ethnically segregated schools
Affirmative assertion # 3 : To create a desegregated school system, a judge should be able to tell parents where their children must attend school
Evidence :
"If students go to school closer to home, the schools might resegregate
"The judges plan was to create schools that included kids from several neighborhoods
"The new plan would make kids go to bad schools in their neighborhoods


Debate: court-ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good. Questions about schooling should be left to communities to sovle.
In 1974, court-ordered busing was not the only strategy that should have desegregated boston"s public schools.
Black communites were worried
Education was still unfair
Races should not be use as a basis for school assignment
.desegregation does not speak to drop out rates that hover hear 50 percent
.the national center for education statistics reported that the average white students attends a school that is 80% white, white 70% of black students attend schools where nearly two-thirds of students are black and hispanic
.American"s public schools have been growing more segrated even as the native has become more racially diverse
Debate Round No. 1


1. what evidence do you have to support your second point
2. why does desegregation not speak to drop out rates that hover hear 50 percent ?
3. is there anything they could have done to keep the public schools at a equal racially diverse school ?


1. In September 1965, black parents in Roxbury begin Operation Exodus. More than 400 students are bused daily from overcrowded black schools to under enrolled schools in predominantly white communities within the city of Boston. A year later, the metco program begins to bus minority students in Boston to suburban schools

2. Because we been trying to desecrate for 50 years

3. They could base it on something else other the race like their ability to learn or what the parents want them to loose
Debate Round No. 2


court ordered desegregation plans do more good than harm because th court mixing the whites and black students is making it worse for the students to focus on school. so schools should stay with their own color and race because it it better for them

in 1974 court-ordered busing was the only strategy that should have desegregated boston"s public schools because neighborhods were segregated by race and the kids went to the neighborhood schools. Also boston had built new schools but they were still segregated and things got worse even after the law said schools had to be segregated. it would have been a better quality education that was needed for the black community.

ace should be use as a basis for school assignment because its a good way to for combating in the racial segragation. bck then 80% of students went to a school where most white students went to. they also didnt treat the black students the same as the white students .


RachquelMsumner forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


im waiting for your questionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns !!!! (: ..


1. what's the evidence that things got worst?

2.what new schools did they build?

3.ways the news they build racial?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 3 In one place you switch to the other side
Spelling: 3
Analysis: 3

Conduct: 4
Sources: 3 you don"t use as much info as you could have
Arguments: 2 no rebuttals
Spelling: 2
Analysis: 3 Answers to questions show better understanding

Congratulations to you both for a good finish to the year. You stuck with it and succeeded =514;
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