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Crackship Compare!

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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New Game! here are the rules

Rule 1) the pro must make 5 crack-ships, and state defenses for them. the crack-ships must have a fictional character have a similarity to the other

Rule 2) the Con must make arguments against the 5 crack-ships, but cant say "its not canon" or "they have never met"

Rule 3) the crack-ships cannot have real people

And that's all!

First round is acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


1) Sonic x Pikachu (similarity: both are fast)

Sonic and Pikachu are both fast, this would give them a reason to hang out, with similer abilities and such, Pikachu talked once, so sonic would know that Pikachu understands him, their sexualities are not confirmed so we know they will go out

Twilight sparkle x Thomas the tank engine (similarity: both have colorful friends)

While I have never seen my little pony, Twilight is a horse, so naturally she would want to hang out with other horses, and Thomas being a train (aka iron horse) she would likely hang out with him, thus feelings would start to grow

Godzilla x Barney (similarity: both are dinosaurs)

in order for an animal to reproduce, they must find a mate as the same kind as them, correct? that's no different for kaiju, Godzilla would likely see that barney is the same kind as him, correct? animals can also be homosexual, so its possible for Godzilla to like boys, barney would gladly agree for the same reasons, plus, his sexuality could be homo too!

Optimous prime x Wall-E (similarity: both are robots)

Optimous prime has lost tons of friends and has been feeling alone, same for wall-e, this could lead to them hanging out, and for feelings to develop, plus, optimous could see wall-e as an autobot, because he can transform into a cube

Bendy X Cuphead (similarity: both are inspired from cartoons)

Cuphead and bendy would see each other as fellow toons and gradually hang out, plus, with cupheads powers, he would be a great help hunting down the protagonist, eventully feelings will develop.


Unlike my opponent, my five star pairings will not be interested in reproduction, but rather eternal friendship.

1- Yoda x Yeshua; Both are polarising, patronising leaders of a movement. Both know what they are doing in life, but need to operate from behind-the-scenes to avoid persecution.Yeshua is the master of cleansing sin, whereas yoda will fvck u up with his dyslexic words of wisdom.The perfect turn your cheek counter attacking duo.

2- Princess Peach x Bob the Builder: WE all know Princess Peach has Stockholm Syndrome to Bowser, but did you Bob can fix that. Nuff said. Ps Bob has the expertise and skills to free her well before Mario stops prancing around with shrooms, the druggy. Both BB + PP are dedicated to their profession, you cant deny that.

3-Top Cat x Fat Tony- The ultimate Mafia alliance, both have the feds in their back pocket and both are highly entertaining womanisers.

4- Fred the Red Devil x Angelica Rugrats- Both act like the antagonistic pr1cks w/ fragile egos, this one will take time to shine. Freds ego has been damaged ever since SAF retired from football management, but Freds still out there causing beef w/ the opposition. And since hes a mascot, he can motivate n protect Angelica whenever she has a tantrum.

5-Mad Hatter x Noah- Both are clearly high on LSD, and live in rehab . Mad Hatter is a Psycho thats obvious, but lets talk about his crackden roomie, the alcoholic delusional old man known as Noah, my man heard voices, he tried to gather animals on his imaginary ship, but they kept killing eachother. Plus he shat himself when told a dove to fly, and it did!!

Its evident these 2 will get along just fine, just like all my crackship duos.

Over to you "Dagger.
Debate Round No. 2


round 3 shall be the round where we contradict each others crackships. round 4, shall be countering the contradictions and 5 shall be the same as round 3

1- Yoda x Yeshua

You have forgotten that Yoda has made some pretty questionable decisions in the senate, and since yeshua is all about cleansing sin, he would question yoda's rather sneaky and corrupt tactics, yoda would also question Yeshua need to take away the darkness, because a certain amount of darkness is needed to maintain balance. so it wouldn't be a stable relationship.

Princess peach x bob the builder

yes, but princess peach gets kidnapped at least once a week, bob the builder has his emotional limits, think about it, he has to drive though eight worlds, get attacked by monsters, and fight a giant turtle monster at least once a week, it would be very stress-inducing for the two.

3-Top cat x Fat tony

fat tony has lots off alliance members and likes working with big teams, top cat only has 1 or 2 henchmen, this would leave fat tony unimpressed

4- angelica x fred the red devil

Angelica, being 3 years old, likes making messes on her doll to make her look cute, this could lead to having fred having mud stains all over him, plus, with his damaged ego, it wouldn't last long.

Mad hatter x Noah

Yeah, but their similarities would be too far apart, mad hatter wouldn't be interested in a guy that collects animals, and noah cant find interest in a guy who has tea parties when hes trying to save the animals, plus, mad hatter perfers tea, and would be confused what noah is drinking (note: their is no beer in the wonderland)

lets see what you have to say about my ships. over to you.


Your ships:

1: Sonic x Pikachu

Mate, how do you think Knuckles will react to this relationship heyy?1?!, I mean he already has anger issues. Likewise Ash will be heartbroken by Pikachu meeting someone else. It will never work. Sonic's prime MO in life is to collect dollar and defeat an ugly evil scientist, whereas Pika' is all about having fun and being thee franchise guy.

2: Twilight x Thomas

Totally Incompatible, ponies need open air, freedom, and a countryside environment. Whereas Thomas is literally a blue collared industrial worker, tied down to his profession. He'll never get a break, esp. w/ the Fat Controller running things.

3: Godzilla x Barney

Godzilla can never be seen with such as a paedophilic child hugger. Godzilla is hangry, he will physically maul Barney, and no amount of song can prevent this. Barney will be sent to jail for molesting children, and G-Z will forever be in the eternal war with King Kong.

4: OPrime x Wall-E

Prime plays with the big leagues, Wall-E is a reclusive loner, Prime will get fed up of Es social awkwardness and hand him over to Bumblebee, and those two can fvck around playing shenanigans. Megatron will squash E quick time, so Prime can't afford to gave E hang around w/ the crew.

5: Bendy x Cuphead

Well since Cuphead is forever indebted to the devil, Bendy (being a demon) will eventually take advantage of this, and use his evilness to create contemptuous obstacles, because he secretly fancies Mugman, and wants an affair w/ him.
Debate Round No. 3


Sonic x Pickachu

Don't you remember? knuckles now likes shadow, and didn't ash cheat on Pikachu with squirtle? why would Pikachu care about how ash feels, sonic likes chilling out, so is Pikachu, I mean how do you think sonic can turn yellow? he is obviously pregnant with Pikachu's baby.

Twilight X Thomas

if ponies like living in the county, than why in olden times could you see them in cities? totally compatable. and even if thast was true, doesn't Thomas live in a mix of country and city?

Godzilla x Barney

Godzilla could relate with barney, with his own messed up love life (Mothra, MUTO, Biolante, Anguirus) Godzilla is not a cannibal, barney is the same species as him, Godzilla could break him out of jail, and barney could help fight king kong

Optimous Prime x Wall-e

didn't wall-e's social awkwardness give him a robo babe? and how will megatron beat Wall-e? he tanked a giant platform crushing him! megatron's foot is nothing!

Bendy x Cuphead

Why would bendy want to have an affair with Mugman? that's boris BF bro, he cant do him like that, besides, bendy would get impressed in how cuphead manages the obstacle of no return (the Cuphead tutorial), crossing that can get anyone to fall head over heels for you.


1- The YG gang

Yeshua is perfect for Yoda, the two can combine their high levels of intellect, and finally teach Darth Sith some morality lessons.

2- PP/BB

Like I said Bob wont need to prance around on shrooms like mario. He'll simply give Bowser a ring, tell him hes coming later, then turn up a week later demanding tea and biscuits. Bowser will enjoy Bobs company bc hes not an arrogant pr1ck like mario, Bowser will kindly hand PP over to Bob. Bob will even repair the damage caused by mario free of charge.

3-Fat Tony needs a lookout on the streets after Selma drove half his crew insane with her BO, PLUS Top Cat needs a promotion. Its a natural fit.

4-Fred likes to get dirty, Freds team is notoriously famous for their dirty tactics. Freds getting a bit old n he easily sees Angelica as an ideal child.Another perfect duo.

5-Who said theyre in wonderland??, i said theyre are both in rehab. They be best buds sharing all sorts of events n experiences. Did you know Yeshua briefly visited this crackship to pay Noahs medical bill. 100k, jeez, the Queen of Hearts must have threatened the doctors or sumin.
Debate Round No. 4


1- Yeshua x Yoda

you have not countered my arguement here, im guessing you couldnt find a comeback for that one

2-PP x BB

yeah, but he still has to worry about those random holes that he cant go around for some reason, so going to bowser might take weeks, only for bowser to take her the next week, and how would his , and how would lofty feel that his boyfriend is going out with some girl?

3- fred x Angelica

fred is still made of fabric, so it might be costly to his health if hes it with angelica's water gun or scissors when playing with him.

5- mad hatter x noah

Mad hatter still wouldn't know what alcohol is though, but you have forgotten that yeshua confessed his love to noah, so the first and 5th ships while good, would be impossible.


Sonic x Pikachu:

Pika is a repressed woman in a man's body that's why he puts on this cute front, to hide his emotional pain. Pika will always put Ash first at heart. He ain't got time for some nutjob on speed. Plus Knuckles wants a 3somw w/ Sonic and Shadow.


No Ponies never did labour, horses did. Ponies are socio-economically worlds apart from traveller's horses. They be at a mansion in the countryside, where Thomas can never access. Plus Thomas has too many worker strikes to handle in the city.


Whilst in jail, barney will lose his smile and hang himself. Godzilla will not give 2 fvcks.

OP & Wall-E

How dare you disrespect Megatron?!, do you know he's in your house right now, disguised as yo momma's car. He will be the supreme leader of the universe. Optimus is too busy switching sides playing mind games w/ everyone, getting a boner over Megan Fox, whereas Mega doesn't F about. E will be slaughtered and recycled quick time.


Because Bendy is a slut, he will sleep w/ anyone n anything. Cuphead will discover this, and they will both have a massive domestic. Plus Mugman will contract ink poison based HIV from Bendy, n he'll pass that on to Boris.

It looks I've won by 3 ships to 2. Parrrrrrtttyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
It looks like my opponent has admitted defeat!!
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
oh its just a game I made up,

P.S sorry I sided with KwLm, we cool?
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
What is this even about?
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
Mate this is jokes !
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
Ite i think my 5 are pretty solid"!"!
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
R3 is for attacks right ?
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