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Death Penalty

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Started: 3/1/2011 Category: Politics
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The death penalty should be Illegal. The death penalty is wrong and immoral. According to "Against the Death Penalty" there are many different factors that play tribute to why the death penalty should be illegal. Firstly, a life sentence would save time and money as opposed to the death penalty. Secondly, many people believe the death penalty is used as a deterrent, as in we have to make crime rates go down. The truth is, crime rates have not gone down. The United States has a higher crime rate than many other countries. Nothing bad can come from sending someone to life in prison. It keeps crime off the streets and it is a lot more moral than the death penalty. We live in a country where killing is wrong, yet we kill people on death row. It is almost as if we are hypocrites. We do not live in a country where we live by an eye for an eye. We live in a country where we have the right to life, and that should not be taken away from us, no matter what the circumstance.


You have to remember that a convict takes up a space in a cell that could be used for someone else. He eats everyday, drinks everyday and does so for as long as he lives. For as long as he lives he needs someone to watch him, as a matter of fact a group of well trained guards. It is less time consuming and less expensive to just put him to death.

many other countries also use the death penalty, and perhaps some countries that kill more often have lower crime rates. Maybe we aren't killing enough.

Sending someone to life in prison is basically a very long death sentence. How is it more moral? And also, if it keeps crime off the streets then why doesn't the death penalty as well?

If I have an unrepentant murderer, who fully confesses and is found guilty by a court for a most heinous crime, then his right to life is void in my opinion since he will not show the same mercy to others.
Debate Round No. 1


Even though a convict takes up space, he/she would also take up space on death row. In fact there were three men in Alabama who spent an average of 23 years on death row, and in California many inmates spend up to 20 years on death row. These people are also looked after and fed everyday.

Even though many other countries use the death penalty, those countries have a very different society, way of life, and government than we do. We live in a place where people refer to us as "the land of the free." How is the death penalty making us land the land of the free?

Sending someone to life in prison is not a long death sentence. This is because we are not the cause of their death physically, if they die of old age in their cell it is not our fault. The death penalty is immoral because it is a person physically lethally injecting another person. A person spending their life in prison will die at some point, but their death will not be on the hands of another human being.



DrStrangeLuv forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I still stick to all my reasoning listed above.


DrStrangeLuv forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lgennarelli 7 years ago
Thank you, I am looking at it now.
Posted by steve4319 7 years ago
There debate here is filled with the usual collection of myths (some of which are challenged here ) Will add more here when/if these points are challenged.

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