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Crowley could beat up castel

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Started: 4/15/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Crowely has only died once, and that was as a mer human. Know he has an army of demons, behind him, who all know him as the king of hell. Poor castel Does Not Even Have A Friend. He dies often, and he is hated by almost all angels, certinly none would back him up if not for hatred, than for fear.


Thank you for challenging me Apaches, this should be very interesting.
I would like a clarification of the debate in that if there would be fight between the two fictional characters known as Crowley and Castiel, would their allies be involved in the fight? Additionally, I would like to correct the assertion in your argument that Castiel (Don't forget the i) "does not even have a friend." Castiel has the following confirmed friends:
Dean and Sam Winchester. Better than the average demon friend and have killed dozens, if not hundreds, of demons in their supernatural career. Also under their belt the Winchesters, along with help of Castiel on a few of these ventures, have killed/stopped/imprisoned the following supernatural creatures:
o First and foremost, Lucifer, creator of the first demon.
o Eve
o Demons (These including crossroads, knights of hell, acheri, 7 deadly sins etc.)
o Leviathan
o 3 of the 4 horsemen (though I suppose they did stop Death from destroying Chicago after soliciting his help)
o Alphas
o Amazons
o Jefferson Starships
o Arachnes
o Fairies (Harder than it sounds)
o Dragons
o Hellhounds
o Kitsune
o Davea
o Buruburu
o Changeling
o Shojo
o Khan Worm
o Djinns
o Vampire
o Those infected by Croatoan
o Crocotta
o Werewolf
o Ghouls
o Wendigo
o Whore of Babylon
o Shapeshifters
o Lamia
o Vengeful Spirits
o Humans (this is counting Doc Benton and Special Children)
o Pheonix
o Raksasha
o Rugarus and so many more.
God. Joshua, the Keeper of the Garden and supposedly one of the only creations that still communicate with God, has confirmed that he has played a part in the boy"s and castiel"s lives. Now, while he has said that he is done interefering in the boys lives (via Joshua) it would follow the logic of God so far that he would help save Castiel and the Boys from Crowley especially considering the great care he has taken to make sure they are still on the board. It wouldn"t be the first time God made an exception. An omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent friend would be quite useful. I would also like to explore the assertion that Chuck is God. Chuck be a major ally of the group this would no doubt increase the chances that he would interfere if it truly were a life or death situation.
o Chuck wore white throughout the finale, and then disappeared in a white light at the end of the writing of the books.

o The writing of the books was supposed to be the gospel of dean and Sam, the next book in the bible, which is supposed to be written by god (directly or indirectly).

o Chuck stated he was god in the first episode he appeared in, was this his own little inside joke.
He remained silent about Sam and deans future, you could assume he was shushed by the angels, but you would think a real person would be more concerned and try to spill the beans anyway he could to stop the end of the world.

o He acts like god, he helps a little, but never does more than a slight involvement.

o He knew how things were going to turn out, even though he told Dean he didn't. In the final episode, he was writing about the car, knowing what would happen, yet he mentioned none of this to Dean.

o It was stated god was on earth in a human form, was lonely, like chuck, who had no real friends and was rather secluded.

o Chuck was immune to arc angels and being overwhelmed by their presence, he was heavily protected, and no demons could be in his presence without a smack down. It was stated some humans could handle angel presence, or was it something more?

o Castiel was in Chuck"s presence we he "died", and somehow remarkably survived.
Every big event that took place, Chuck somehow had a hand in. He was present when Dean escaped to stop the rise of Lucifer, he was there when Sam and dean when looking for the Michael"s sword, he happened to show up and put them where they learned the whereabouts of the colt, and also put them in touch with Crowley, who was instrumental in defeating Lucifer, and finally the last episode.
Chuck also knows a ridiculous amount of detail, even for a prophet. It is odd that he knows what the brothers are doing, down to what they are thinking and saying.

o If Chuck got his prophetic visions from angels, then how come he seemed to know more about the future than them? For example, the angels had no clue where Sam or Dean were, and were constantly searching for them, yet Chuck always new, seeing into their future and all.

o Finally, Chuck is immune. Demon's have gone after everyone the Winchesters attach themselves to, but none touches Chuck. The demon's avoid him, and the angels avoid him too, he is off limits as a source of information from everyone but Dean and Sam.

" Angels in Heaven who are still on Castiel"s side. He had quite a following during his time as "God." And once all the angels fell from heaven it was still shown that some followed him.

I think you get the picture. And if mere humans could take down the devil, it follows that an angel could take down a lowly King of Hell such as Crowley. While on the topic of Crowley let"s take a look at him.
You, Apaches, may think that Crowley could take down Castiel, but why doesn't Crowley? I want you to go back with me and remember the episode where Castiel goes in to retrieve the Angel Tablet. Weakened, sigils all around, Castiel goes into the room where Crowley is. After threatening him and shining a few lights in his eyes, Crowley, flees in fear.

The above picture is from the episode where Crowley runs.

Now, and this is riding under the assumption that these fictional characters are real, we both know that Crowley and Castiel know far more of the supernatural world than you or I. Crowley, obviously knowledgeable of angels, flees because he knows what Castiel is capable of and he knows that he could not beat him in a straight fight.
Now, let"s examine Crowley"s weaknesses. One, his bones which, although he hid, Castiel was and potentially still is capable of finding them. If we remember what happens when a Demons bones are burned I think you will agree with me in saying that this is a big chink in the King"s armor so to speak.
Next, the Colt. Though not capable of killing high-class (high-class in this case referring to power) supernatural creations such as Lucifer, it can be inferred that it can kill Crowley. This is once again riding on his fear of the colt. When he first gave it to the boys he didn"t give them the bullets for the precise reason he knew they would attempt to kill him with it. His fear gives away more than he realizes I think.
The two Winchesters also appear to be a weakness of Crowley. Dean, bearer of the Mark of Cain and capable of wielding the first blade is all too capable of killing Crowley with the very weapon Crowley helped him gain. Sam, one of the special children, has the ability of killing demons. Now let"s take a step back and realizes that that is all Crowley is. A demon, a very politically aware and somewhat more powerful than average demon, but he is still a demon which means potentially, if he consumed enough demon"s blood, Sam would have the power to kill Crowley. If this theoretical fight included friends, Crowley would be in trouble.

I will include sources/episodes later when the website isn't blocked by school computers, additionally I apologize for the bad transfer from Microsoft Word, it appears to have messed up my bullet points.

I look forward to your rebuttal!
Debate Round No. 1


Sam and Dean would be a deffent problem for Crowley true. That is asuming Sam would take the chance of drinking demon blood agian.

Sam and Dean did defeat all those creatures. You are right, but one at a time. Some times requiring the help of a certain demon, and when they fought lucifer they would have lost had god not brought back Castiel, who died when lucifer snapped his fingers. Dean was close to death and Castiel had to save him.

On to the point if god. Yes god would be on there side. No he would not personaly fight. He would probly just bring them back after they died. And the question isn't could Crowley kill Castiel, but beat him.

Crowely was afraid of the colt. But that was when he thought it was able to kill Lucifer.

Sam and dean did defeat those things, but there is things that they couldn't beat. And there is a long line of "things" waiting to get back at him.

In theory Lucifer could be let out of hell. This would also let Michelle back out as well, but I'm sure Michelle wouldn't to happy with those three.

Back to the colt. It would be simple for Crowley to get the colt, and make someone unlock the gates of hell. The things and poeple in there are not to happy with Casteil and pals. Casteil has powers, but so does Crowley.


While Sam would admittedly be hesitant about consuming demons blood it wouldn't be the first time that he has compromised his values to save an ally. He didn't want to consume the blood to stop Lucifer but he realized it was necessary (though admittedly inefficient but that was the devil).

They did not always fight one at a time, they took down nests of vampires, hives of demons, croatoan packs and many others completely on their own or with at most usually only 2 or 3 more people.

If we are not talking about killing what in the world counts as beating? We both know that neither Castiel or the Winchesters would simply give up. They have all risked death, and many times actually died, before the give up so yes, we are talking about killing. Because thats what it would take to beat them. However Crowley, being the coward that he is and has proved to be in multiple situations, would likely give up if it meant preserving his well-being. Following this line of logic Crowley would give in before Castiel ever would and therefore all they would have to do is trap him in a demon's trap (again) and threaten him with burning of his bones, torture by dean, death by Sam, or simple exorcism (which I believe would qualify as beating).

Following that line of thought lets think about all the times Crowley has been captured by the boys and Castiel (trapped by bobby, dean, sam by demon's traps multiple times and dragged around like a dog when they had him in the chain).

Lucifer said after he was shot that he was one of the five beings that gun couldn't kill. Now I count at the very least five beings stronger and more powerful than Crowley. Lets just take it down to God, Death, Lucifer, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel. Archangels beat demons every time.

"In theory" being the key words here. How would he release him from the cage again? There is currently no evidence that they could do it again. The rings appeared to be a way to get in, not out. The last seal was lilith, already dead. It may be possible but certainly not simple and I doubt that Crowley would have time to figure it out in a fight, and their is no saying who's side Michael would be on.

Now how simple would it be for him to get the colt. The last known whereabouts of the colt was with Lucifer. Lucifer is in the cage. The cage is currently inaccessible. So now in hindsight neither of us should really be using the colt as a pro in either of our argument.

Castiel is very good at finding things. He can search a whole town in less time then it takes to blink so I would like you to think what would happen he bent his will on finding among other things Lot's Salt. This weapon was used by Balthazar to destroy the vessel of an Archangel. It could most definitely destroy the vessel of a lowly demon which, and I am still confused on this, I would believe would fall under the category of "beating" him.

I would like to look at another ally of the boys and Castiel and that is Death. Death has helped them multiple times at first simply for his own gain but when he brought Sam's soul back he did something that has little or no gain for him. Even if he isn't an ally its already been proven that he can be fairly easily bound and if they did this they could obtain another very important weapon and that is Death's scythe. Said by Bobby that it could kill Death himself, and if it could kill Death it could definitely kill Crowley.

On the note of allies lets not forget that Hell is pretty torn up between him and Abbadon right now. Not all demons would be on his side and Abbadon would no doubt work with anybody to kill him... Maybe even Castiel, why not? He's not vying for control of Hell.

Lets look purely at a few of the powers of Castiel now.

Castiel's Powers:
Healing and Resurrection
Teleportation (Space AND Time)
Destructive White light (Which Crowley ran from insinuating that it can indeed severely hurt him)

For more see:

And lets not forget this scene where Crowley flees from Castiel and a VERY weakened state.

This is another video suggesting that Castiel has the power to destroy Crowley and his fear shows it.

Showing yet another situation where Crowley runs from the destructive white light suggesting his fear of it.

To you my dear fellow.
Debate Round No. 2


apaches forfeited this round.


Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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