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Darth Vader would beat Luke Skywalker in a battle

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Started: 4/12/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Welcome back everyone.

I'm here to rematch KJCharmed03 in this debate. The resolution is that Darth Vader would beat Like Skywalker in a fight in their prime stae (And no. Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker does NOT count as Darth Vader.) In this fight all skills can be brought up to support our positions. I am taking the negative side of this debate as I believe Luke Skywalker would beat his Father in a duel.

To clarify the rules and times and limits, here they are:
-9000 Characters
-48 Hours to post you argument
-1st round for acceptance
-2nd round for arguments
-3rd for rebuttal and crediting resources used.

I await your reply
Good bye and good luck.


I accept (:
Debate Round No. 1


let's begin

Argument #1: Shatterpoint

Shatterpoint allows a force-wielder to expose all weaknesses requiring a great amount of focus. This is very useful for two reasons. First of all Darth Vader has many more weaknesses then Luke Skywalker. Why? Look at Darth Vader. He is missing 3 limbs and a hand. his fragile life depends on a life support system. These and other weaknesses can and would be exploited to Luke's advantage, eventually resulting in Vader losing. The other reason is because Darth Vader and his son are so similar to each other. Two of their similarities is their fighting styles and adaptability. Both men mainly use form V of lightsaber combat,. Djem So and Shien. The style is meant for Jedi and Sith with bulky builds. The style allows for long duels with defensive stances in the beginning and middle but violent, offensive ends. Both know the strengths and weaknesses of the form but Luke can exploit these gaps much more easily because of shatterpoint. The second advantage is their adaptability. Both showed great power at young ages. Both could fly almost anything. Both progressed through the Jedi ranks faster then almost every other Jedi. Both adapted to using a tad of the dark side into their combat styles (though one went haywire and switched sides) Both know their limits to adapt and Luke would be able to put Vader in a bad situation resulting in him losing.

Argument #2: Speed

Darth Vader is pretty heavy, like 300 lbs heavy. He is missing his legs and cannot use the element of surprise because of his constant breathing and loud but slow footsteps. His preferred style is Djem So which is naturally a slow form. Luke has no prosthetic limbs (1 fake hand) and an element of surprise. He also prefers to use Djem So, but this is countered by his mastery of all forms. Luke's speed allows him to counter most attacks plus he has a much more natural speed the Darth Vader. Darth has to use the force to generate speed, while Luke does not. The weight and speed is a weakness that can be exploited by shatterpoint

Argument #3: Experience

Luke became the founder of the new Jedi order and a Grand Jedi master, he was trained by two of the most powerful Jedi there are and in his first duel with his father he injured Darth Vader. Luke also did much more, but I won't get into detail. My whole point is Luke did more has more to his belt. Both in the force and in the battleground is Luke experienced. At one point he would have surpassed Darth Vader in skill, arguably in ROTJ did Luke come ahead. Vader himself is experienced, but at one point all he did was kill Jedi and command the fleet. He did little training after his lava incident and was never same again. This is why Luke is better.

I await your response.


Due to sickness, I must concede defeat on this one, but must make the best argument pro: Darth Vader I know of: "Come to the dark side! we've got cookies!" ;)

Thanks for your willingness to let me debate with you again. My apologies for not being upto it this time :)
Debate Round No. 2


Very well
I understand


Thanks! Catch you next time! :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jaksunmadness 6 years ago
You have to base them on movie adaptations because that's where they originated from. Comics, games and books are all noncanonical and not used as references. Why do people think Vader is strong at all? Obi Wan Kenobi beats him in his prime, Emperor Palpatine beats him and finally his son Luke beats him. And don't use the midi cholrians as any reference to force power because it's already stated it is not a measure of Force power. Vader was merely conceived by them.

Darth Vader is weak and Luke beat him countless times.
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