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Courts have the responsibility to create racially balanced schools

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Started: 5/21/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Affirmative Assertion #1: Courts ordered busing was the only desegregation way in Boston.
Evidence: Whites lived with whites. Blacks were going to school with blacks. Neighborhoods were segregated.
Assertion #2: Desegregated school system, judge should be able to tell parents where their children must attend school.
Evidence: Judge's plan; kids to leave their neighborhoods. Not all schools are quality. Going back to neighborhood schools is segregated.
Assertion #3: Race should be used as a basis for school assignment.
Evidence: Creates legal uncertainty and threatens to provide considerable. Illegally used race to classify students. It didn't violate the 14th Amendment.


Hi selly :)
Assertion #1- Court ordered desegregation plans do more harm than good.
  • More fighting than learning goes on in the schools.
  • It took people 15 years to adjust to the plans.
  • The kids see nothing but violence at the schools with all the fighting going on.

Assertion #2- Courts do not have the power to combat people's prejudice.
  • If a person is racist the courts cannot force the person to stop being racist.

Assertion #3- Schools should not be used as battlegrounds to adress inequality.

  • The kids will respond to violence with violence.
  • Kids will not be able to focus on quality learning if everyday the school board is in the classroom doing interviews and battling the committee.
  • The schools should be a place of learning not fighting.

Debate Round No. 1


If a person is racist, why should he/she should be forced to sit in a classroom with a black ?
why choose to live in a all white neighborhood ?
Why do students choose to respond to violence with violence ?


#1 Why does using race not violate the 14th amendment?
#2 There was nothing to stop the blacks from moving into white neighborhoods, so why didn't they ?
#3 How is race being illegally used to classify students?
Debate Round No. 2


#1: because they are still U.S citizens that are getting an education.
#2: The Blacks didn't move into the neighborhoods because the prices were out the roof when it came to them.
#3: in 2007 the court determined that race was illegally used to classify students.


My point is not that they should be forced to sit with them it is that they will not want to sit if they are racist so they will not want the court ordered desegregation.
If you want to go to the neighborhood school then you should live in that neighborhood, regardless of the people that live there.
Kids are taught right from wrong and if all they learn is wrong then that is what they will do, so if they see the older, responsible people using violence then they will use violence.
Debate Round No. 3


-But they're racist and they are being forced to sit near them in class and in buses.
-Neighborhood schools for blacks are unfair ! & a house for a black person is 3x more than for a white person. if a black chooses to move into a white neighborhood its because they want something better for their child.
-Kids fighting and using violence is nobodies fault but there parents ! & if they learn right from wrong then they should know violence is not the answer, even if they see the older do it, they also see the consequences .


bkron95 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by jgeller 5 years ago
Conduct: 4
Sources: 3 evidence is not in complete sentences; makes it hard for your opponent
Arguments: 3 Good answers, one rebuttal contradicts
Spelling/grammar: 2
Analysis: 3

Yuselly, thank you for your leadership this year, getting Jon to do his work"certainly not required but much appreciated!

Brian K
Conduct: 4
Sources: 4
Arguments: 2 oops, skipped last rebuttal
Spelling/grammar: 4
Analysis: 2 hard to tell full extent of analysis without rebuttal

Thanks, Brian, for your unbridled enthusiasm all year. You made the class fun, and pushed people to rise to your level.
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