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Death Korps of Krieg would defeat any military force in a battle on land

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Started: 3/29/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Another game debate. Everything is simple and straightforward, I will be debating for the side of the Death Korps of Krieg from the Warhammer 40k series. My opponent will be allowed to pick an organized and hierarchized military force from any game, novel, movie, etc. All we must do is prove that, when fighting on land, why our military force would beat the other.

First round is for acceptance and statement of what military force you pick.
All further rounds are fair game as long as we defend our side and attack the opponents.

Lore would play a great deal in information of your force.

No profanity, let's try and keep this peaceful.
The Flood may not be a military force, nor the Xenomorphs, Tyranid, or anything of those sort.

Any questions please voice in chat, be it about what force would be acceotable or definitions and so on.


I accept this challenge, and will be picking the Covenant Empire from the Halo franchise.
Debate Round No. 1


I abide by my opponent's request to merely introduce our militaries before actually having them engage them.
As previously stated, I am vouching for the Death Korps of Krieg, whose seemingly inexhaustible amount of soldiers and bloody and feared means of conducting a war is feared by many throughout the WH40K universe. As a start off point, allow me to introduce just who the Death Korps are for those unaware.
The Death Korps of Krieg is a specialized regiment of the Imperial Guard of the Imperium of Man. Where the Catachan Warriors are feared jungle fighter and the Cadians are all soldiers against Chaos, the Death Korps are the fearless and faceless Warriors of Attrition. They win their battles by shelling their foes with a storm of artillery and then charging across vast wastelands to meet their enemy face to face. With Lasguns capable of ignoring heavier armor than a standard issue lasgun and bayonets sharpened to a fine edge. Each Kriegsman bears a trademark gasmask, seemingly never removing it. Each Kriegsman also bears a long Trench Coat and is covered from head to toe in armor and cloth, no skin ever truly showing, their faces are faceless, their words emotionless, their zeal commendable. The Kriegsmen are born to die, waging war for the Emperor as a means of repent for their ancestors betrayal. Due to this belief and lack of fear of death, the Death Korps are a remarkable foe to anyone. Their forces are trained to wage long battles and lose men, that is what makes them the perfect warriors for a war of attrition. Each man is versatile in a variety of weapons so that all available resources can and will be utilized, and the Krieg specialty is their ability to make and break formidable lines. The Death Korps are masters of Trench Warfare and artillery combat, they truly know no fear and are exemplary tacticians. Each Kriegsman find penance in death, and therefore does whatever it takes to fight and die. Suicide missions are a common thing among their plans, and every soldier volunteers for them. Hazardous warzones are a constant sight in a universe that knows only war, and the more dangerous the warzone, the more the Death Korps want it. Overall, their zeal and unfaltering morale, their bloody and tactics and lack of morals, their numbers and sheer will, is enough to allow them to take any foe including the Tyranids and the Necrons. The faceless weapons of the Emperor can, will, and do all it takes to achieve victory, men are replaceable, casualties are not a concern.
I await my opponent's introduction.


This round, I will be presenting my side: the Covenant empire.

Overall presentation:

The Covenant empire is a theocracy; in other words, a coalition of different races under the same belief, said belief being the praise of the Forerunners(the species who created humans) as Gods. Expanding onto many solar systems, the Covenant empire is comprised of many different species, who all pledge themselves to their religion without a second thought, and are ready to die for it. Their army is feared amongst it's own people, and is a major threat to humanity. Hence, with no delay, I will be presenting the Covenant army.

Covenant army:

The Covenant army is constituted of each race that has converted to the Covenant religion, with each of these races expanding on several planets. With a total of 6 races after the Civil war the Covenant empire suffered (namely: the Unggoy, the Kig-Yar, the Yanme'e, the Mgalekgolo, the Jiralhanae and the Huragok), each with their specific advantages and disadvantages, constitute a fearsome force on ground-based missions and assaults. I will be now presenting each race.

Unggoy: The perfect example of a dumb brute, the Unggoys, better know as Grunts for humans, are not an intelligent species. Their strong physical body, combined with their low intellect, make them the ideal race to execute labor unworthy for the higher-ranked species. While they need the leadership of a commander to function on any means of efficiency, the Unggoy shine by their sheer number, due to their high reproduction rate. Most of the confrontations between Unggoy and humans that go in the favor of the Covenant do so because the humans get overwhelmed under the number. For this reason, they often are used as cannon fodder, to good use.

Kig-Yar: Having affinities with birds and reptiles, the humans have made differences within the race itself, making out different sub-species named Jackals and Skirmishers. Jackals are lighter than Skirmishers, and less muscular. Kig-Yar units, due to their accute senses, are used as snipers, shock troopers, scouts and defensive fighters.

Yanme'e: Resembling big bugs, Yanme'e possess an exoskeleton armour that helps protect them during battle, and are also equipped by a pair of wings. Due to the heavy nature of their exoskeleton, they use anti-gravity devices to help them fly. They are very proficient in surprise aerial attacks, also serving as a distraction for the land units. They can also lift UNSC marines easily in the air to drop them later on in a deadly spot. Due to all these attributes, they have been dubbed Drones by humans.

Mgalekgolo: These units are actually composed of Lekgolo, who are small unintelligent worms. When several combine to form a Mgalekgolo, they create a fierce fighting force that managed to get the better of the Covenant army the first time they met each other. By far the strongest species of the Covenant army, the Mgalekgolo fight primarily by using a built-in cannon in one of their arms, while having a metal shield in the other, metal who is the same that makes the the Covenant warships. This shield can protect them against virtually any plasma or ballistic attack. They are known by the humans as Hunters.

Jiralhanae: This ape-like species, nicknamed Brutes by humans, are said to be very similar to gorillas. For example, their sharp teeth allows them to make use of a formidable weapon, as evidenced when Master Chief nearly died following an attack from one of them, proving their strength to be largely enough to overpower a Spartan unit, even though said Spartan unit was injured. They have been evidence several times to be practically immune to any kind of ballistic weapon.

Huragok: The Huragok share something in common with humanity: they have been created by Forerunners. Assimilated to biological supercomputers, they are non-combatant. To compensate for their lack of battle skills(since they mostly look like giant floating squids), they fix things, any kind of things, earning their second name of Engineers by humans. They are also able to absorb data from anything they fix, or from any kind of technology they may enter in contact with.

Now that I have introduced each species, I will describe the technology the Covenant army usually has access to.


Most of the Covenant army's weapons are based on salvaged and reverse-engineered Forerunner technology. The most common weapons are Directed Energy Weapons, which use plasma as lieu of bullets and power source. Plasma weapons are noted to be far more effective than laser-based weapons, even though they are prone to overheating should they be used too fast. A trademark weapon of the Covenant is impersonated by the Needle gun, which shoots piercing darts that are strong enough to go through MJOLNIR-class armour, and then explode under the skin. Another iconic weapon is the energy sword, however, it is only used by a race that has defected, provoking the Civil War. Hence, it will not be featured here. The Jiralhanae possess Gravity Hammers, used as a sword, but provoking a huge gravitational burst, crushing anything in it's radius. They possess what are called particle beam weapons, which use a highly-concentrated beam of particles to disrupt the target's atomic structure, and thus incapacitating it. It has been shown to go though any kind of defensive measure know to humans or the Covenants themselves. Finally, the Covenant have learnt to master antimatter, in the form of bombs. Depending on the size of the bomb, or Antimatter Charges, can destroy a big door or an entire battle cruiser.


The Covenant have developed anti-gravity crafts to maneuver on the battlefield. As such, they are quite armoured and loaded, and are stable on any kind of terrain.

This was the description of the Covenant army. Now, I am happy to finally get this debate going, and will be wishing luck to Pro and the Kriegs.
Debate Round No. 2


EmperorDao forfeited this round.


...Ok. I was hoping for a challenge there, but it seems that Emperor didn't live up to my expectations. For next round, if his initial intention was to recognise that his army can't surpass the Covenant, then he should say it plainly, instead of forfeiting. Anyway, here's my case on how the Covenant beat the Kriegs.

Argument 1: The Covenant are more technologically advanced

A rather simple title, who illustrates well my point. As presented by Pro, the Kriegs Death Korps have a steampunk aspect that is highly noticeable, meaning they're both equipped of futuristic tech and ancient tech. In this case, the Lasguns being the futuristic piece of equipment, and the rest of their equipment akin to what soldiers had during both World Wars. In other words, you could call the Kriegs World War soldiers who have been given laser guns, gas masks and an indomitable will to die on the battlefield for their nation-here the Empire of Mankind. But there is so much that willpower can do against an opponent that utterly crushes you. The Covenant have many futuristic tech that include laser guns, plasma guns, particle beam guns, and armour that would make today's version of bullet proof vest look like a joke. To say it bluntly: the Covenant are far better equipped than the Kriegs for a land battle.

Argument 2: The Covenant have a better tactical composition

By virtue of being composed of many different species with each their unique traits, the Covenant show a diversity that is practically impossible to match for the Kriegs, who are solely composed of humans. Hence, different, more unique, battle strategies can be operated with the Covenant than Kriegs. Add in a probable inexperience of the Krieg Death Korps in fighting aliens(referred to as Xenos in Warhammer 40k), while the Covenant have made a several-year long genocidal war against humans(these humans being more advanced technologically than the Kriegs, referring to argument 1), and get a clear tactical advantage for the Covenant.

Argument 3: Numbers

When this debate started interesting me, and I researched the Kriegs to find plausible opponents, one major problem struck me: the Death Korps in their totality have probably millions of units operating under them. A single regiment was ambushed, lost 1800 men, and still seemed to have enough men to raid other objectives and conquer them. And since there are over a hundred-ish regiments, it's safe to say the Death Korps count in the millions. Well, the Covenant too. They are in control of several star systems(or solar systems if you prefer), with each multiple planets inhabited by them. The Kriegs near total population live to fight. The same can be said about the Covenant. The Unggoy themselves forming a big chunk of the army, and seeing the speed at which they procreate, the Covenant has more than enough cannon fodder to deal with most of the Kriegs, while the other races can take care of what's left.

Debate Round No. 3


EmperorDao forfeited this round.


Well. I extend all arguments. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Blade0886 2 years ago
So, I believe the second round should only be for introducing forces, and the next round to confronting them.
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