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Started: 10/2/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro released another new update that includes user page customization, redesigned Debting, new Debates and Communtiies views, redesigned profile, new closed Debate functionality and Debate status.

DebateIsland is troll free and you can block trolls.
DebateIsland is actively developed and has other updates coming out soon with amazing functionality! After all, it is actively developed unlike DDO. That's why I switched there.

The DebateIsland community is very civil and the founder is extremely active, so is the customer service.
A lot of other users from competitor websites and forums have switched to DebateIsland.
I was an user, but have switched to is a modern casual debate website with great functionality and design. The website is making a formal format of Debating in addition to their current casual format. The page speeds are great... it's built for the modern web. The community is civil. Finally, the founder is extremely friendly and cares about the users. He also personally reached out to all users, that's not happened before on other sites like DDO.
The casual Debating is great and users can get input from the whole whole community

with a great design and amazing functionality there as well. It is extremely civil, with amazing moderation and computerized spam filter.


You did not specify any rules regarding how to go about the first round so I will assume I can post an argument here. Debate Island is new, it lacks functionality. You can start debates there and anyone can contribute to those debates, but they can not end. There are some debates there that have been going on for literally months with no resolution. The debates on Debate Island are the equivalent to a YouTube comment section. A dozen different people trying to get their word in at once, and dozen others trying to refute each others claims at random. It ends up being this messy string of comments where you have to literally read through pages of text just so you can be caught up on where everyone stands on the debate.
"Debate Island is actively developed and has other updates coming out soon with amazing functionality! After all, it is actively developed unlike DDO. " The reason why DDO isn't actively developed is because it doesn't need to be. It's great the way it is. Debate Island needs to be actively developed because it's new. It is greatly lacking in functionality. You attempted to praise Debate Island for its profile customization. I find that makes no sense whatsoever. The only things you can change about your profile is your avatar, signature, and profile banner. That's it. That is not very innovative or praise worthy. Profile customization there is so bare bones. DDO has a vastly more advanced profile customization than DI. Here you can put what religion you are, what occupation you have, how you stand on certain issues in politics, etc. etc. etc.
" is a modern casual debate website with great functionality and design." Double wrong. Well, depending on what your definition of modern is. DDO has far superior functionality and design. DI's design is the equivalent to the design of a skype call. DDO has it's own unique design that's both simple and aesthetically pleasing. DI is just simple and that's it. For functionality, what functionality can you possibly be referring to? In DI you can create a debate, people can comment on it, and that's basically it. You can make persuade me debates there where it's the exact same thing as a normal debate except there's a tag by the title that says "Persuade Me" In DDO you can post polls people can vote on in which people can also post why they voted the way they did. People can also vote on who they believe won debates with their descriptions of why. There are literal forums here where people can have casual discussions. Debates are separated into categories unlike DI where all debates are just randomly thrown on the front page.
"It is extremely civil" Hah. That's a laugh. There are toxic individuals in every site and DI is absolutely no exception. With the amount of radical Christians who believe atheists don't even exist to the sheer amount of flat Earthers and conspiracy theorists over there it is no where near "extremely civil". I will need you to elaborate on what you mean by "amazing moderation", "amazing functionality" and, "great design".
Debate Round No. 1


You can customize your Debate layout, etc. Also, you may not have privacy on, while DebateIsland does give you privacy.


"You can customize your debate layout, etc." That's the function that makes that site worth using? The fact that you can change the way debates look? Are you even trying? That function has nothing to do with the main purpose of both websites, which is debating. Can you state a single feature of DI that is superior to DDO that directly relates to debating?
"DDO may not have privacy while DI does" Please elaborate. The only information you have to give both websites that matters is your e-mail and IP address. Everything else is optional.
Debate Round No. 2


DebateIsland is actively developed, mobile friendly, has more Debating formats such as Persaude me, more civil community, etc.


You never addressed any of my points in this debate. Both sites are mobile friendly, except DI takes forever and a year to traverse the debates with a phone. DI only has 2 debating formats. I have already stated that DI has an abundant amount of toxic individuals.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DawnBringerRiven 1 year ago
I certainly don't miss being straw manned to the moon and back.
Posted by SilverishGoldNova 1 year ago
Hi Dawn. I kinda miss the time where instead of leaving biased votes that slip through the cracks you left fallacious arguments in our FE threads.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 2 years ago
@Debating_Horse nice profile picture of Ben Shapiro.
Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
The format of debating something does not work well. Such as voting "who won?"
Posted by Perussi 2 years ago
So, uh, you are advertising your site by using another debating site?
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Vote Placed by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't even try. Con points out that debates never end, making it messy (an example is Erfisflat's first flat earth debate, which went on for weeks). That was dropped/ignored by Pro. Con also points out the lack of customization, which Pro drops. Pro just wastes everyone's time by restating points which Con refutes multiple times and doesn't even DEBATE. I'll put a conduct point for Con since Pro doesn't even try to engage in any discussion. No one used sources, so that's tied.

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