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Creation of pseudo history

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Started: 1/3/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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History is full of lies. The past kings and leaders have been eulogised in history beyond their true worth concealing their true colour. If today"s history can be so brazenly tampered with in this enlightened era we can imagine the state of affairs in the foregone era with very poor or no communication facilities.
People with bogus honesty and integrity are being eulogised as great personalities completely masking their fraudulent activities. It is well-known that the present day so called leaders, ministers, and legislators do not have the human quality of honesty and integrity. They may be great orators, linguists, poets, quick witted persons, actors and what not. But honesty should be the main criteria for assessing great men and women. But we find that honesty is completely buried deep while talking highly of these men and women. This shows that we are repeating and committing the same mistake committed by our forefathers of yore. Giving a pride of place in history for those fraudulent personalities is dangerous for the our future generations.
Now journalism is utterly misused by the dishonest and misguided media personnel for their own survival. Let us not create pseudo history by portraying dishonest persons who have committed grave crimes against humanity as great men and women because they were able to become rulers or excel in some areas of social activity. Instead, let us highlight the TRUTH about how the present day politicians and even the so called highly educated persons fool the common man by their fraudulent activities to garner power and position in the political arena or officialdom.
What nonsense is this history that buries truth deep? Let us not live in a fool"s paradise by making it appear that all is well while the fact remains that there is absolutely no morality not only in politics but also in all other social activities.
It is very disturbing to note that the media pours eulogies on persons of dubious integrity openly. Let the media not contribute to the creation of pseudo history as in the past. Creating pseudo history again and again will not only lead to chaos in the present but in the future as well. The frequent escalation of strife between different groups and nations seen the world over is the result of creation of pseudo history by concealing the TRUTH.



My opponent has plagarized his entire Round 1. The original post can be found here:

I ask for the voters to vote Con.
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