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Death penalty: 100% Guilty

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: Society
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I was having a heated discussion tonight with classmates of mine over our opinions on capital punishment. I believe, that if a criminal is without a doubt 100% guilty, (the example we used is a someone caught raping or murdering a child - one of the most disgusting examples we could come up with) they should be put to death. Basically my point was, it should depend on the situation. In a case like this, where there's no doubt whether or not he committed this awful crime, he should be sentenced to death. The most popular arguments from my classmates were arguments such as "Two wrongs don't make a right" and "They obviously need mental help, it's not their fault." Both of which I find absolutely ridiculous. So I asked, "Well, what if it was your child. Or sibling. Or niece or nephew?" To which they all said, "That's different. I'd kill him myself." I guess they're forgetting, that little boy down the street who was raped and murdered IS someone's child. Why don't those parents have a right to see their baby boy's murderer put to death? I'd like to hear what others have to say about this. Again, I'm saying I believe the death penalty should be an option depending on the circumstances. If a criminal of this nature is undeniably guilty, he should be put to death.


I accept your challenge.

1st round acceptence
2nd round arguments
3rd round rebuttal
Debate Round No. 1


JmieMarie forfeited this round.


In this round I will lay down my major arguments.

The Death Penalty is not reasonable punishment because:
  1. If he/she is not guilty, there is no way of reversing that. 144 men and women have been released from death row nationally.

  1. It costs too much to execute someone, then it is to keep hem in prison.

  1. 139 nations worldwide have abandoned capital punishment in law or in practice. The US is one of the last nations to advocate this punishment.

  1. If the person in trial cannot afford good legal representation, he may be ruled guilty and executed, due to being too poor to afford representation.

  1. In 1990 a report from the General Accounting Office concluded that "in 82 percent of the studies [reviewed], race of the victim was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty, i.e. those who murdered whites were more likely to be sentenced to death than those who murdered blacks."

  1. There are alternatives to the Death Penalty, such as life in prison without parole.

  1. The death penalty cannot be limited to the worst cases. It has been used in other occasions where it wasn't justified.

  1. Even the guilty have a right to life. Everyone has to have a second chance. There are numerous occasions where terrible people who committed horrific crimes bettered themselves in prisons and came out as new people.

  1. Is not a deterrent; crime rates have not gone down. In fact, the murder rate in the US is 6 times that of Britain and 5 times that of Australia. Neither country has the Death Penalty. Texas has twice the murder rate of Wisconsin, a state that doesn't have the Death Penalty.

  1. Religious and moral values tell us Killing is wrong. Many religions including Catholicism are against the Death Penalty.

Debate Round No. 2


JmieMarie forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited, I extend my argument.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JmieMarie 7 years ago
Yes I'm sorry, to clarify, I'm referring to capital crimes, such as murder.
Posted by whiteflame 7 years ago
Please clarify something. When you say "100% guilty," you are referring solely to capital crimes, correct? I shouldn't assume that you're advocating to put a thief to death if we're sure they're guilt, right?
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