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DC Comics Vs. Marvel Comics. Who's better?

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Started: 4/16/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I believe that both the Marvel and DC universes are fairly intriguing and similar. I can't choose which is better though? They are both very equal. Hawk eye Vs. Green arrow. Batman Vs. Iron Man. Hulk Vs. Superman. I can't decide who would actually win, or if it would be a stalemate. I'm going with stalemate though. Anyone who is in opposition, leave a relevant argument.


How could you even argue for Marvel when DC comics has superman and batman. Those are two most beloved superheroes to ever exist. DC has some good contributions like Spider-Man and wolverine but they don't compare.

DC has legendary characters but marvel does not.
Debate Round No. 1


Great, just great. For comparing the two I have to fight for one. Whatever. Just the fact that you chose Spider-Man and wolverine tells me that you obviously don't favor the more powerful, and well known Iron man and Hulk. (No offense to huge fans of wolverine and spider man). Superman can be defeated, by,pure brute for contact (superman vs. Doomsday) and Baman could also be defeated (although he is tied with Captain America for my 2 favorite superheroes). Yet, it is very true that Batman and Superman are probably the 2 most recognized super heroes. Again, give me relevant arguments, not just state ments about your own opinion.


I left a relevant argument stating that DC was better because it had legendary characters. Remember that the start of the debate you were undecided which comic was better.

Hulk can be killed when he is a not in final form and the iron man suit is not indestructible either. Superman ranks higher than the hulk and iron man on a superhero database website measuring each aspect of their power. In addition to being more powerful overall. Due to being more popular and more powerful, I believe that DC comics is better because it has more legendary superheroes.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by derplington 7 years ago
My argument is that they are equal, and that they would be at a stalemate. I have to fight for one saying that it could stand to the other to maintain my argument I didn't say hulk and Iron man would beat Superman and Batman I said they are fairly equal (doomsday defeated superman and he is a giant brute, ring a bell, anyone. Yet, to prove my point even further doomsday was also defeated by superman, a constant stalemate).
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm inclined to side with Pro's arguments that DC comics are more legendary in nature.

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