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Dakota Acess Pipeline

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Started: 11/1/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am against the Dakota Access Pipeline because the Pipeline is being placed in Sacred Lands and Burial Grounds of our Nations Natives. Some may say that their Burial Grounds don't matter and are of little Importance, But If this were a US Veteran Cemetery or Memorial all would be opposed.

We have persecuted our Natives for long enough.. It's time to end this mess now. The White man has done enough to kill their ancestors and rob them of their land and their livelihood.

We are arresting people for defending their land. It is their reservation. NOT Ours. Given to them because we took their actual land.

I would also like to address my concern on how both Presidential Candidates HAVE NOT stated a stance on this issue. It has gained national attention yet neither have said anything. For me, If one candidate voices their opinion against it and the other does not, that will be a deal breaker for me.


I will begin by thanking my opponent for taking the time and energy to create this debate. Next, I will be posting my arguments for the pipeline and will rebut my opponent's arguments made in the 1st round in round two.

Arguments for the North Dakota oil pipeline:

0. The environment

I am only vaguely familiar with native American Indian values, but to the best of my knowledge respect for the land is a key value.

"Not only do we risk spills when oil is transported by trains or trucks, but there also is the formidable “carbon footprint” — a term invented by the environmentalists — of the numerous trains and trucks." [0]

By transporting the oil via pipeline as opposed to trucks and trains we reduce risk of spills and carbon footprint.

1. Safety

""The advantage of pipeline is that the container is stationary and the product moves through it and it's much safer than rail or truck, according to Department of Transportation statistics," she said. "We need to put human lives above all of this." "

Statistically it is safer to transport oil via pipeline as opposed to truck or train.

2. Jobs

Building and maintaining the pipeline will create jobs thus boosting the economy. Considering the national debt crisis, the economy is more relevant now.

3. Chance to disrespect a religion

I am of the opinion that humans are too respectful of religion in general. This respect has lead to many terrorists attacks and other tragedies including witch-burning, the crusades/jihad, and has distracted us from science. Without science we would not have solar panels and other great inventions.

I dislike the precedence that we should have to tip toe around a religion's ceremonial burial rituals. This paves the way for greater respect of religion, and thus more young earth creationists, geocentric faith based nonsense [2], and religious based violence.

The raw truth is humans have no souls, the dead do not come back to life, and this oil can help the living.

4. Less dependence upon foreign oil

The more efficient our transportation of domestic oil is, the less dependent we are on foreign oil.

Thank you for reading my round 1 debate.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Stupidape 2 years ago
Thorium energy? Is that something from Star Trek or something? I may be the ignorant one here, but Star Trek is science fiction as in not real, therefore Thorium is not real.

"Thorium was a metallic element, number 90 on the periodic table, a member of the actinide series. It is slightly radioactive.

During the Bajoran political coup d'"tat of 2370, a group of Starfleet officers led by CMO Julian Bashir captured a five-man unit of Militia members loyal to the Alliance for Global Unity in Deep Space 9's cargo bay #6. The doctor warned the Bajoran soldiers that their health would eventually be compromised by prolonged radiation exposure from a container of thorium isotope stored among the cargo bay's inventory. (DS9: "The Siege") "
Posted by SNP1 2 years ago
Are you even a resident of ND?

You do realize that the pipeline is 100% off reservation land, right?

And you do realize that years ago they were hearing everyone out when deciding the path that the pipeline would take, and when people complained the path was changed. The Native Americans had a lot of time to complain then and never did.

You also realize that the vast, vast, vast majority of those complaining aren't even from the tribe or even ND, right? In fact, quite a few of the records of mass arrests end up with no residents of North Dakota being arrested.

You also realize that there is drilling going on UNDER Lake Sakakawea, which is even more sacred than this river, which the Natives LOVE because they get a fraction of the money from that drilling, right?

I could go on, but I have learned that many people on both sides are ignorant of any of this.
I am against the pipeline because I think that we need to move towards a better energy source (Thorium energy), but the reason most people are against the pipeline just shows their ignorance.
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