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Death Penalty

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Started: 3/6/2016 Category: Politics
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I am definitely against the death penalty, it's barbaric and inhumane.

First off, lets say there is a scenario where someone is completely guilty of first degree murder. Would killing this person make us look any better than they do? What are we demonstrating to our children, that it's okay to take the life of another human being because they did something bad?

It is understandable that the threat of the death penalty is mostly in line to scare people into not attempting murder, but that threat clearly hasn't been enough considering that there has been a total of 28 executions in the United States in 2015.

Also, keep in mind that it is possible for someone to be framed for murder. I'm sure at least one of those 28 people executed last year was innocent. That makes US the murderers.

Putting people away for life is a better penalty. It actually punishes them more than just killing them would. It gives them plenty of time to regret what they've done. Sure, it costs tax dollars to put these criminals away, but it also costs money to legally put someone to death. I must also add that when people play this card, they're acting as if money is more important than the life of another human being.

I must also add that most of these people who committed murder have severe mental problems. Should we kill them because of this? No. These people need help. and lots of it. I hope that I have proved that the death penalty should be outlawed, as it is stooping to the killer's level, and in some cases, murder.


i have the one who accept the death penalty
First, the oppositon say that it's barbaric and inhumance. the status quo now in same place like in China and another country who have killing their self because they dont responbility with their proffesion like to do corruption and waste many for goverment. the murder dont have the value of humanity. it proof that they have steal and blame their proffesion make the society have damage. when many people dont know their immortal criminal they will enjoy the money to their self needed.
Second, if they have putting people away for live isnt a better penalty. if they have set free from the jail they can do the same thing. because we have let them and they think that they will get free and they can do the same criminal again. it'snt a clear to do and unfair for our society, money is for citiziens people its important to creat economic,and other perspective from the comunity life.
Debate Round No. 1


It was slightly difficult to understand my opponent's point. Yes, China does use the death penalty. They seem to love it too much. We are not in China however, we are in America. And my point still stands. Killing people for murder is just stooping to their level. It doesn't make us much different than them. Also, as I pointed out in my last argument, at least one of the people executed each year could be innocent. Imagine if you were in that situation, being found guilty for murder and sentenced to death even though you're innocent. Yet my opponent still supports the death penalty.

Also, when someone is sentenced to jail for murder, there is absolutely no chance of bail or parole. That rule is set in place so that the murderer can't get out, then kill again. I also find it kind of funny how taxpayers flip out about a murderer getting a lifetime jail sentence, but they never bat an eye to the hundreds of drug dealers that are put away every year.

I must also point out that I am scared. Scared that one day I might be framed for murder, found guilty, and sentenced to death. Since the death penalty is still enforced in the U.S, this could happen to anyone, even my opponent.


Yes,the rule of China has between the culture of them is verry different.
Some countries that retain the death penalty for murder and other violent crimes do not execute offenders for drug-related crimes. Countries that have statutory provisions for the death penalty for drug-related offences as of 2012 include:

People's Republic of China[114]
Republic of China[115]
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka*
United Arab Emirates
United States[116]
so,death penalty will do have considering the crimes it's murder or not in society is like genocide,corruption but for small criminal like steal or robber it will be better for in jail.
So, i have focused death penalty to do because they are verry dangerous in their society and make it damage to many people in their enviroment.
Death penalty is make the people want to do crime think about the consequence and dont want to do the crime. if we have strong law it will make our society will safe.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, the death penalty is there to make criminals not want to commit murder, but I would like to ask my opponent if they think that that empty threat is enough. Plenty of murderers in the U.S just think to themselves, "As long as I cover my tracks, I can't get caught." Regardless of whether or not the death penalty is threatened against them.

I would also like to repeat my point that someone found guilty could actually be innocent. Sentencing an innocent person to death is murder. If a killer is crafty enough, it can be relatively easy to frame someone.

And yes, all the countries that my opponent listed do execute people, but does that make it okay for us to do it? Sentencing a guilty person to a lifetime of jail with no chance of bail or parole is more humane than killing them.


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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3500 elo voting ? isn't is hard enough to get voters.
Posted by tejretics 2 years ago
I'd take this if you change the voting system to a "choose winner" point system.

To do that, go to "Advanced Voting Options," and change the "7 point system" to "choose winner." I'd also appreciate an Elo restriction on the voting (preferably 3500 and above).
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