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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/28/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Affirmative assertion #1: In 1974, court-ordered busing was the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston"s public schools.
1: Blacks and whites didn"t want to mix so they needed a higher power
2: Blacks needed a better qualirt education.
3: Neighborhood schools were closer.

Affirmative assertion#3: Studens and society benefit when more children are able attend racially intergrated schools.
1: Academics improved.
2: Less bullying.
3: training to deal with a diverse real world.

Affirmative assertion#5: Courts have the power to reduce the effects of raicial discrimination.
1: No attempt to give power based on skin color
2: avoiding racial isolation brong interest to the state.
3: Brown invited racialy dicerse classrooms.


Negative asertion #1 in 1974, court-ordered busing was not the only strategy that could have desegregated Boston"s public schools
Give other options and give choices, violence, where you live is your choice, so the schools arent really segregated.(by law)

Affirmative assertion #2 Court-ordered desegregatgion plans do more harm than good. Questions about schooling should be left to communities to solve.
More harmful, people don"t get to know each other for their colo of the skin.

Negative assertion #3 race should not be used as a basis for school assignment
Desegregation does not speak to drop out rates that hover near 50 percent for black and hispanic high school students, parents don"t care for integregation they just want a better life for them, in 2001 the national center for education statistics reported that the average white student attends a school that is 80 percent white, while 70 percent of black students attend schools where nearly two-thirds of students are black and hispanic
Debate Round No. 1


question 1: how do you figure that the court ordered desgregation plan did more harm then good?

question 2:what other options could the court have gave besides the busing?

question3:do you think those other options could have made racism any less than what it was?


why did they have to have a higher power?

how does the court have the power to reduce racism?

how do you give better education?
Debate Round No. 2


answer 1: They needed higher inorder to stop most of the violence that was accuring because the court wasnt doing much.
answer2:They could have made more rational decisions with the racism problem.

answer3: you would assign better teacher to the african americans and hispanics and better literature books aswell as.


the desegregation plan did good because it made everybody to try to know each other.

the court could've gave other options but the busing was the best way for them to get around with out that much harm.

other options could of caused less racism because people would be resent the judge telling them what to do.
Debate Round No. 3


counter negative assertion 1: your wrong because thats the only thing they could do to make the blacks and whites there was not much the court could do

counter negative assertion2: if the court left it all to the communities sure they would come up with 1 or two good idea but to plan out the situation would over stress them.

counter negative assertion 3: not worrying about race should not be a option racialism will always be a problem in the world and the US.


Oliverioo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Brian G
Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 3 sometimes you switched sides, though all your answers made sense your answers really ended up helping the other side
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: 3

It was such a relief to see the real Brian this quarter. You have a lot going for you and I feel bad that it took you three quarters to get going. Let"s have quarter 5 together and get you a diploma by the end of the year. It is a few weeks that will make a huge difference in the rest of your life.

Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 2 sometimes you switched sides, no rebuttals
Spelling and grammar: 3
Analysis: 2

I"m glad we were able to piece some work together for you to be able to finish the year, and I"m glad you committed to take the final and pass the class. If I can help you finish anything else you need to get your diploma, I am at your service.
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