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Death Penalty

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Started: 5/9/2011 Category: Politics
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Have you ever wonder if the death penalty is over rated, I have thought about it and I personally with millions of people out there think the death penalty is over rated and should be banned everywhere in the U.S. Not only is it over rated and barbaric but innocents were even excuted only to find out later down the line that they were really innocent. Taking chances our government does to put a murderer to death not only that the person could be innocent not only that some crimes aren't even worth spending allot of money to put one to death. Who are we to play God if were going about this the religion way, yea eye for an eye, cheek for a cheek, but why take revenge, and put more hurt into families lives not just victums but now its even worse that the families who were close to the person that did the crime to watch there child or nephew or who ever he or she is be killed. I am not saying its right to go out and kill no its not but kill the person who killed what is that teaching our youth that if us as a society chooses a fate of a man or woman to be put to death is ok then they learn that if we can get away with it then its easy to kill. If we kill someone who kills that makes us also murderers since we pay for the death penalty and vote for it. I think with the millions of people who agree think the death penalty is overrated, very expensive waste of money, just not a right thing to have if we want our youth after us to think its ok to choose someones fate by opening there eyes that hey he/she killed so lets kill them and it will be alright, also using the bible words for someone excuses to keep the death penalty going is not right.


I would like to start by wishing my opponent a good debate

Now for my first point I would like to say that the death penalty is not over rated or barbaric why should a family lose a innocent loved one and mourn the loss while a killer should continue living with a roof over their head and three meals a day. As for playing god we are not playing god just because you choose if a man/women of evil should live or die that is disposing of trash not playing god. Now about the part of what is it teaching the youth it teaches them that if their is a evil enough force death should be dealt people who kill their own countrymen/women for the pleasure or for jealousy or hatred do not deserve to live.
Debate Round No. 1


Starting off round 2 i would wish my oppenont good luck as well and its an honor to have this debate with my opponent.

"death penalty is not over rated or barbaric why should a family lose a innocent loved one and mourn the loss while a killer should continue living with a roof over their head and three meals a day"

our justic system is messed up, when you speak of "why should a family lose an innocent loved one and mourn the loss" what we as a society is that were quick to point fingers, so when i stated in the last round is why bring more hurt and pain in the air yea its sad that a killer has to kill an innocent the family is hurting tears are falling, pain is growing, but why put them to death and build up more pain for the other side of the family, he now not the murderer in the matter of the death penalty now hes the victim, and were the murderers everyone who keeps the death penalty alive. As for the 3 meals a day in our prisons in America we the people vote for all that, why do you think allot of people go back to prison or jail its like home, you get your showers, your meals, a roof over your head like you said. In other countries prisoners don't even get that they rot like in china cell mates are only allow 2 meals a day no showers and they get beat, and everything, china right now has the worse prisons in the world, other countries have worse prisons and justic systems then us. Other countries has the death penalty banned most of them, and even the countries who have the death penalty up rarely uses it. We just need harsher prisons, give people life with no porale or anything, if you do that they live but die slowly rotting. thats our justic system were to soft in our prisons, even boot camp for the marines are way more tough then our prisons, and justic system.
now getting back to the death penalty, the death penalty does violate the bill of rights, something society we as a people voted for, the "cruel and unusaul" clause in the bill of rights is violated in the bill of rights.
2) The financial cost to us tax payers of capital punishment cost several times more then keeping someone in prison.
3)We as a Society needs to pull away from the "Eye for an Eye" (revenge), if we ever want to advance in life and grow.
4)It does send the wrong message to not only our youth like i said: why kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong.
5)It is useless and that it doesn't bring the victim back to life.
allot of people that were up for the line of the death penalty more then half are innocent, some jury members if it involves putting someone to death will most likely push for the death penalty.
i not going to go to religious yet. the death penalty has any one ever heard of the saying two wrongs don't make a right, well what justic is there when someone is put to death by state there is no justic, last time i checked murder is murder, just because its under state jurisdiction to put a person in the death penalty for killing that doesn't erase the fact that the state just killed. So we ask ourselves did any of the leaders get put to death when we killed thousands and thousands of people by allowing us to bomb japan in WW2 all the innocent lives who died for no cause, had no reason to die, children, women, men that had nothing to do with the war, weres the justic to that. We do all the killing to protect our country but if you put a person on the death penalty just cause he killed, then we put millions of innocent lives on the death penalty that had no reason to die children, etc. even some of the people who are put on death role is innocent, eight people got put to death then later after they got the death bed were found innocent. when you speak of not being barbaric the death penalty is, how is it not? despit the revenge way. If you really think about it the death penalty is an excuse to get revenge on someone, and thats a barbaric way to think that revenge can solve many peoples problems in life. If people really wants to spend almost 2 million dollars just to put one man/woman to there death people we do not even know innocent or guilty then take that risk, its us as a society who gives the money to put innocent and guilty people on death role, they just convict them the day they do die. Have you ever seen the movie Green Mile its based on a true story, if you seen it when you watched it were you angry because an innocent man got put on the death penalty, who were the real victims of murdering, it was the guards the people who came an watched him die, the people who all payed millions to just put one man to death, they killed not him. Even if he was the killer end the end after his death were now the murderers.
Did God say it was ok to kill in any way God was all against that, I never read were it states in the bible that its ok to decide when someone dies. God only has that right, if we pick when someone should live or die thats an act of playing like we are divine like God. Last time i check i believe only one God exists (unless your a different religion everyone has there own believes so don't take any thing personal i apoligize if anything is personal just making my argument so forgive me in the end) Right before Jesus died he yelled out to his father in heaven "Forgive them father for they don't know what they do" and we do not know what we are doing, we do not understand why people kill, we do not stop and think what made him do it or ask questions. We all are murderers we all killed, becoming a murderer do not mean to go out and kill no we could think death wish people to death, I know in God eyes that consider murder so we ask for forgivness, so when death penalty is involve looks like there won't be a human left in our country, wishing people to death is like killing. Do we all get the death penalty then since murder can go for many different forms.

I now will like to wish my opponent good luck before i end my turn.


I would like to start this second round by saying that a family's pain is not what is wanted when a murderer is exacted it is the fact that they are to dangerous to keep alive because even if the man/women is thrown in jail for the rest of their life with no bail they could escape and take revenge.

Another point I would like to make is that why spend money making harsher prisons that people will kill themselves in or die trying to escape from when we could just do the humane thing and kill them why make them suffer and die why not take out the middle man and just kill them I mean a firing squad is more humane then that

now for your last three points 2 keeping them in prison cost less that is simple don't leathery inject them bring them outside and take one bullet then put it in their skull. point 3 we need to pull away from an eye for an eye the idea is not an eye for an eye it is this person is not right mentally or is just to dangerous to keep alive we need to deal with him in a way that he can not comeback from point 4 sending the wrong message to the youth it is bad to kill people so you kill killers that is not the idea the idea is the wicked will be punished point 5 it is useless and dose not make the victim come back to life we know that but this is to teach people if you do this you will die we will kill you barbaric or not.
Debate Round No. 2


I first would like to wish my opponent on his up coming round

I would start off by not being disrespectful just a question to you: When you Join the militiary if you join the Army or Marines you go to war and whats a war killing, and who is killing one another people, taking innocent lives away from there families, it still makes you a murderer no matter what the situation is you still killed someone else, war or no war, killing is killing, you pull a trigger, decide if a man/woman dies your killing no matter the cercumstances.

for your other point about the humane part, is that really humane to do, just because someones revengeful heart, your christian right believe in the christian way, well i do to but i not catholic nor christianity i have my own belief i do believe there is a God and Jesus Christ. I read something allot of the speech and laws in the King James Holy Bible, but when Jesus was crusified on the cross (Death Penalty) another word for it, Jesus looked up in the heavens Killed by his own people, looked out and yelled "Father forgive them for they don't know what they do" meaning what if he at that moment was saying that it was not his time to die. All the hate people gave him, the spitting in the face, did Jesus want REVENGE on his own people WE THAT CHOOSE TO PUT HIM TO DEATH. NO HE FORGAVE US ALL. You know why God forsaken Jesus because the blood we put on jesus of our evil sins, of our murderest thoughts and our lies, and our hate towards one another all that was washed upon Jesus Christ thats why God his own father my father forsaken him. Everyone thinks because if one person kills then we need to kill, i going to take you to the Ten Commandments:
in GOD's law Exodus 20:13 thou shalt not kill. right there what does that tell you, no matter who you are no matter right or wrong thou shalt not kill. there no saying that says thou shalt only kill if one kills. Even Jesus Christ son of God says in ST. Mathews 5:21: "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the Judgment" meaning no matter who you are no matter if your killing for justice or fun or a reason, no matter what innocents you have to kill, your still a murderer in God's eye's, then we people use the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and add somethign new life for an life all that means REVENGE, i never seen life for an life in the bible.
Definition of Revenge:
re�venge (r-vnj)
tr.v. re�venged, re�veng�ing, re�veng�es
1. To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult).
2. To seek or take vengeance for (oneself or another person); avenge.
1. The act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation.
2. Something done in vengeance; a retaliatory measure.
3. A desire for revenge; spite or vindictiveness.
4. An opportunity to retaliate, as by a return sports match after a defeat

I dont see how it was fair for Jesus to be convicted to death (death Penalty) by our own people and not have revenge or anything on the mind while being put to death. I know why Forgiveness, Pure at heart and soul.

i bet if anyone really thought about it, christians and anyone while watching someone being executed for wrong even right, if they would remember what Jesus went through they would be sad and not know what they done or have done to someone who also has a family all just because one person couldnt have a pure heart and forgive all because he wanted the person to suffer the way they did (revenge: eye for an eye, Ect). The convicted wasnt the murderer only the victim of someones hate, his revenge, a families revenge, he was now being kill by new murderers in Gods eye's thats the people who convicted him to Death.

as for your last point scratch that you killed his body not his soul the soul lives on forever and the thought lives on forever after execution of someone. It will never end, no matter what you will still be suffering so like i said its waste of time and money.

I have a son, someone asked me yesterday if my son was kidnapped and killed what justice would i want to see happen? the honest truth, i would honestly not wish the killer to be put to death, who am I to say when someone die's, and no matter what death or not it will still hurt me everyday. Only God can pass judgement to someone, I not going to be a murderer in Gods eye's not the people who says oh its ok he deserves it. NO the people is not wat is going to get me anywhere with peace nor is revenge; everyone for the Death Penalty can be murderers kill the kill its all the same, I not a murderer and not gonna have revenge on someone, God raised me and told me to be better and not lower myself to them to make them feel glorify that putting them to death just made us the person. Killing is wrong no matter how you do it, or no matter what the situation is. God and Jesus told us that all,

Thou shalt not kill.


american5 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Aceviper2011 7 years ago
hey when i was talking about america i wasnt talking bad just making my point so dont be mad ok cause i also am going to join the military after i graduate this may.
Posted by baggins 7 years ago
You have not defined 'act of war' and 'act of terrorism'. Agree with you in principle though.
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Reasons for voting decision: Two reasons Im only giving conduct vote: 1) Forfeit. 2) Pros arguments had no warrants or sources.
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