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Curling is not a sport, it's for retards and janitors

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Curling should not be considered a sport. This is more like a cleaning chore than a sport. You get a bunch of people with rocks that they send down the ice towards a bulls eye and then you get a bunch of floor cleaners aka sweepers that brush the ice as fast as they can to move the rock along. The concept is similar to shuffle board.

This sport is a retarded activity that should only be done Clean Net USA, or Molly Maid cleaner employees between cleaning jobs. There is absolutely no skill involved in this sport, no physical exertion beyond the broom sweepers that brush the ice like a pair of degenerates as the rock slides down and the moron that yells as the rock heads down the ice.

This is an activity that can be done by anyone and is no different then lawn darts, horse shoe throwing, or darts, you can be a 400lb beer drinking, holding a smoke in your mouth type athlete.

This is not a sport, this is a completely retarded activity, that some losers who don't have any type of talent play because they are not coordinated enough to play a real sport like hockey, football, baseball, basketball, etc etc.

Sweeping the ice while yelling is not a sport, it's a moronic activity and it doesn't really vary too much from house cleaning your floor.


Hello FanBoy, So we meet again. I have to admit i don't watch Curling nor care for this sport. But for this debate, i will be arguing why it not just a sport but it been recognized by the Olympics committee as a sport, and it has for a while now.

Just a little history of Curling
"Evidence that curling existed in Scotland in the early 16th century includes a curling stone inscribed with the date 1511 uncovered (along with another bearing the date 1551) when an old pond was drained at Dunblane, Scotland." (1.)

Curling is a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles. It is related to bowls, and shuffleboard. Curling has two teams, each with four players, take turns sliding heavy, polished granite stones, also called rocks, across the ice curling sheet towards the house, a circular target marked on the ice.
"Curling has been an official sport in the Winter Olympic Games since the 1998 Winter Olympics. It currently includes men's and women's tournaments. A mixed doubles Olympic event was considered but rejected for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.[13] Mixed doubles has now been added to the Olympics in the most upcoming Olympic Games in 2018." (2.)
The purpose of a game is to score points by getting stones closer to the house center, or the "button" than the other team's stones. Players from either team alternate in taking shots from the far side of the sheet. The game end or is complete when all eight rocks from each team have been delivered, a total of sixteen stones. If the teams are tied at the end of the game, play continues for as many ends as may be required to break the tie. The winner is the team with the highest score after all ends have been completed. "In international competition, each side is given 73 minutes to complete all of its throws". (3 ) You could think of this as a Baseball-style scoreboard, it has 10, and every team needs to try to score in these round sometimes you get nothing or other time you could get in the double digits. A curling stone generally weights anywhere from 42 to 44 pounds.

My opponent wants to claim that this isn't a sport or a real sport. but when in fact he is wrong, if Curling wasn't a real sport it would have no business in the Winter Olympics. He also wants to claim anybody could do this, he said: "This is an activity that can be done by anyone and is no different then lawn darts, horse shoe throwing, or darts, you can be a 400lb beer drinking, holding a smoke in your mouth type athlete". Yes, it true you could do this sport if you go to the skating rink, or have a flat surface, where the rock could slide. You can do this sport anywhere like in the street of your neighborhood. So, yes you could do this sport just like any other sport, you can ride a bike, you can play basketball or throw a football around, or you can run. But not everybody could be a professional athlete, you can't just ask the Olympic committee to be part of a curling team you need to qualify for it. By the way lawn darts, horseshoes throwing, or darts in'st an Olympic sport.

Curling can be physically demanding: "Sweeping a stone can be highly physically demanding and whilst not every stone will be swept with maximum intensity, the ability to recovery quickly and sustain sweeping intensity throughout a game and tournament is paramount to success. Effective sweeping can require a combination of greater downward force and faster sweeping speed depending on stone speed and playing position, coupled with the ability to sweep on either side of a stone and a high level of team sweeping coordination and efficiency". (4.)
So, no a 400-pound man or woman can not play this sport. Another aspect of my opponent claim is curling is made for the retards and janitors and only they could play, this is further than the truth, Curling actually has an upscale people playing this sport. Kind of like golf, or like Rugby, or Cricket. the wealthy like playing curling.

Anyways looking forward to what have you next Fanboy...
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent in taking up this debate even if curling is not his sport, I appreciate the dedication to the research on the sport.

So lets debate curling

Yes curling unfortunately is in the Olympics and it's considered an old sport but it should not be a sport but more of a leisure activity such as billiards, darts or shuffleboard. But in this case it could fall under "training methods for future cleaners or floor sweepers" or "leisure activity for people with Downs Syndrome or Autism" or "Be in the Special Olympics as a sport"

Sport by definition is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Lets break down this definition according to curling. An activity involving physical exertion - there is no physical exertion sliding down the ice on one foot while letting go of a rock. Also there is no exertion by the sweepers who slide down while mopping the ice. You are essentially gliding. That's like saying I'm exerted from playing shuffle board or billiard. Also I don't see any entertainment in watching people push rocks down the ice. How large is the viewing attendance at these events, 20 people?? 50??. It's not like at a hockey game, baseball or football where you can have over 20 thousand in the stands.

Sweeping a stone down the ice, after it was already pushed by the thrower is not physical at all, brushing ice is not physical, at least the cleaners at Molly Maid sweep up dust from the ground and have to put it into a garbage, in curling you are not picking up anything, you are sliding around following a rock. You might as well be sliding on the family farm pond kicking a cow dung, that's about the extent of this sport. You can be a 400 plumper sliding a rock down the ice, how is that a sport, it's not it's an activity for bored janitors and retards who aren't talented or coordinated to play a real sport


Okay, thank you, Fanboy. You really dislike this sport. I do agree with you it could be boring but can all sports be boring sometimes?

Okay, you say a true sport need "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another'. Umm. if you ever were to try this sports Curling is all of though things and more. Curling is "considered one of the most physically demanding sports in the Olympic games. Curling is most often played in Canada. (4.) Oh what that you want more proof okay here we go. "A large amount of force is required from the legs, and stability must be maintained in order to ensure the
stone is released in the proper direction. Sweeping is one of the most physically
demanding skills in the sport, requiring balance, coordination, strength, and
endurance. (5.)
So, again the point is proof by my source, you need to work out daily and actually need to be fit to play this sport well. Your 400-pound guy theory is incorrect. Sure he can play but he can't actually play at a high level such as international competition or at the Olympic level.

You also have a claim in your argument that state that Curling is very unpopular. Again this is not true, At least not in another country. It's fairly popular in places like Canada. It is very strategical and a lot of the times unpredictable, It really is like it's nickname "chess on ice". So, Curling is popular in another country, why does the Olympic keep on having these events in the Olympic or having international tournaments. Curling is popular because it is physically demanding, and it does have skill sets such as "During the delivery, curlers must propel the 18.6 kg granite stone a distance of approximately 42 meters".(6.)
Again there are other more boring sports such as Golf, Racecar driving, and some others. And Curling has a lot of events around the world. Yes, it not as popular like Football, baseball or some other big sporting events. But it still has a fan base, just like the WWE has a fan base. This sport is just more mainstream in the colder places. But you keep on staying retards and janitors play this sport and yet provided zero proof on this. This is a real sport rather you like it or not, it not for you to say it can't be or shouldn't be a sport when in fact you never played this sport, so you have no real insight on this but only watching it on tv, so you just giving out an opinion and that is all with no real proof. There is good reasons why this sport is still going in the Winter Olympic.

So, yes it is Physical demanding and yes it does have a skill set, and yes it has follower throughout the world, and yes people watch this.

Next Argument, please......
Debate Round No. 2


So I wanted to include some info on how curling is for retards and janitors and back it up with some evidence. So here you go

The first lesson that hits you is: Curling sucks. This is stupid. And if you like curling you're either: A.) Trolling. Or B.) Scottish. Because even though Scotland gave us the guy who invented Buicks, we also have to endure their lame ice sport and the overblown coverage its quirkiness encourages. Even though it's presence is almost non-existent, seeing it at all is still a real kick in our big American schlongs.

Memorably described to me once as "a mixture of lawn bowls and housework", curling is one of those sports that if you don't play it, you don't get it. I'm sure its exponents have fun pushing a rock along the ice and then sweeping around it, but for spectators its eye-wateringly boring

For retards this is a great sport as it doesn't require a lot of talent, you just have to slide down the ice, and janitors are already used to sweeping floors and mopping floors so the arm movement is essentially the same, therefore they are a shoe in for this activity.


So this is how you want it. Okay, fanboy.

Let's break down your so-called evidence. The Youtube video you provided, is not considered evidence. Because of just some random dude in his kitchen trying to imitate this sport by trying to be one of the guys that sweep the rock, and by the way he not even using a heavy rock or anything heavy. Remember in curling they use a stone that weight over 40 pounds. So, in your logic, anybody can shoot a basketball or throw a baseball around and be considered a professional athlete.

This Site you trying to claim Curling is a wired sport, but it failed to even mention curling. So, again this is no evidence.

The third claim you have is this
I will counter with this site,
Again the proof is in my favor.

The 4th reason you have is this site Again doesn't name Curling anywhere on this site, So you can't use this as evidence.

The 5th reason you have is this site
Again showing no proof of why Curling, not a sport nor why retards and janitors. It stated this "Come join us for a fun family day of curling to raise money for Down Syndrome". This is a charity event. Every sport has them. "Sports fundraising is so critical these days. Whether you are a basketball, football, soccer, or cheerleading organization". (7.)

You said this " Curling sucks. This is stupid". Again this is just your opinion, showing no facts on why it sucks and showing no signs why it stupid. Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter how wrong they are. But you are debating on why Curling, not a real sport and why retards and janitors play this sport. And yet again you showing no real proof. Having some meanless websites without even mentioning Curling is no proof. And claiming Curling isn't a sport or stupid people play it and not having any credible sources in'st a real claim. I also provided why Curling you need to be fit and why this sport is Physical demanding and does have a skill set to actually play this game. Again this is why Curling in the Winter Olympics.

You provided 5 things that didn't help your claim...

Next Argument Please.......
Debate Round No. 3


I have to admit my opponent is a pretty formidable debater and he is so far destroying me in this debate, so I better bring out my A game here

Like my original title states, this sport is for retards and janitors, to prove this point I'm attaching some more info on that

As we can see this sport is great when you are handy, slide down the ice, sweep the ice for a bit, not much talent involved in participating in this sport.

As you can see, the same motion of movement done by the janitors makes them perfect athletes for this sport as they already do it professionally, the sweeping and brushing comes like natural instinct to janitorial and custodial athletes.

Now you can deny that my statement debate does not cover the material provided here.


Hello fanboy.
Thank you for the kind words.

I realize you put yourself in a unwinnable position to win this debate. I'm pretty sure you also realize this reality. I have provided proof in the last three rounds. This debate actually should had been just 3 rounds. Because now we just running in circles. You trying to claim curling isn't a sport or it just for retards and janitors doesn't hold water.
You said you going to bring your A game now. After 3 brutal round. The problem is you have no chance to win this debate because you are fighting a unwinnable debate. So, really it not me you are losing too. You lose once you post this debate up. You would be losing to anyone else on this debate. And by the way this 4th round you didn't do any better than the previous rounds. Sorry to say.... You the one that cause this to yourself, by bring this debate to light. Now i have to bury this debate 6 feet under.

You did it again. You mention websites trying to clam something that not true at all. This time I'm not going to single out these sites you provided. The first three site you mention isn't proof. You trying to single out the Special Olympics as your evidence. You trying to point out curling is in them, so it was made for retards and janitors. If we go with that logic then just about every sport in these Special Olympics are for retards and janitors. Did you know Special Olympics PLAY "ALL SPORTS". (8.)
Do you know what Special Olympics is really for? "Special Olympics is the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities". (9.)

Again you failed on providing inadequate information. Let me ask you something. If you go ahead and ask a janitors a real janitors if they play curling. You know what that answer would be? The answer would be No. Most if not all would not play this sport. And you want to know why? Well most janitors are old, and they would be unfit to play this sport. If you actually watch curling you would learn they all fit and not old. And just because a janitors can sweep doesn't mean they could sweep like a professional curler. So, you think you can ride a bike you could be a Professional Cyclist? Or just because you could swim, that make you a Professional swimmer? So your theory is again out the window on janitors playing curling. Provided no proof again for your claims.
By the way the websites you provided has no details on how a curler is a janitor.

The last and final round is now here. You better make this good unlike your previous rounds. This is your last chance to impress....
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Elpro4u 1 year ago
"Curling was included in the program of the inaugural Winter Olympic Games in 1924 in Chamonix although the results of that competition were not considered official by the International Olympic Committee until 2006."
Just think about: 82 years of consideration. How many committee members left this world debating this topic! Isn't this a warning for all who getting in the debate!
But now the damage is done
Curling is simply boring to watch.
Anyone can explain why of all 2018 Olympics about 50% of TV coverage is taking by this... so called sport ?
I couldn't find fear coverage on x-country ski racing, or biathlon, or figure skating but curling is covered completely. Must be some silent plot behind this. Or may be is politically broadcast this ....?
The only advantage -less commercials.
TV networks are well aware of the "high popularity" of the event, so they don't bother to sell the valuable time
And, just to be fear, the commercials are the best part during the curling competition

Bottom line:
This was an historical mistake to include this 82 year old boring show in the Olympics.
Some day it must be corrected


Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
I known i win. Probably should had send my argument later to give you more time. But even if we did completed this debate would had been difficult to get just one vote.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Nd2400 alright you win, I ran out of time.

But I still say curling is for retards and janitors and since I'm neither I will never watch this retarded hobby
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Boring. But I might vote, nevertheless.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Really some of the so called evidence you provided isn't credible.
Now my lawyer going to get involved. She wasn't until your last argument.
I get it, you in a no win zone. You got your self in a pretty little pickle.
Posted by What50 2 years ago
Whats next badminton is not a sport?
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
So yeah. My lawyer told to send that second argument out. But she will for sure to the third one and the 5th one. So be ready to get sue.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
You need your lawyer fighting your battles for you now LOL
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
You be hearing from my lawyer by tonight.... She will be sending you a argument of all arguments.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Damn you already have a argument ready. I was iffy on taking this. But since i did. I guess you can expect my argument later on tonight. Or sometime though out the day..
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