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Started: 5/10/2018 Category: Education
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Hopefully this goes as planned. My first debate was with @backwardeden, and it didn't go as planned, I look for smart people to debate with, and I think you're pretty smart, right? I just want to start off by saying this isn't a debate, it's a lesson, you can learn about my side as I learn about yours. I also want to say I respect your beliefs and that I'm not against science.
God loves you no matter what you do, and he wants to spent eternity with you, think about that. There was a quote by a rapper named LeCrae and he says, " If I'm wrong about God, I wasted my life, If you're wrong about God, you wasted eternity." I don't know you but I certainty don't want you to burn in hell. So, this is important.
I know science proves DNA has no mind of its own, science also proves that one species cannot change to another, the same science proves that there is no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organisms genetic code. NONE. So, that basically contradicts evolution because it is impossible for a fish to become a mammal without adding new genetic code. The law of biogenesis proves life cannot come from non-life. But evolution says ALL life sprung from non-life, so if you can, answer- How did the world begin? Do you believe in spontaneous generation?
So if a living organism can't produce new information how can one gradually change? IT CAN'T, SIMPLE.
Beer is often sold in football games, beer has NOTHING to do with football, it doesn't make you buff or stronger. It is similar to Evolution. Evolution is found in science textbooks, but have nothing to do with science. You call it science and put it in a science textbook, I call it a fairy tale and put it in the garbage.
Evolution is a dying theory that's only supported on tax dollars.
The Bible is scientifically and historically accurate, and a book of prophesies. I can prove it if you want!
The English language comes from Latin, the word "Universe" is two separate words in latin, "uni-" being single or one, and "-verse" being spoken sentence, and God said, "Let there be...." and here we are!
There are plenty of more pieces proofing existence of God, and sources that debunk Evolution, ask any questions you want, I will answer them.
This is important, I really want you to understand everything about the bible, and God, and why Evolution is false.


Ok, but let's keep it scientific please.
further more I believe that if magic can be considered in the running for our origin then something that can be explained through natural processes. , you have probably already seen the video but it reigns true that's why the scientists are telling us not to use anti-biotics because they build up immunity which is changing. Have you heard the story of the carrot? Well I'll tell you, the carrot was originally a small thin WHITE tuber, but if you notice that the ones you buy at the store isn't so? Simple it changed an example of selective breeding and natural selection, in fact the only reason they are orange is because of that selective breeding. Another example of a species changing is the cucumber, in the wild it is a small 5cm fruit (yes a cucumber is a fruit, the more you know) cover in spines, and on top of that it will make you sick. However the "domestic" variety won't can't wait for your responce
Debate Round No. 1


My bad! That was my fault, I totally forgot about you until today!! Sorry to keep you waiting!
That was a pretty short argument but somewhat strong! I have never heard of that story! So, I researched a little and found out something interesting. You said, " Another example of a species changing is the cucumber..." I'm not so sure what you mean here, are you saying "one species changing to another" or just a species change in general. If you are talking about the second one, you are right, but that doesn't prove evolution happens. You show a carrot becoming a carrot, you see a cucumber becoming another edible cucumber. How does this prove evolution? It is a variation of a cucumber, a cucumber evolved to another cucumber??
Sorry if this seems rushed, well it was so if you have any questions you can contact me at my email on my profile!


Evolution is just minute changes in an organism that causes it to become, physically different from the previous generations. This is why I used the cucumber example, the differences that were brought about by the minute changes. If you were to look at a wild one you wouldn't recognize it. Another good example for evolution is the fossil layers. You don't find cow, and T-rex bones in the same layer. We also find animals that were ill equipped to survive the condition the animals that came before it endured. Mammoths, couldn't survive in the warm tropical climate of the dinosaurs, and assuming that you don't deny the existence of the different eras in earth's history ( Ice Age, The Jurassic) which can only mean that the animals changed. Unless you believe god made something, killed it off and made something again. And I will now debunk some common misconceptions about the theory of evolution, we didn't evolve from monkeys we had a common ancestor. The big bang is not part of the theory of evolution, and the laws of thermodynamics don't disprove evolution, one small but incredibly important detail is the fact that it applies to a closed system, which earth is not. This is why we have found so many primitive human bones, Cromagnid, Neanderthal. As well as the reason that different kinds of organism were the dominant species on earth, the dinosaurs, age of mammals, and the era of marsupials.

And the main reason I talked about the changes the produce went through is because you stated that an organism can't change, but once again in the case of the cucumber the wild variety is toxic, it will make you sick but the domestic variety doesn't, this disproves your first statement that an organism can't change. As the jump from toxic to edible is not a small thing.

Now, I"m going to address every point you have made one by one.
First of all, I"m going to address the very first point you made. You said that there is no way known by which new genetic information being added to an organism, which is simply not true. There are random mutations in an organism's genetic code which is the driving force of evolution. Random mutations change different genes, which in turn drive the proteins to combine in a different organism than the original genetic code would make.
There is no such thing as the law of biogenesis, and there were experiment in which scientists have created the very building block of life in a lab. This doesn"t show us how life began on Earth, but it does prove that life can, in fact, come from non-life.
You asked me, "How did the world be begin?" And the honest answer is simple - no one knows. But simply because we don"t know it doesn"t give a right to claim supernatural and it doesn"t warrant belief. This is the black swan fallacy, or an argument from ignorance. Simply because you haven"t seen a black swan that doesn"t mean that you can claim they do not exist. Until such time it"s proven that black swans do not exist belief in non-existence of black swans is not logical and is unwarranted. And until such time it"s been proven that God exists and he is responsible for creating the universe and life on Earth the belief in such a thing is not logical.
You said that evolution is not scientific. The facts are: There is a wide variety of life, and there is a process by which gene frequency can change and cause speciation. Currently, science is what leads us to believe evolution is the single most accurate theory thus far. Science doesn"t make any truth claims. We don"t claim to have an absolute understanding of all processes of evolution and we don"t claim to know the ultimate truths. Science builds current best models of reality based on evidence. Currently, the evidence supports the theory of evolution more than any other, and no evidence contradicts it, which is the reason why it is believed to be most accurate theory so far.
And going back to the topic of speciation which you brought up one more time. When you"re saying "a cucumber stays a cucumber," you"re speaking of "kinds" of animals and plants. Scientists don"t talk about kinds, they talk about species. When two species cannot mate with each other they"re said to be two different species. Just because we can still label a species a cucumber after a few generations, doesn"t mean it is the same species. A parent and an offspring will always be the same species, it is true, but it is those miniscule mutations and combinations of genes over vast periods of time that cause this great variety of different organisms on Earth.
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