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Crime and mental health are linked.

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Started: 9/10/2018 Category: Society
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Crime is linked to mental health and is caused by people who cannot cope with emotions and difficulties.
In particular, Strain in a person"s life is the major cause of crime in our world. A strain is what fear and anger stem off and this causes all sorts of violence and impulsive actions. Strain can result from losing something of value, Such as a career or marriage, Personal relationships went wrong or from failing to get something of value. Strain into someone"s life leads to negative emotions such as sadness, Depression, Anxiety or anger and when a person has a negative emotion from the strain they become unable to cope with their difficulties. Violence and crime by adults is a childlike response to a frightening world that they believe has been unfair to them and is deserving of punishment. Also, Anger from not knowing how to cope with difficulties is associated with violent acts, Including homicide, Aggravated assault, Rape, Domestic violence, Child abuse, Bullying, Torture, And even terrorism according to leading criminologist, Dr Robert Agnew.


Not all crimes that are committed because you can't cope with emotions and difficulties. The majority of crimes have no link to mental health whatsoever. The percentage of someone with a mental problem and committed a crime is 18% out of 100%. Research was conducted that the three major types of mental illness include major depression, Schizophrenia disorder which affects a person's ability to think, Feel and behave clearly and lastly bipolar disorder. However these people with these illness are most of the time more dangerous to themselves than other people around them.

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I disagree. It is known mental health can cause behaviour that hurts others. People are not their true selves when associated with a mental health issue and many people forget their purpose on earth when their mind is distracted and influenced by something else. This is why crime can be committed because of mental health issues. Since people's minds can be so intensely associated with a thought or emotion in their head, Violence, Theft or other crimes may be committed since it allows escapism from their mind.
In Australia, 8% of males in prison are recorded to have a metal or psychotic disorder and 14% of women according to the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT. This is proof we cannot rule out mental disorders as a cause of Australian crime and mental health definitely can cause people to harm others.
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