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Create your own country

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Started: 9/12/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I saw Cowboy recently do a debate like this, and his contender quit during the middle of it.

I would like to extend to him the same challenge he extended to the other guy

Create your own country and votes determine the best one. Establish rules, location, type of people, ethics, what type of system. Whether its conservative, what economic polices it holds etc. Choose a leader and his qualities, and what his goals are. What punishments there are, how do you detour crime and anything else you can think to add.

There are 4 rounds to this, use the rounds as follows.

Round 1 is merely acceptance.

Round 2 is describing and building your country

Round 3 is the same as round two

Round 4 is offering rebuttals as to why our country is better than the others.


Ironically, someone else also challenged me to this same debate because of the debate the other guy quit on. But I like this debate, so I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


So I am going to start first.

The first thing I will give my country is a name.

I will call it "Eterna". I have no idea why, but it sounds nifty so I am going to go with that.

Now for the location of this country. I will have it set where modern Japan is now. View the map below

Politics within this country

(1) It will be a democracy. People will vote on whom is elected into office.

(2) It will have a president

(3) It will operate under a 4 platform system. What I mean is that there will be four major parts with various people in each platform that govern a certain area. Each area branches out to include multiple other areas. The 4 platforms are below

(A) The Crime Platform : This will govern all crime related incidents. Including court and anything else that stems from this

(B) The Economic platform : Will govern business functions within the economy to make sure they do not bottom our or that people do not cheat the system

(C) The Environmental Platform : Makes sure the environmental is taken care of, and find ways to produce and develop environment solutions.

(D) The Legal Platform : This includes court, elections, and everything else in that category.

(4) When the president decides to pass a law it is sent to the platform that the law falls under. If it was something like the keystone pipline it would go to the environmental platform. If it could fall under multiple categories it would go to multiple platforms.

(5) Under each Platform 30 officials are elected to serve and voted in by the people in the country. They are divided among areas within the country and only a certain amount of officials can be elected from a certain area.

(6) When a law is sent to a certain platform a majority vote must be reached for the law to be passed. If it passes that plat form, it then goes on to the other 3 platforms to review as well. If 3/4 platforms vote yes on the law, it will be passed. If 1/3 votes yes it will not be passed. If the law is tied 2/2 it will be sent to the public to vote on.

(7) If any official in these platforms is found guilty of lobbying they will be stripped of their role, and a runner up from the prior election will be placed in his roll. Meaning if he is bribed.

Economic Policies and Ideas

(1) This country will run off capitalism and a free market system.

(2) Laws will be set in place where this is not exploited. Individual healthcare companies that are run privately may not refuse coverage to people whom are at risk. The economic platform will work with the crime platform and oversea areas like this.

(3) There will be limited tax on capital gains. Anyone who invests in something and receives a (x) profit from it, will only be taxed 7 percent of that gain.

(4) This country will be run under a flat tax system

(5) College cost will be based on the income of the individual that is attending along with his family. If it is deemed the family can not afford it, he shall be awarded grants or loans that will either allow him to attend for free without having to pay this back, or pay it back upon graduation.

Example of this

(A) Student qualifies for a 50,000 loan all of which he does not receive. It is sent to the school and used only for his school materials. If he needs food it will be taken off the balance during lunch time when he cashes out his lunch.

(B) If this student graduates with a great gpa and shows excellence the outstanding balance can be reduced or depleted all together

(C) If the student drops out of school and does not complete it. He must pay back all the money spent out of that balance + a 10 loan fee.

(D) If he fails multiple times, he must simply repay the original balance.

Social Issues

(1) Gay marriage will be accepted.

(2) There shall be equal pay for every religion, race, a gender

(3) There shall be no discrimination within hiring

(4) It shall be freedom of religion, as long as the religion does not violate the rights to others or the law

(5) There will be no religion taught in school. Only scientific data and factual information.

(6) There shall be extra classes after school, that teach and show religious ideals and thoughts.

(7) debate shall be a subject taught within school

(8) Critical thinking shall be a mandatory class

(9) Assisted suicide shall be legalized for terminally ill patients upon request and proper evaulation.

(10) Marijuana will be legalized and taxed. Any persons 18 years of older may purchase this from the store but may have no more than one gram on them at all times.

(11) This society will encourage and promote individualism. Anyone is free to be whom they are and whom they want as long as it does not tread on the freedoms of others.

(12) School shall also bear a stricter criteria. If you receive below a 69 you shall be sent for remedial classes during the weekend.

(13) School shall be year round, but with elongated holidays and vacation periods. Instead of a summer break, there will be multiple times they get 2 week breaks. It shall be run on a 4 quarter scale.

Legal System

(1) There shall be no death penalty

(2) If someone is convicted of murder without a cause he shall be put before the court

(3) If found guilty without proper cause, he shall be exiled from the country with a digital folder sent to other nations with this crime, identity, features, and name.

(3A) If that same person is found back in the country, he shall be sent to a prison or camp to serve for 5 years. He shall work the environment and be forced to work jobs daily. He will be treated fairly and equally but always under supervision. Upon 5 years completion he will be exiled again.

(3B) If he is found in the country again or tries to escape during his prison time he shall be sent to a high volume camp or prison to serve a life sentence

(3C) If at any point that person is found not guilty after the court date, he shall be released or his exile lifted.


(1)Will be ran on a city to city basis

(2) It shall be similar to the US. On presidential elections each city shall be counted and the majority vote shall win the city. Smaller cities shall be granted a small number of worth. Larger cities shall be granted a bigger number. When a person receives the most value points, they win.

(3) City officials shall be elected by popular vote among the city members.

(4) Popular votes determine which person shall serve in a platform.

That are just some of the basics. I will build more on them in the next round.


Cowboy0108 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3


extend arguments


Cowboy0108 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
11 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by LoopsEye 5 years ago
Round 3 not posted and 4th started :/ NEw StYle Dude!
Posted by Cowboy0108 5 years ago
This debate glich is killing me. It keeps saying I have a debate argument due, but it says that I forfeited the debate on the actual page.
Posted by Cowboy0108 5 years ago
That's my short version. If you have any questions, post it in comments or ask in the next round after the glich has been dealt with.
Posted by Cowboy0108 5 years ago
My country is South America and will be called Dixie.
My country will be a version of a confederacy. It will be a series of states that make basically all the decisions all organized under a central government, led by a king, that handle currency, military, foreign affairs, and anything that involves coordinating between different states. All else is handled by the states. Each state taxes however they wish, they just have to give thirty five percent of revenue to the national government. If a state goes bankrupt, it is put under control of the national government for two years and the king appoints officials for the next term.
Before you suspect that the king will be like a Hitler, I will eliminate this thought. The king simply makes all the decisions without the use of any other national governing body. However, the economy is still market with little government intervention. The states will also be governed by a king who has total power over the state. Both are elected by popular vote. The nation's king is until he retires or is kicked out by a ninety percent vote of the state kings. The state kings are in office for ten years and can be reelected as many times as they want.
The economy is free market. There will be a tax on imports to encourage domestic industry. The goal of the country is 90% self dependency. There will be as much regulation as the king of the state allow, however, the king will be able to remove a king of a state from office if it appears the leader is corrupt.
Social issues will be handled on a state level. If civil rights are violated to extreme amounts, the king can be removed from the state.
Trials will be dealt with on the state level. Murderers and rapists must be executed. Torture and exploitation of criminals for experimentation and slavery are allowed if the state chooses. The king will determine punishment for interstate offenses.
Posted by Mikal 5 years ago
Yeah you missed your round and its glitched lol. It will fix itself soon
Posted by Cowboy0108 5 years ago
When I get the chance, I will type a basic argument for this round if you want me too.
Posted by Cowboy0108 5 years ago
I tried to post my argument but the site is not letting me.
Posted by Mikal 5 years ago
It would adopt a program that would institute a folder where other nations had access to their crimes. Like a data base. If no one accepted that particular criminals, he would be held in a life sentence until someone did accept him or until he served his time.
Posted by MysticEgg 5 years ago
Mikal, what if the other countries don't want your criminals? What happens then?
Posted by Shadowguynick 5 years ago
This is really cool. I want to build my country next :3
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