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Crime and Mental Health are related

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Started: 9/10/2018 Category: Society
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It is not fair to assume all criminals have a mental health issue but there is often a strong connection, Between the two. Research was conducted by The Criminology Research Council, Which showed that 13. 5 % of male and 20% of all female prisoners, Have spent time in a rehab hospitals for mental illness. Less one percent of adults are admitted into a mental hospital yearly, In the general population. Rates of mental health illness in particular depression is 3 to 5 times higher in offenders.


Mental health is an extremely vast term for the psychological disorders 1 in 4 people have. The disorders range from depression to schizophrenia but the stigma behind crime being induced by these mental health problems is not true. Research consistently shows there is no evidence that people who have mental issues are more violent, In fact studies have shown that those with mental health problems are more often the victims of violence, Not perpetrators. People who commit crimes who have a background of mental disorders should be held accountable for their actions, Having these problems are no excuse and don"t link back to the crimes committed.
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As I already stated in my first paragraph it is not fair to assume all criminals have a mental health issue. However, There is a obvious connection. An example of this is seen in America. At least 60 percent of women prisoners and 40 percent of men prisoners suffer from a mental health illness. Other research conducted in Australia showed that mental health illness is 3 to 5 percent higher in offenders than the general population.

I am not saying that people with mental health problems are more violent or dangerous. Research shows that there is a higher percentage of prisoners in jails with previous mental health problems.
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