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DC universe characters would undoubtedly defeat Marvel characters in a fair battle

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Started: 7/20/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Characters from DC universe will defeat characters from Marvel in a battle in which powers and gadgets can be used without limitations. Heroes and villains from the same trademarks will be on the same side.


First of all, I would like to thank the instigator for such a good debate. Now, I will start my argument that Marvel superheros would defeat DC superheros with the A-list superheros/villans: i.e.

A) Spider-man would defeat Batman (including Batwoman, Batgirl, and all the Robins because they basically all have the same powers)


1) Spiderman's webs can both defend from and attack Batman

Spider-man has webbing,(which is stronger than steel) which means he can attack from a distance and his webs have been seen to catch bullets[1] meaning that no matter what Batman could throw at Spider-man he would catch it in his web and attack Batman from a distance.

2) Spider-man's spider-sense could defeat Batman

One of Batman's strengths is stealth[1], that advantage is instantly negated when Spider-man could use his ESP-like spider-sense to seek out and find Batman, blowing his cover.

3) Spider-man's strength is greater than Batman's.

Batman, while physically stronger than most men, still only has his strength by rigorous system of strength training. Spider-man has the proportional strength of a spider and has been seen lifting a tank[1] something the Dark Knight cannot do.

4) Spider-man has superior speed:

While Batman has the speed and agility of a normal human male with martial arts training, Spider-man has the agility of a spider which he has been seen dodging bullets and lasers,[1] while the Dark Knight can only run from bullets.[2].

In conclusion, because Spider-man has Webbing, Spider-sense, Spider-Strength and agility these superpowers could defeat the Dark Knight in combat

My next example would be:

B) Thor would defeat Superman (and, by extension Supergirl [my #2 superhero].)


1Thor's beserker strength is tenfold that of Superman's

While Superman and Thor (Thor has been shown to throw objects into Earths's atmosphere [3]) have the same strength when they're "normal" Thor can enter a beserker state and can increase his strength tenfold.[3]

2) Unlike Superman, Thor has invulnerability.

While Superman can bet harmed by Kryptonite* Thor has been shown to heal rapidly from injuries by regenerating his tissues. [3]

3) Thor's weapon: Mjolnir would be too much for Superman

Thor's mystical hammer, While the Man of Steel doesn't have a weapon Thor's Mjolnir can control the weather flight; energy projection and absorption; dimensional travel; and manipulate matter.[3]

4) When compared to Superman, Thor has better superpowers.

While Superman may have heat and x-ray/heat vision Thor has incredible stamina, for example: Thor fought an army of Frost Giants for Nine Months. also:that allow him to see objects traveling faster than light, hear from the other side of the planet, and travel through time[3].

In conclusion, Thor would defeat Superman on account of his: skills, Mjolnir, invulnerability, and beserker strenght.

I will move on to supervillans but not before eliminating a few superheros: I will not include Wonder-Woman for her weakness is having her hands tied by a man[4], so any male superhero from the Marvel Universe could defeat her. And the Green Lantern' weakness is the color yellow[4] so weak. I will not mention Aquaman because he's worthless in any non-aquatic setting. The Flash and Quicksilver are too close superpowerwise for there to be a victor, and both of them could be defeated by their archvillian: the reinforced concrete wall.


C) Galactus would defeat Darkseid:


1)Galactus has the Ultimate Nullifyer:

While Darkseid' weapon is the Omega Beam[5] Galactus has the Ultimate Nullifyer a weapon capable of destroying and remaking the entire multiverse [6]

2) Galactus has superior superpowers:

While Darkseid has telepathy and telekinesis and is considered a god[5] Galactus is feared by gods and is a part of the God Squad[6] (yes, you read that right: The God Squad), also Galactus has telepathy, telekinesis, interstellar teleportation, molecular rearrangement on a cosmic scale and energy manipulation.[7]

3) Galactus can swallow whole planets,

Galactus eats planets for energy[6] with that being said Galactus could just swallow the planet Darkseid is standing on.

To summarize, Galactus would defeat Darkseid in combat due t his superior weapon, the Ultimate Nullifyer, superior skills and ability to eat planets.

D) The Silver Surfer would defeat Doomsday


1) The Silver Surfer has the ability to create black holes:

Doomsday is unique in that when a superhero defeats him, he gets re-incarnated and immune to whatever killed him before[8] So the tricky part would be in making sure Doomsday would be permanently defeated. Ergo, the Silver Surfer would created a black hole[9], throw doomsday in, and that would be the end of it. Forever.

So, to summarize, The Silver Surfer could permanently defeat Doomsday by creating a black hole from which he would never escape.

In conclusion, although I have passed up a lot of notable villains, like The Joker (I didn't include him because he gets caught by Batman every godspam time), we'll save the rest for later rounds. Aside form that, I have shown that Spider-man could defeat Batman, Thor could defeat Superman, Galactus could defeat Darkseid, and the Silver Surfer could defeat Doomsday, so essentially some Marvel Universe characters could win in combat against some DC Universe characters.


[2]Beware the Batman cartoon, Ep 1 Pig & Toad
[3] comics)

*I have done the common practice of not citing common knowledge, something my college rhetoric professor encouraged. I you need a source I would suggest:
Debate Round No. 1


tpmassive forfeited this round.


Since Pro forfeited I won't be posting any more arguments and apologize in advance for the lousy debate.
Debate Round No. 2


tpmassive forfeited this round.


since my opponent went AWOL here's a Batman youtube video: enjoy!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Superman.24 7 years ago
I can't believe that you said Thor would beat Superman...........
Posted by sillaf27 7 years ago
I think a more interesting debate would be "Which universe has more badass characters: Marvel or DC?"
Posted by Chrysippus 7 years ago
Thor vs. Superman is a poor matchup; Superman would win fairly easily. A better match in terms of strength and durability would be Hulk vs. Superman.
Posted by shaddamcorrinoIV 7 years ago
yeah, nobody beats Superman, except Doomsday.
Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
duh, DC has Superman, and no body beats superman, not even Goku:
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