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Death Battle: Amaterasu vs Celestia

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Started: 7/4/2017 Category: Entertainment
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These gods of the sun have watched over their subjects for time immemorial. But which one is the more powerful guardian? Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess from Okami, or Celestia, the Alicorn Princess of the Sun from MLP?


1. Only Amaterasu and Celestia can participate in this battle. No outside help.

2. You have 24 hours to make an argument this time. Arguments Round 1 is optional. Do not expect this to be an easy debate.

3. In case you weren't aware, we're referring to Amaterasu from Capcom's Okami, and Celestia from MLP: Friendship is Magic.

4. No trolling, semantics, or kritiks. If you try any, you forfeit the debate to me.

5. We'll mainly be arguing from 4 categories; Abilities, Durability, Agility, and Equipment.

I'll let the Contender pick between Amaterasu and Celestia. Here are the wiki pages:



You will state your chosen character in Round 1, but not give any arguments.


Both. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Um... okay then. So do you think the battle would end in a stalemate? Would Amaterasu beat Celestia? Would Celestia beat Amaterasu? I'm honestly not sure what the Contender is trying to accomplish. But I will say this: My opponent cannot argue for both Amaterasu and Celestia winning, because only 1 of them can win. My opponent can't logically win, as she chooses both a winner and a loser, which just brings us right back to square one. I'm going to have to force Pro to prove that Celestia can win.

Amaterasu outright destroys Celestia in a number of categories. I'll list Amaterasu's feats here:

Strength: Amaterasu can destroy stone with her head, and can dig through stone. But she rarely uses her body to attack anyways.

Abilities: The Celestial Brush is a weapon that only Amaterasu can use, as she's a Celestial Goddess. (Chibiterasu, her son, also has this). She can control fire, water, ice, electricity, wind, and plantation (specifically, vines, trees, lily pads and blooming flowers). She can also control day and night. She's also got Cherry Bomb, which is an explosive fire cracker, as well as Viel of Mist, which slows down time.

But the most notable Celestial Brush technique is the Power Slash. It can slice stone, iron, even diamond ore!

Durability: Amaterasu has fought many demons, which wield fire, ice, electricity, and swords.

Agility: While Amaterasu can only run as fast as an ordinary wolf could, she can slow time to help with dodging and reacting. Note that this only lasts 10 seconds, I think.

Equipment: Amaterasu's main weapons are the Divine Instruments. Not musical instruments, but holy weapons: Reflectors, Rosaries, and Glaives.

Reflectors are the most basic Divine Instrument. They combo well, and if Amaterasu times it right, she can perform a counter attack.

Rosaries hit multiple times and have a wide range. They can also launch as projectiles. A notable Rosary is the Tundra Beads, which deal ice damage.

Glaives are slower, but more powerful. They're swords, and they can be charged to deal even more damage. A notable Glaive is the Thunder Edge, which deals electric damage.


Here's a few arguments an MLP fan might point out:

"Celestia can lift the sun, which is the same mass as our sun."

Well Amaterasu can control the sun as well. If Celestia tries to move the sun into Amaterasu, 1) That would kill everypony (likely including Celestia), so that probably would never happen. 2) Amaterasu can very easily move the sun back into the sky by drawing a circle.

If it's a laser, then we'd be getting somewhere.

"Celestia is the most powerful Alicorn in Equestria!"

This isn't really an argument. Gonna need actual information.

"Amaterasu's Celestial Brush is limited!"

It does run on Divine Ink, but it does replenish at a good pace. And it's not like Ammy's one to spam, is she? And she's got a large capacity so she doesn't have to worry too much.

"She's a wolf!"

Wolves eat horses. Though probably not often.


If someone would like to argue this debate seriously, send a challenge to me.

[Another reminder, Pro must prove that Celestia can defeat Amaterasu. I forced this onto her because she decided to say both would win, which is logically impossible.]


So do you think the battle would end in a stalemate?

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
I think that would depend on if Celestia really is as weak as shown in the show or hiding her power to give twilight a lesson (as was insinuated in recent episodes), and if we are talking about current Celestia or a younger Celestia. Younger Celestia was a lot stronger but also less wise and likely rash.
Posted by Phenenas 2 years ago
If she can beat Yami, she can definitely beat a horsey!
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