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Started: 9/2/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro has released a new update with the new "Persuade Me" debate format in addition to their casual debate format. They also added "Communities", "Mute", and more functionalities. DebateIsland is troll free and you can block trolls.
DebateIsland is actively developed and has other updates coming out soon with amazing functionality! After all, it is actively developed unlike DDO. That's why I switched there.
They also released obtuse funcrionalites with their latest release and have another release coming soon. DDO now has some competition.
The DebateIsland community is very civil and the founder is extremely active, so is the customer service.
A lot of other users from competitor websites and forums have switched to DebateIsland.
I was an user, but have switched to is a modern casual debate website with great functionality and design. The website is making a formal format of Debating in addition to their current casual format. The page speeds are great... it's built for the modern web. The community is civil. Finally, the founder is extremely friendly and cares about the users. He also personally reached out to all users, that's not happened before on other sites like DDO.
The casual Debating is great and users can get input from the whole whole community

with a great design and amazing functionality there as well. It is extremely civil, with amazing moderation and computerized spam filter.


I. Intro

The DDO community is a developed site with a thriving community of intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals who gather to discuss and debate hot-button issues. It will be a challenge for Pro to prove that Debate Island is even comparable, let alone better, considering the issues with it.

II. New Functions

Pro discusses the new functions on Debate Island. The mute function is nearly identical to DDO's block function. Communities are a less functional version of DDO forums. The main issue at hand is the new debate format "Persuade Me" and how that stacks up. I made a Debate Island account for the purpose of understanding the new functions. Neither of them seem to be different from the other, and neither of them seem to provide an actual debate experience. At best it's a cross between the "Opinions" and "Forums" sections of DDO. This is nothing like an actual debate. Though both can lead to intelligent discourse, they do not provide an actual debate experience. Therefore, the option for structured debate proves that DDO is still the superior website. Furthermore, everything after...

" has released a new update with the new "Persuade Me" debate format in addition to their casual debate format. They also added "Communities", "Mute", and more functions. DebateIsland is troll free and you can block trolls."

... is irrelevant for the purposes of this debate. The resolution, though poorly structured, implies that we are debating the new debate functions (as well as mute and communities) and how they compare to DDO's equivalent, or lack thereof. Therefore, existing functions and aspects are to be ignored. If Pro is able to effectively argue why the rest of his case is topical, I will disprove that in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


The Communities functionality is not anything like DDO Forums. It is more of a category functionality like Reddit. Also, DDO has many bugs and is not up for days at times. The Mute functionality is much more developed than DDO's functionality due to its extensibility.


I. Intro

I'd like to start by letting everyone know that I will reserve the right to make new arguments in the final round, due to the nature of my opponent's arguments. If he doesn't substantiate them, I can't attack them. Since he hasn't done so yet, I have to wait for the next round for him to do so, and if he waits until then, the only way I can attack them is to do so in the final round.

II. Drops

My opponent dropped two key arguments. I proved that there is no distinguishable difference between the previous debate format and the new one, and neither of them are even debate. This has gone uncontested. Therefore, I win this argument.

The other is that the rest of his case following the first two sentences is irrelevant. Also uncontested, I win this argument.

By dropping the above, Pro has seriously limited the scope of the debate. I believe it is effectively over, as the ability to conduct a debate is the primary focus of a debate site, and the new debate functions are therefore the most important agument in the round. Since I've already won this point, I believe I have won the debate. However, just to shore things up a bit, I will address the following two issues.

III. Communities

Pro argues that the communities are far different than the DDO forums. Essentially, the OP posts, and you can comment on the post. There is also an option to include a poll. This is no material difference between the DDO forums/polls and Communities. I actually think that the DDO forums allows for a more productive discussion to emerge, as it allows for a more inclusive conversation.

IV. Mute

Pro argues that the mute button is more useful than "Block" is on DDO but has failed to give any reasons why. Until he does so, this argument holds no weight.
Debate Round No. 2


You have not won the argument. DebateIsland Debating solves the issue of abandoned Debates and no civil debates. Communities are not like DDO Forums and I'm not sure why you are comparing them. Communities are similar to Reddit subredits, acting as groups or categories for DebateIsland. The Mute functionality is better due to its greater functionality and extensibility.


I. Intro

I have won every point in this debate, and I will go down the flow to prove to the voters why.

II. Debating

I proved that the new "debate" function is 1. No different than the old one and 2. Not even a debate. Considering it's a debate site, this is the top priority in assesing whether the "new features" are better than the comparable features on DDO. I should win the debate on this basis alone.

III. Other Issues

I proved that "Communities" are actually worse than the DDO forums, since it does not allow for the same flow of dicsussion. TrumpSupporter claims the opposite, but gave no warrant. He also said that "Mute" is more extensive than "Block" but I asked him how, and he didn't give a warrant once again.

IV. Voting Issues

I won that there really isn't even a debate function on DebateIsland, which is a debate site. If a debate site doesn't have the option to conduct a formal debate, it's not even accomplishing its goal, and any ancillary benefits should be disregarded. Despite this, I addressed the other issues, "Communities" and "Mute" which TrumpSupporter touted as great new functions on DebateIsland. I turned "Communities" as they stifle a free-flowing discussion in a way DDO forums do not. Mute was allegedly better than DDO's "Block" function, but Pro gave no warrant, so this can be assumed to be a moot point at best.

V. Conclusion

I have clearly won or negated every point in this round. If TrumpSupporter's arguments are any indication, it's no wonder that DebateIsland is not a flourishing site. The arguments lack both substance and structure, much like the site itself. I can see no vote except one in negation of the resolution. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: levi_smiles// Mod action: Removed<

4 points to Con (Conduct, Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Fairly simple decision. BoP on Pro but Pro's argument amounts to serial declaration lacking substantiation on any point. Even Pro's thesis was merely implied. Con did his job by pointing out Pro's lack of evidence and failure to engage. Conduct to Con for Pro's misuse of the debate as advertisement without at least dignifying the arena with a little back & forth.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) Arguments are insufficiently explained. The voter is required to either specifically assess arguments made by both debaters, or explain why one side had the BoP and did not meet it. If you do the latter (as this voter appears to have done), then it must be explained why that side had the BoP and what that BoP requires of them. Neither of those things are evident in this RFD, nor is there any specific assessment of Con"s arguments. (2) Conduct is insufficiently explained. While the voter may be correct that one of the debaters used this as an opportunity to advertise rather than engage in debate, that is not sufficient reason to award conduct. Unless one of the debaters is insulting, violates a clear set of rules, or forfeits a round, conduct may not be awarded.
Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
Thanks! I made a new profile there friend!
Posted by What50 2 years ago
Troll free?
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