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DC is misjudged and deserves the respect: Marvel v. DC

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Started: 5/9/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Please, read and consider the following:
ROUND 1 is for our position statements ONLY.
ROUND 2 is for our points/evidence ONLY.
ROUND 3 is for rebuttals and new points/evidence.
ROUND 4 is for final rebuttals and closing statements ONLY.

Thank you for considering and/or choosing to participate in this debate! I look forward to this respectful and civil debate.

My position statement:
DC Comics is misjudged and deserves respect that is equal to, if not more, than Marvel Comics.


My position statement: Marvel Comics have had consistently better and higher quality comics than DC, as DC uses the same big storylines (monsters, radiation, etc.)
Debate Round No. 1


Great to meet you themasterdebater_101. Appreciate your interest and taking this debate on!

I should clarify, because this is a Marvel v. DC debate, I chose to not only debate on the comics but also the films ( if you so choose as well.) This was very much my mistake as I, once again, did not clarify or rather disclose that piece of information.

- - the Films- -
First I would like to start out by addressing the films, since Marvel films and DC films have been seemingly the most prominent argument in the Marvel v. DC debate. While I understand that the MCU is the backbone of Marvel's cinema history, I chose to look at it's history as whole, thus, I looked at DC's complete cinema history as well. This is my analysis of the two.

- the list of "bad" Marvel movies-
One thing that seems clear to me about the Marvel v. DC debate is that people use DC movies as a counter point against DC as a whole- claiming that several, if not all, DC films have been bad. So, I have decided to "counter point this counter point" by recalling Marvel's own "bad" movies, or as a more mature and proper term: a controversial/ poorly-reviewed film. Here I have listed every controversial/ poorly-reviewed ( critics and audience) Marvel film from just the twenty-first century:
Fantastic Four (2015), Ghostrider series (2002-2011) *2 films, Daredevil (2003), Elektra (2005), the Punisher (2004), Fantastic Four series (2005-2007) *2 films, Amazing Spider-Man series (2012-2014) *2 films, Punisher: War Zone (2008), X-Men: the Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2003), Hulk (2003), Blade series (1998-2004) *3 films, the Wolverine (2013).

NOTE: How I define "controversial/ poorly-reviewed" is based on critic and audience scoring from mainly These films are often divided with a significant percentage point between critic and audience scoring, with critic scoring prominently lower than the audience.

Number of Live-Action films *all-time:
Marvel) 67 released.
DC) 43 released.
Conclusion- Marvel has stood a much larger chance of having controversial/poorly reviewed films. Upon closer research, the first dozen or so have been controversial/poorly reviewed- these include Howard the Duck (1986) and Spider-Man (1977), for example.

Awards ( Oscars) *all-time:
Marvel) 16 Oscar nominations, 1 Oscar won. This translates to approx. 24% of Marvel films being nominated and 1% winning Oscars.
DC) 15 Oscar nominations, 4 Oscars won. This translates to approx. 35% of DC films being nominated and 9% winning Oscars.
Conclusion- While Marvel proves to have more nominations for Oscars, it is obviously a very insignificant number-reduced to one more nomination than DC. However, when we look at the number of Oscars DC has, which is arguably a significant number of 3 more than Marvel, paired with the idea that far less DC films have been made, we can see that DC has a much better track record or success in films- which is shown by the percentages.

- Sales-
What may come as a surprise is how little of difference in movie sales DC has with Marvel. Here is an article on by Tom Brueggemann entitled "Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office: One Comes out on Top " but Not by Much":

"Comic-book movies are massive by any measure: Going back to the start, the per-release average for Marvel and DC films is over $200 million, with Marvel having a very slight edge " $247 million to $224 million. However, what makes that edge more impressive is it comes with far more films. At Marvel, 58 percent of their releases have an adjusted domestic total over $200 million. For DC, 48 percent of their films reached that level.

Marvel had more turns at the plate, but under normal circumstances a larger output leads to a depressed return. In this case, more films came with more business for each."

This shows that yes, while Marvel has the advantage, DC puts up a fair fight in movie sales- especially for having less films to account for.

- - the Comics - -
One thing that I feel strongly about is how underrated DC comics, as a whole, is. Here are some reasons I believe DC deserves respect.

- History-
>While Marvel Comics came into the industry only a year after DC Comics, DC Comics was THE beginning for mass publicized comic books ( not comic strips, to which DC Comics did not begin nor was around to begin.) In fact, Action Comics #1 is commonly- and rightfully- considered the very first mass publicized comic book. This has led to close to 80 years of the comic industry- all thanks to DC Comics for Action Comics #1.

>While it can be argued that Marvel has just as many, and shared comic book writers, DC Comics has had writers that are famous for other significant reasons. For example, the creator of Wonder Woman was Charles Marston, a psychologist and one of the three creators of the lie detector ( to which Wonder Woman's golden lasso, Lasso of Truth/Hestia, is a nod to.)

>DC, through the work and writings of Alan Moore, broke away from the typical age-appropriate comic books, and introduced the new concept of mature themes for the audience such as gore, sexual nature, etc.

- Sales -
>In 2018 ( as of April) alone, the best comic book sales according to came from Action Comics #1000 ( #1 comic book in sales: estimated number of units to be 449,787 issues sold at $7.99 per unit- totaling $3,593,798.13) then in fourth and fifth came Dark Nights: Metal ( estimated number of units to be 190,671 issues sold at $4.99 per unit- totalling to $951,448.29) and Doomsday Clock ( estimated number of units to be 169,258 issues sold at $4.99 per unit- totaling to $844,597.42) As a result, this would come to a total of $5,389,843.84 for DC- these just being the top five comic books in sales. If you are wondering who the second and third spots we're- they were Amazing Spider-Man issues from Marvel Comics. The two totaled to a respective $1,699,117.56 for Marvel Comics.
For your reference, I have provided my source:

>Not only has DC Comics beaten Marvel Comics in sales this year ( if my accounting is correct) but it has also beaten Marvel decades ago as well. Here is an article from the Infographics Show entitled "Marvel VS DC - Which is More Successful? Comic Company Comparison" that has addressed this fact with a few statistics:
"Not surprisingly DC got out of the gate fast with its double team of Superman and Batman. Action Comics, which introduced DC"s Superman, has sold over 600 million copies. Batman comics have sold around 460 million copies. One issue of the Superman series, 1987"s Superman number 74, sold over 3 million copies alone. Marvels biggest selling comic is the Spiderman series, which has sold around 360 million copies, with X-men and Captain America in second and third, selling 270 million and 210 million copies, respectively. The bestselling issue was Spiderman number one, which sold over 2.5 million copies after its release in 1990."
Here is the source:

- Content -
As for the content of DC comics, I feel that is is misjudged. DC Comics is typically considered to have "tired" story lines. Maybe, at times this can be considered to have truth to it. However, I would like to bring up a interesting story line that can be considered original and creative or at the very least, somewhat unique that I personally have not seen before. As the comic progressed, it continued to be revamped to involve more concepts, much like how Superman was revamped with "new and exciting" superpowers over the issues.

>Dial H for Hero. It's fair to say that this comic has not been heard of as much as the next- but it is still a interesting story. It involves a run-of-the-mill guy who finds a magical sort-of telephone dial with odd symbols that, when the correct number is dialed, it transforms him into a superhero for a period of time. It also has the power to, once again, if correctly dialed, create nightmares for the guy. Dial H for Hero is considered to be the inspiration and the source ( or to be accurate to fan's beliefs- a ripoff of the dial) for the Ominitrix ( a watch with a dial that, when moved and pressed can transform the user into a alien) from Cartoon Network's Ben 10 series. Considering this, I can see how Dial H for Hero has rather CREATED a "tired" story line. One of the reasons I love to bring this comic up is that it doesn't involve the old "experiment gone wrong" cliche of an origin story, but rather a unique spin on how a superhero is created- especially from just that "run-of-the-mill" guy.

Once again, great to meet you and thanks for your patience as I work to type this long monstrosity out. As with any debate, feel free to point something confusing out and I will be glad to answer. If you would like to rebut a couple of points, you are welcome too as I feel that I possibly broke my own set-up by rebutting your position statement in certain aspects- to put in more simple turns, it is only fair I allow both of us now the ability to rebut in Round 2. Have a great one and we will see you in your Round 2 argument!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by LeMiddleMan 3 years ago
I still will always prefer Marvel over DC because they've actually made me cry.
And the bad movies? Those weren't properties owned by Marvel! They didn't have the Marvel logo on any of them and the only ones I've heared be called bad consistently was Elektra/the Punishers, and the Blades.
Posted by ife.ani 3 years ago
DC all the way they have such more character depth and they have been put through very huan postions and their emotions are clear and visible and its like you can truly connect with them. also i laughed out loud read suicide squad : kill anything although their movies might not be up to scatch they own the comics industry.. no contest.
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