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DDO Poetry Slam

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Poetry debate
Post your most favorite work
We both are then judged

But seriously,

In this debates, two poets shall each post one piece of their work per round. Then, the judges will award args only purely on which poets work they prefer.

RFDs will be used to critique and praise both poets.

Poets may explain/preface each of their poems.

First round is for acceptance/introduction.


I accept the challenge
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to kick this off with a work of mine that I made when emulating William Carlos Williams.

Brown, Hot

By: Tyler Graham

In my dark blue porcelain cup

There you are: brown, hot

Take a sip





I do start by posting my love poem. My latest poem. TITLE: 'RUN AWAY BRIDE' *so entrenched in sorrows my luckily days is past
*so unwanted, pervasily denied in the trust.
*ALAS. My day angel is gone
*wounders of fury, my emotion bursts. *feelings unnatural and thought declined. *days gone by gone still yet to with hold thy beauty. *thrown off balance only to be torn in the flesh. *I have been a gallant soldier upright. *my my strife is hard. *the abbey of love my mind recalls *vividly my mind is restored my emotion torn apart
Debate Round No. 2


Here is an italian sonnet with no meter.

Fables and Tales
By: Tyler Graham

Tell a grand tale of grand adventure
I wish to hear stories of loss and love
The heroes’ struggles with the gods above
Who antagonize without any cure
Such a great epic is of great allure
I wish I could know what the homer writes of!
The glory! The Battles! Death of the dove
Fabricate a fable of brave men pure

The power of language, syntax, diction
Is the force that immortalizes men
The sword shall quiver in presence of pen
We weary travellers seek out a tale
In hopes of finding truest of fiction
Promise me the spoken word shall prevail!



TITLE: 'BROKEN HEARTED' By Jude I. This is a love poem which consists of 14 lines. ""Thy faulty strenght of wench. ""so unnatural in a pervasive mood. ""weaken by the thought of glory ""drained far away by the wind. ""thou promise so trusting ""in the story of lost. ""angelic voice beautified for thy haste ""mind stolen for the gift of lost. ""sorrows floating like a ceaseless rain in pain. ""wagons of figure not a drenching man.""none of thy tot' my grass grow ""broken like bottles, waiting for waste ""oh, wish to be back, but so unaccepted.
Debate Round No. 3


Here is a poem I wrote for a lady friend.


By: Tyler Graham

I want you

Call it the “cupcake phase” or just plain infatuation, but I want you

I want to take you somewhere nice

Where we can just be with each other

Smile, look into your eyes

Talk together

Tell you about me

Tell me about you

Feel the staccato beats of my heart

I want you to take me by the hand and lead me into a dark room where sweet silence sweeps me away and the focus lies only on your words, and your words are so enthralling to hear that I am left soundless and still

I want my heart to skip a beat everytime I think of you and

I want to think of you every day

I want to spend time with you and then stop time with you.

I want to run my fingers through the crimson in your hair as the crimson in my veins begins to surge, and our lips touch, so gentle at first, and then we both begin to just smile and allow the fire in the air and in our hearts to take us as we pull each other closer.

I want to hear a million more of your cute little giggles that you seem to think are so awkward.

Then I want to stop, and listen more.

I want to hear every embarrassing story you tell.

I want to share and compare our essays, and poetry, and art, and our feelings

I want to be dumbfounded by just how clever and funny you really are

I want to share my favorite fragile things with you

I want to share a moment over coffee and literature. Sharing words with you is special to me.

I want you to read this and laugh at just how cheesy and cliche it is

Then we stop


We stare


Share another smile


Share another story,


Share another laugh


Share another sweet kiss...

I want to hear about the things you’re passionate about.

You blush and think that you’re boring, but you’re not and I know that and I tell you, and it’s just so cute that I can’t help but smile and laugh because I just really really really really like hearing what you have to say because you just don’t stop being so interesting.

I want you to procrastinate as long as you can before finally resigning to going home after an angry call from a disgruntled parent. I’ll apologize and you’ll say it’s fine. I’ll still feel bad, but I relish every second we have together.

I want you to come over and just sit with me, back to back, or face to face reading our favorite books, and sharing our favorite passages.

I want you to listen to me as I spill my guts and give you my awful life story because,

I want you to know the truth about me as best as I can tell it because,

I want you to trust me so our relationship lasts because,

I want you to want me because....

I want you.



TITLE: BEHIND THE BARS *Tender sorrows matured unfair. *Gabed up in his fairy quest.
*without ado nor with rest.
*sought to catch the future with grip.

*yours still the tear of pulcritude perfection.
*born without any fruit enclosed.
*nor his mouth with a silver spoon.
*night was he's effort infused.

*cursing to the root, night you rained.
*tick was the clock and found behind bars.
*his was the life down without pairs.
*but who must have spatout without tears.
*ado was withnothing yet without rest.
Mind tot's me glory glooming past my might uncovered so perpetual to withhold. My glorious day of hiding is past. I grow wings upon thy throat my naked fat in a gloomy sermon, a praise is bewitched for thy gross. Oh, behind the bars, my day block still ticks.
Debate Round No. 4
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by GodChoosesLife 7 years ago
Oh my gosh!! You guys are AWESOME!! Tyler your last poem,, ohhhhhhh myyyyyy..... haha!! Very nice!
Posted by bsh1 7 years ago
Yes. Challenge me whenever. Just be careful what you post, b/c if you post it on DDO, technically it becomes Juggle's property and you surrender all rights to it.
Posted by judeifeanyi 7 years ago
I will like to debate on this topic again. Because I have got over 73 love poems to post
Posted by Jifpop09 7 years ago
Can I do one with you?? I was actually going to start one when I saw this.
Posted by tylergraham95 7 years ago
LOL looks like neither of you get to accept.

If either of you want, I'd be willing to do more poetry jams with you guys. I've got plenty of work, and I've been working on more a lot recently.
Posted by bsh1 7 years ago
I'll give GCL an hour...then I'm accepting. I know anyone can accept, but I feel as if it's courteous to wait for those who expressed interest first.
Posted by tylergraham95 7 years ago
Anyone can accept it. It's just a matter of who accepts first. I'm fine with anyone accepting.
Posted by bsh1 7 years ago
If GCL doesn't take it, I will.
Posted by tylergraham95 7 years ago
GCL. Yolo. Remember?
Posted by GodChoosesLife 7 years ago
I'm reallly reallllly tempted to take this LOL
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Total points awarded:31 
Reasons for voting decision: Both did an awesome job, but Tyler seemed to grb my attention more by the way he wrote. So I'm giving it a 3-

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