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DDO Presidential Campaign

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Started: 4/5/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am currently starting my campaign for DDO President. My campaign forum is the following:;
I would like to debate only - I repeat, only - a person that also intends to run for DDO President. To start the debate, I will introduce my platform to you:


- Instituting more moderators so that the site can remain safe and enjoyable

- A new vision for an enjoyable site completely without trolling and immaturity

- Increasing reporting/blocking powers

- Improve relations between users

- Removing accounts that have not been used for over a year

- Removing biased and unjust votes immediately so that debates are fair

This is my platform so far. In time, I will develop further ideas.


Hmmmm....I accept the challenge.
1. Institute more mods-- institute is defined as "to set up; establish; organize " by, so that would make sense. How would you do this? I would personally email all my friends on DDO for "employment" and tell them to email all their friends, whom email to their friends, and etc. etc. You failed to state how you would do such thing as instituting more moderators.

2a. A new vision....completely without trolling an immaturity...then the site would be no fun! Everybody loved the biggest troll of them all, imabench, and he even won some debates purely by his popularity! Even those whom are not trolls are willing to quit DDO because of imabench's banning, as shown in If you destroy trollers and people who are immature altogether, this list will grow to--at least 50 people, to say on the safe side! Ironically, since imabench was banned, the site was less enjoyable, as his "weekly stupid" was gone and his funny humor as well.
2b. Also, immaturity grows to maturity. As immature debaters continue on debating, losing debates because of their stupidity, they learn to obtain a professional tone when debating so as to draw the voters to their side. One great example is myself--I started out not really trying, losing all my debates, seeing how when people forfeited, they lost to me no matter how flimsy my argument was, and when I forfeited, I lost no matter how strong my previous arguments were. This taught me to be careful and spend time on an debate so as to actually win it, instead of barely trying, not planning my time wisely so I can debate in time to at least tie in conduct-wise.

3. Increasing report/blocking powers--how will you do this? Being an "absolute dictator" and being able to remove dumb comments at will?

4. Imporve relations between users--well, since the new policy about "no personal attacks", there are no open disagreements between users. Congrats, you already did it before you even became president!

5. removing accounts--are you sure about this? Could we not email them before we make sure they're not on the site anymore?

6. remove bias and unjust votes immediately--this would require lots of attention and is pain-stakingly difficult. Many many debates are finished within a day, and especially in popular debates with more than 20 votes, this has been raised to a new difficulty level. However, if I was president, I would leave the voters unable to post "vote bomb", or "no reason", or "troll" within their reason for voting.
Debate Round No. 1


I will now go into more detail about each aspect of the platform and will refute some of my opponent's statements.

1. Instituting more moderators so that the site can remain safe and enjoyable
I highly suggest you read the FAQs. It says that, "One may become a moderator if recommended for this responsibility by an existing moderator." I will contact existing moderators and provide examples of qualified users. We need to ensure that certain debates, polls, or opinions are removed so that there is no excess of immaturity.

2. A new vision for an enjoyable site completely without trolling and immaturity
Perhaps I exagerated a little. I will tolerate some trolling and immaturity in the forums. However, the debates, opinion, polls, and comment sections on user profiles will remain mature, serious, and rational. Also, you can message other users and talk immaturely and troll in those messages. That, of course, is acceptable.

3. Increasing reporting/blocking powers
I do not intend to be a dictator in any sense. I intend on increasing reporting and blocking powers by making sure that the reports are responded to quickly. This will be done by instituting more moderators.

4. Improve relations between users
I intend on promoting true friendships and relationships, not just DDO friends. I want the DDO community to be more than just a site. I want it to be personal as well.

5. Removing accounts that have not been used for over a year
Indeed, we should contact them before we fully remove them. However, I believe that we should remove users that have not been online for quite some time because I do not want to have distractions on the site.

6. Removing biased and unjust votes immediately so that debates are fair
I will not tolerate vote bombs or trolling. If I were President, I would enforce the policy for voting, which is that you should explain each vote thoroughly and not be biased. If voters provide only a sentence or two, wirte "vote bomb", "troll", or something similar in their vote comments, I will make the moderators aware of these votes and they will handle the situation.

I am curious, is my platform appealing?


1. Okay, but I think my way is much better.
2. You conceded to me a bit, showing that I am a convincing debater. Hey, most presidents are good debaters, and good debaters are more likely to become good presidents!
3. Again, back to number one--spreading it far and wide, not only to DDO members far increases the efficiency.
4. " I want the DDO community to be more than just a site. I want it to be personal as well. " Good job MLP:FiM'ing! :)

Every pony cheers you for learning a lesson today and wishing the DDO to be much more than "just a site".

5. Don't want distractions? What do you mean? Think about it: if a guy named, 7spacequeen, say, and she left for, 1 year and a half, how is this a distraction? Would not she tell everyone before she left? Rarely do people NOT get informed about somebody else leaving, especially someone who can "cause a distraction"

6. Your policy is similar to mine...In fact it's almost exactly the same.

Okay, so we're more than half-way through the debate, time for a new rule!

7. If I were president I could be a mod. myself. Hey! Everyone elected me! They obviously trust me enough to be president. So why not contribute to DDO yourself? What a great idea! The other moderators have less pressure, and they are relieved, trusting the prez. even more, as they all have the same job, similar to in Julius Caesar, when Mark Antony makes his funeral speech, he lowers his own status down to the people, saying that he doesn't want to wrong the high postition, the "honorable men", and the common people trust Mark Antony, as Antony is just like them. This presidential election is similar. If presidents were lowered down to the moderators' powers (plus their own, of course), the moderators would like them better. A leader AND worker is much more efficient than just a leader, don't you think?
Debate Round No. 2


I have decided that I will not run for President. It is not because of my platform. Rather it is a question of committment. Please, anyone who sees this debate, DO NOT VOTE. I repeat, please do not vote.


That's sad.
Looks like I won all the voters for pro!
Good debate anyways.
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by WilliamsP 7 years ago
Everyone and anyone that sees this debate, please do not vote. Thank you.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
no one has...
What? Your afraid your elo will go down? Puh-leaze. You have a high 2,171 compared to my low (and terrible) 1,768
Posted by WilliamsP 7 years ago
DO NOT VOTE! Please.
Posted by Jifpop09 7 years ago
Is that you in that pic?
Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
Nice lamp.
Posted by WilliamsP 7 years ago
I will allow "funny" posts in forums, but debates, opinions, and polls should remain mature.
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 7 years ago
"- A new vision for an enjoyable site completely without trolling and immaturity"

What about the "Funny Section"? Shouldn't trolling be allowed in this category? Or are you removing this category entirely?
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