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DDO Olympics: Storytelling

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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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DDO Olympics. Storytelling.

Genre: Fantasy.

DudeStop can choose to go first, or wait for me to go first.


Thank you Pro. Due to a non rigged coin flip, I won't put an addition to the story until my opponent does. In other words, he is going to go first.

I hope one of us gets the good medal! Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Chapter I: Dreams of War

The sounds of madness filled the air in bloodshed and moonlight.

The dust and rain poured around the glow of fire in the background of the world, turning around him like a dream. Colors morphed into laughter and play as the children of his past ran across him. They spoke of crusades and valor, as they grew into adult before his eyes. The day had ended, and so will his, slowly fading to the afterlife. His life ran across his eyes, and before he could turn his gaze to follow, was gone...


"Aldan! Wake up!" The words spat out the mouth of a black haired boy with crystal white eyes.
"Maverick... Maverick SHUT UP!" Aldan sat up, eyes closed and tired, his dream still burned in his mind...
"Come on man... Wake up. You have to see this!" Maverick smiled like a King among his gold.
"Fine fine... What is it." Aldan looked at Maverick, who was holding up a bag of coin. "Oh! Where did you..?"
"I found it. There is enough gold here to buy a house... We should take it on an adventure!"

Aldan had always dreamed of an adventure. They both talked about it without end. But now that the chance was in front of him, he wasn't sure. It sounded more dangerous now that it wasn't just dreaming. He laughed and ignored the proposition. They got up and begun to head for town. It wasn't far, just behind a few trees to the west. Upon entrance, they saw the men gathered with armor and some on horses.

"What's going on?" Aldan asked someone beside him. The man didn't answer. The speaker in front of everyone was an elderly woman, Chief Courtier of the town. She begun to speak.
"The Zeck have attacked the Kingdom of Shi-Ki, to the south!" The audience could be heard talking among each other. "The Malakites are preparing to war against the Kingdoms of Arus! The Zeck will not be alone when the nations of Malaki come!" Malaki was a southern continent of sand and mythology. They had been trade partners to most all the Kingdoms of the continent of Arus. They have been at odds before, as Kingdoms often did.

The conflicts started when the Empire of the Shian fell, and the connections between the Pagan kingdoms of Arus lost knowledge of the Malakites. In time, all of Arus came under one religion. This was when the Malakite Kingdoms attacked, hoping to claim all of Arus. United under the banner of religion, the Kingdoms of Arus pushed back. The lands the Malakites had conquered became known as the Kingdom of Shi-Ki. The continents had, over time, grew peaceful through trade.

"Why have they betrayed us?!" One man shouted from the crowd.
"I could never answer that. I know nothing of what evil magics may have led them to invade our lands" The wise woman spoke. "All able men of all the King's villages must come together and journey to the south to protect the Kingdom."
"But why? It is not our fight! Let Shi-Ki defend themselves!" Another man shouted.
"Do not let yourself be persuaded by laziness and apathy to believe this is not your fight. Shi-Ki is but one Kingdom against many Kingdoms. Once they have fallen, the armies of the Malakites will swarm the continent, and the Kingdom of Ro will be under attack... The small Kingdom against many. And then you will wish that others would come to your aid... But they won't, for they will be gone."
The men cried screams of acceptance to the call to war. They were ready at all costs. Aldan and Maverick wanted to go with them, but knew they were too young...

The boys walk away with a deep excitement running through their blood. They couldn't believe it... War... They wanted to join with such zeal that they couldn't help but to plot.


The Army had left the village the night after. When the coast was clear, the boys ran after, with only two swords and the cloths on their backs. The boys took all the gold with them in case they needed it, a hundred golden coins in value. Following after the Army was easy, as the march of a hundred men could be tracked by a dog with no nose.

"This is going to be like the stories and fables the old lady always told us!" Aldan laughed at the realization that they were gong to battle.
"Assuming we aren't the first ones dead!" Maverick smirked at the silly idea.
"I think I see the camp up ahead!" Aldan pointed and began to run forward.

Upon reaching the camp, they felt a concerned chilled once their eyes fell across the scene. The camp was empty. A quick look made clear that the men had ran out to fight... Torn tents and blood gave away the silence... The boys ran after the tracks to join the army against whatever foe that had came in contact with, only to find the tracks led to a river beside a mighty waterfal. No tracks appeared on the other side. The boys had no way of finding the Army.

Fearful, they turned back, only to see before them a troll twice their height and armed. It stared at the boys, its eyes moving across them. It sniffed the air for their scent, and begun to growl. It knew they were there, and it knew they were terrified...


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Chapter II: The Temple Knights

The Troll lifted it's arm to swing at the boys, before stopping to stare up the cliff beside them. The tumbling sound of boulders coming from above. The Troll couldn't move in time to escape, and was hit by the boulders. The boys begun to run up the hill, as the Troll tried to lift himself back up.

"What was that?" Maverick yelled out.
"Luck! That was luck!" Alden assumed, unaware of the figure at the top.

When the boys reached up the hill, the man in a navy blue hood grabbed them both, "Stop, and follow me." He began to run across the waterfall, and the boys followed. After a long run, the man stopped and looked back. "What are you two kids doing here?"
"We were... um...we were heading out to.. find the army..." Alden stuttered.
"Well... Did you find them?"
"Then that was a stupid idea, don't you think?"
Alden looked around to think, not sure what to say. "We found the camp... It was torn up and abandoned..."
"Who are you?" Maverick finally asked.
"I am a fighter for the Lord Knight's Temple." The man looked at him.
"A temple of knights. The Lord Knight is the lord of the temple. It's not there anymore... But that doesn't stop me from doing my job."
"Which is?"
"Killing monsters and making the 7 Kingdoms safe from creatures who threaten innocent civilians. Now, about that camp?"
Alden stepped up to speak, "The camp was abandoned... There was blood everywhere and the tents were torn up."
The knight looked down, his hair blowing softly around his eyes while he thought. He looked back up at Alden and spoke, "It was the Drarg." Alden stared in confusion, "The Drarg are orcs who were friendly with the people here. What ever dark magic's causing the Malaki to invade has also caused the Drarg to revolt."
"What dark magics?" Maverick asked.
"The Daim Alvrik of the Zeck Daimionate. He has been dealing in magics that are beyond us."

The Knight begun to walk off. "Wait! Where are you going? What about the army?" Alden asked.
"Their okay. The Drarg aren't going to stop an army. I'm heading down south to find a Dragon named Brim."
"That's where we are heading!... Well... To fight the Zeck. Please come with us... We could use you."
The knight looked back, and Alden continued speaking, "Well wait... We wouldn't use you.. we would.."
He cut Alden off, "I'm a knight. My job is to be used for my skill. And why should I work with you? I care not who rules these lands." The knight resumed walking.
"Wait... What's your name?"
The knight didn't stop walking, "Dos." And he was gone.


Dos walked through the forest in search of shelter. He had tents and food, but no terrain suitable for setting up. After an hours walk, he decided to make space of his own. Taking and moving rocks and twigs to clear a site, but it wasn't big enough. He looked around and to see what he could do.

Suddenly, tracks caught his eyes, and he was quick to view them. They were that of a massive Himlin, a cross between a goblin and a massive ogre. He laughed at the coincidence... While in need of tracking it, to prevent harm that may come to an innocent person, he knew where the tracked led... To those kids.

Dos wouldn't normally head out right away, he would look to eat first... But those kids. He couldn't. He lifted his gear and headed out to follow the tracks.

An hour took him and he reached the river. Wondering down the path, he saw the kids by a fire, eating fish and bread. He smiled at the taught, the tracks had ended at the river. Unsure of whether or not the Himlin would show it's face anytime soon, he thought for a while and decided to stay.
"Dos!" Maverick called out.
Dos looked up at them staring at him. He walked forward and spoke, "I need a camp, and can't find a good site elsewhere."
"Sure... BUT!.." Alden stopped and smirked, "Only if you take us South with you."
Dos stopped to think about it. "Hmm. I'll take you to where the Kingdom of Ro's army is gathering. Not any mile further."
Alden smiled, and moved over for Dos to sit.
"Remember. I'm not a knight for hire here. When we reach the Army tomorrow, I leave, and you don't follow." Dos explained. Alden and Maverick accepted and smiled at each other.


Dos lay awake in the night, thinking about his quest. The Dragon, Brim. He mustn't slay the dragon... The dragon bares dark and evil magics the Malaki can't even imagine. He has so little time to reach the haunted dragon and complete his quest in the name of the late Lord Knight's Temple.

He looked over at the kids sleeping. They weren't out to fight or kill anyone... They only wanted an adventure. He must protect them until they get to the Army. He thought of them in battle, and if one of them were to be slain. The thought hurt... Perhaps if they took a detour. Perhaps if they went through some creatures and monster first, and got a little training and preparation... Or became great knights... New Temple Knights...

They wanted adventure, and who was Dos to deny them it... Looks like they'll be getting just the adventure they wanted.


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I'll rest this debate...


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 6 years ago
This debate is gonna be awesome.
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