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Death Battle: Marvel vs Capcom

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Started: 8/10/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I've decided to post another battle on this site. My opponent can choose any Marvel or Capcom character, assuming it doesn't violate the given rules:


1) Your character can't be immortal (like Deadpool) or have the strength to destroy a planet (like Galactus or Dr Strange).
2) Your character can't bring any friends to the battle. No outside help. [Even if it's not a friend, you can only have your chosen character fight.]
3) Match ups and information in the actual Marvel vs Capcom games won't be valid evidence for a conclusion.
4) We'll be arguing for 5 different categories: Strength (physical and spiritual), Agility (speed and nimblness), Durability (how much damage the character can take), Abilities, and Equipment.
5) Equipment will be their weapons and armor. No healing or buffing items can be brought.
6) No trolling, semantics, or kritiks.
7) Refusing to follow these rules will result in an instant loss.

I'll be choosing Amaterasu from Okami. [I don't think she can destroy a planet, but she is strong.] Here's the wiki page:



Aye bro. Sick debate. I'm gonna roll with THE man, Francis Castle, The Punisher. Quite frankly, the chick from Okami ain't got shite on Frank.
Debate Round No. 1


Definitely an interesting choice, though Amaterasu has many different powers I'll get into later.


Amaterasu can destroy stone, iron ore, and diamond ore by bashing into them [Source 1]. She can also dig through stone when needed. However, Amaterasu's main methods of attack are the Celestial Brush and her Divine Instruments, which I'll get into later.


Amaterasu can run decently fast, likely as fast as a real wolf. This is 35mph to 40mph [Source 2], whereas Usian Bolt set a record for running over 23mph, at most perhaps 27mph [Source 3, 2nd paragraph]. Amaterasu also has a double jump (Holy Eagle), a wall jump, a dodging technique (Fleetfoot) [Source 4], and can use the Celestial Brush technique Veil of Mist to slow time.


Amaterasu has fought demons that wield fire, ice, electricity, and blades. And she can definitely take a lot of it, too [having a maximum of 20 health units in Okami].


Celestial Brush:

Amaterasu is able to wield the holy power of the Celestial Brush. She can control a total of 13 powers. She can control fire, water, lightning, wind, and ice. There's also the Power Slash, which slices through iron ore, and even diamond! Amaterasu can also create a Cherry Bomb, which is a fire cracker. And like I said before, Veil of Mist can slow time. She can also control day and night, use Greensprout (making lily pads, trees grow, bloom flowers and trees, and Vine a konohana blossom to a target), repair broken or missing items, and providing there's a statue nearby, she can climb walls. [Source 5] This does run on divine ink, but Amaterasu has a big amount and it recharges at a comfortable pace. She also won't waste this ink by spamming brush techniques.


Amaterasu's main weaponry are Divine Instruments, which there are 3 different types. [See source 6]

Reflectors are her prime Divine Instrument. They're balanced with decent speed and attack power. And if timed right, Amaterasu can unleash a powerful counter attack.

Rosary can reach a long range and hits in rapid succession. Rosary can even become projectiles and fire at Amaterasu's enemy. THe Tundra Beads are a notable rosary that deals ice damage.

Glaives are slow but strong swords, and can charge up for greater impact. The Thunder Edge has electric power.

In conclusion, looks like the Punisher is in for a pretty divine challenge. I hope he's ready.




Now, I could go all formal and set stuff up like you did, but since I feel like this is more of a "for fun" kinda debate, I'm not going to.

Frank Castle, The Punisher. Ex-military, fluent in gunplay and multiple martial arts, always has a Kevlar vest on. That's not why he'd beat up your pooch so hard he'd catch a PETA case. No, the reason I'm going to win in the first round is so mindbogglingly obvious it'll make you crap your pants: Castle has successfully killed every single character in the Marvel franchise. In 1995's Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, he kills literally everyone (including Deadpool) at least once. If Frank Castle can kill Thor, Odin, The Hulk, Thanos, AND Deadpool, magical wolf dog can't do much.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to ask how The Punisher is able to kill everyone. I've heard amazing things about a variety of the Marvel series, like how Deadpool and Wolverine are indestructable and good in combat, and Thor is literally a god.

There's also a few things to consider:

1; Punisher used preperation and strategy for all the characters, especially the more powerful ones. For example, he used a tranquilizer to turn the Hulk into Bruce Banner, used a magnetic mine to destroy Doom's robots, zapped Wolverine in an electric fence, and many other Marvel characters weren't shown. But for the really powerful characters, like Iron Man and Thor, it seems Punisher didn't fight them head on, since they'd probably kill him.

Amaterasu's Celestial Brush isn't easily countered. While it's being used, it stops time for everyone while Amaterasu draws the needed symbol. The only way to stop the Celestial Brush is with another Celestial Brush, which can only be wielded by celestial deities.

2; Punisher is an ordinary human, he's just very angry. And I doubt Amaterasu would let up easily, even with a few bullets. After all, she saved the world from Orochi (a giant 7 headed dragon), and Yami (the ruler of darkness). Chances are Ammy could handle it.

We haven't seen really incredible feats from Punisher, whereas we can easily measure basic feats from Amaterasu by watching a let's play, or even better, just check out VS Battles wiki;

We can't just say that because Punisher killed everyone, he's super strong, therefore able to kill this god. I suggest you really dig deep.


Nah brah he literally killed every single Marvel character. Puppy Jesus wouldn't stand a chance. Doggo may have fought some big ol baddies, but Punisher beat significantly more tail.
Debate Round No. 3


No, I think Amaterasu beat more tail. A nine tailed fox, who also had access to the Celestial Brush!

And if you wanna compare numbers, Amaterasu fights demons on a regular basis. Amaterasu's most worthy opponents are Orochi, the 7 Canine Warriors, Blight (a knight small enough to hide inside of a man, making him exhale toxic gas while sick in bed), and Yami. Here's Yami's page, by the way:

Also, Yami was able to remove Amaterasu's abilities and Celestial Brush, and the people's faith in Amaterasu was the only thing that could bring her powers back.

In conclusion, my opponent fails to respect the power of the sun goddess. And if we did allow prep time, this gives Amaterasu an advantage as she'd Power Slash the guns. And just a reminder; Punisher is actually weak, and requires a long time to prepare.


Your argument is invalid; infinite guns; hammerspace.
Debate Round No. 4
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
I'm learning the Japanese hiragana character set so I saw it as an opportunity to practice.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
@JimShady I didn't think you could put Japanese into Though I think it would be easier to know who you're talking about if you just called her Amaterasu in English.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
Clearly, the opponent is trolling. (And don't deny it. You never put any real effort.) On the bright side, I've learned about a Marvel character who has 0 super powers. Though since trolling is forbidden in the rules, this means I've won by default.
Posted by EnchantedPlatinum 3 years ago
Would debate, but I can't be fudged to read a bunch of Marvel wikia today.

The rules look great, hope you find a good opponent to match!
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Vote Placed by JimShady 3 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:50 
Reasons for voting decision: After reading this, I'd have to side with Pikachu. Conduct and spelling/grammar are tied, but Pro gets sources points because he provided a lot of links so we can learn about these characters. As far as convincing arguments, Oppenheimer only says that the Punisher killed immortal people. This is saying something, but Pro points out that he had a lot of prep-time. If あまてらす had that amount of prep time, it would probably be not even close. Plus, although guns are powerful, あまてらす just has way more better powers. あまてらす: 1, Punisher: 0.

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