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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/22/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Assertion #1: I believe that courts should have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools.

In Boston public schools were segregated by race, and the only way to desegregate them was by the court-odder in 1947 that made busses transfer the kids to other school. Blacks and whites were not happy with this decision, and if they were not forced to do it, they would have never done it willingly. There are a lot of benefits to having racially balanced schools; one is that everybody gets better and equal education.

Assertion #2: Students and society also benefit when more children are able to attend racially integrated schools.

Schools prepare kids for the diverse world that we live in. Also people would view each other equally; no one would have more privileges or more power than other.

Assertion #3: Courts may not end segregation completely but it can reduce the effect of racial discrimination.

Since no one but the judge has the power to force school to be more diverse, this is the only way to make a change. People may not like it at first but eventually people will get used to it.


Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced.

Assertion #1
Courts should not be able to create racially balanced schools!
-Students and society will not benefit when more children are able to attend racially integrated schools. Courts believe that it will; and they use surveys to get "Answers". But surveys may not be 100% accurate. On top of that, they only surveyed African Americans and Latinos. If you want accurate answers, then actually test a school that is DIVERSE (that"s the whole point right?) You may believe that it will benefit students and society when students are able to attend racially integrated schools" but groups don"t stick together even in a diverse school students tend to stay within themselves.
Assertion #2
Judges should not be able to tell parents where their children must attend school.
-In what world should we allow judges to make decisions on where OUR children go to school? (Speaking for parents) That literally takes away everyone"s rights. Not only do parents miss out on the schools quality, but also in the location. Judges should give parents CHOICES! If judges gave parents 6 choices on where their child can attend school; that"ll equality in education! This is what every child deserves! " Don"t you think?
Race should not be used as a basis for school assignment.
Why should race be used as a basis for school assignment anyway? That creates segregation and leads to people feeling left out when that can all be avoided. If race was actually used as a basis for school assignment then that would create an achievement gap between black and white students and that goes against "Browns Promise" of equal educational opportunities. That"s not fair! Parents just wants\better education for their kids; but also want their kids to feel what it"s like to be in a diverse community. If race were not used as a basis; Children will be less lonely, safer, and academics improve! This is what every parent wants for their child.
Debate Round No. 1


Question #1:
How would people not benefit from this?
Question #2:
If the judges allow parents to choose the schools their kids attend, wouldn"t the parents just choose schools that have the same ethnic background as them?
Question #3:
Are you sure that people pro racially balanced schools are creating the "gap between and white students"? Aren"t you guys the once separating them?


Question #1: Why should we create racially balanced schools & force students to go to school with different races when they wouldn"t even stick together? ( still means students would be segregated)

Question #2 You say that no one would have more power, but how are you so sure that no one would get bullied in the school ?

Question#3 Why should we force people do something they don't want to do ? there is something called". RIGHTS!
Debate Round No. 2


Answer to #1:
In the beginning of course kids are going to stick with people the same race as them, but as time passes they will eventually get accustomed to it and start getting along with each other. Kids adapt to new environment easily, and the more they are exposed to diversity at the schools the more comfortable they are going to be with the idea.
Answer to #2:
I am not saying that people aren"t going to get bulled. Bullying doesn"t mean you have more power than the other person. People that attend school that have mostly the same ethnic background as them still get bullied. When I say equal power I mean they will have the same education and will have the same opportunity to develop economically in the future.
Answer to #3:
We are forcing people to attend other schools for the better. We are not trying to hurt them in anyway. Right now people might not see the benefits from this but in a couple of years you will be thanking us.


1. People wont benefit from judges creating racially balanced schools because your forcing it upon kids and parents. If they don"t want that, then they don"t want it. Theres no other way around it. Why should we force parents to make their kids go to racially balanced schools? When kids at a diverse school ONLY stay within themselves. It"s the same as leaving your child in a School that"s not racially balanced.
2.Why should we have just one school that"s not racially balanced ? why cant people have options? YES ! they would choose a school with the same ethnicity" but there should be more than one.
3.My fault CLARY >:O ". Anyways. What I meant to say was that, Race should be used as a school assignment. Therefore everyone that attends the school and wont feel left out because your around your own kind. Everyone would feel comfortable, and wont have to worry about a certain race thinking their stronger. So that answered your question :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Conduct 4 passionate, but polite
Sources 4 now it is your own information
Arguments 4 amazing
Spelling and grammar 4
Analysis 4 Great job catching the contradiction

Clary, this format really fit your strengths, because you were able to argue without feeling self conscious in front of the class. This is really the best work you"ve ever done for me (out of 2 years of great work) and I"m honored you chose your best for last.

Conduct 4 passionate, but polite
Sources 4 now it is your own words
Arguments 4
Spelling and grammar 4
Analysis 3 oops, Clary caught your contradiction!

Valery, I could not have imagined a more pleasant year, both academically and socially with you. Thank you for all your hard work.
Posted by Kwhite7298 5 years ago
Conduct to pro for labling arguments more clearly, S&G to pro because pro had better S&G. Sources tied, no sources either side.
Posted by Kwhite7298 5 years ago
R3 -- AFF) A1 needed to be backed up with a source, study, or something, although it is a good point.
R3 -- AFF) A2 was understandable, however, I believe you still should have addressed NEG's point.
R3 -- AFF) A3 was a good point but a source would have helped it greatly.

R3 -- NEG) A1 was a good point but not true in all cases. Absolutes don't belong unless they're backed up.
R3 -- NEG) A2 was not comprehensible....
R3 -- NEG) A3 violates constitutional precedents.
Posted by Kwhite7298 5 years ago
R2 -- AFF) Q1 did not show a great understanding of con's points and resulted on a 'safety question' that looked like it was proposed in order to fill up the character limit.
R2 -- AFF) Q2 showed a deeper understanding of the topic and was (in my opinion) a solid question.
R2 -- AFF) Q3 was a well developed question

R2 -- NEG) Q1 was a great question, well developed
R2 -- NEG) Q2 displayed an excellent point
R2 -- NEG) Q3 was a weaker question, allowing the opposition to take advantage of it.
Posted by Kwhite7298 5 years ago
R1 -- AFF) C1 was an opinion based contention, stating that everybody gets better and equal education. If you're going to make a claim like this, back it up with facts. (0 pts)
R1 -- AFF) C2 started off great, diversity is a valid point. However, people will never view each other equally, and there is always a person with more power or privelages (1/2 pts)
R1 -- AFF) C3 was a null point because of the checks and balances within our government. The judicial system is not the only system.

R1 -- NEG) C1 was a solid point, but it was one that absolutely needed to be backed up with a source or survey (such as the one that you cited in the contention) for it to have any weight. Since you did not do so, the point is a null point.
R1 -- NEG) C2 was not true. Watch the movie about Ruby Bridges -- you'll see that even when presented an opportunity, most parents (except for Bridges's) chose to stay within their community despite the fact that it was a lesser quality school.
R1 -- NEG) C3 missed the point that 'racially balanced' is 'desegregation' instead of the segregation that the negation contended would result from such actions.
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