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Defending Hitler cont.

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Started: 2/7/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Continuing from where we left of.

I said, In this round, we will be laying out the foundations of our main arguments in Round 2. Then we'll save the rebuttals for rounds 3-4. If warranted, we can continue in the comments.

The main points about the defence of Hitler(in order of importance) that I want to highlight include:

-Current Propaganda
-The Socio-Economic Struggles of Pre-Nazi Germany
-How he managed his Propaganda and PR
-Hitler was an Innovator
-The World after Hitler

In terms of current propaganda, we are all aware that victors get to rewrite History, and that is evident in Hitler's case. Most uneducated, ignorant people believe he was an evil monster, especially if American media outlets tell them so. Hitler had a motive and deep passion in life, and that clearly makes him human...

In depth, after suffering a heavy financial loss in WW1, Germany suffered a Depression much like the Great US Depression, inflation rose and unemployment soured. Germany was 10 * worse off than Greece is today. Hitler had the balls to take this burden on himself and implement a strategy for a better, more socio-economically balanced country. Some may view what he did as ethnic cleansing, but Hitler saw it as an opportunity to redistribute wealth and gain a huge public backing...

In other words, he was a master strategist who took advantage of his sheeples hatred towards Jews, and used it to gain their support. And that is what a leader needs, support and a following.

Furthermore, Hitler was no maniacal idiot, he himself was a decorated soldier, and he was highly educated, unlike his haters. Being heavily invested in Hinduism, he sort to bring tradition and culture back in to the forefront. Moreover, he literally developed and built the first motorway system, so pray tell me how you'd get around without that, Heyy?!?!

Moreover, without Hitler, modern science would be nothing, Hitler took advantage of his murderous tendencies, and used his prisoners as scientific experiments for the betterment of the future. Yes Hitler is the reason you have survived many diseases, viruses and infections.

Lastly, if Hitler won WW2, there would be now US/UK-RUSSIA-AL QAEDA/ISIS BEEF, OK, so relax. Hitler would not care if you didn't get more than 10 likes on Insta, OKAY, he would have made sure you contributed to the wellbeing of a nation better any leader has done since god knows.


I completely agree that history is written by winners. Hitler had proven himself a genious on multiple instances in various fields, which in hindsight is perhaps his worst aspect but I'll get to that later. This is a bit odd but I will start with the proof of his genious, as he made several revolutionary ideas.

The Volkswagen [1]
This was a car built for the masses, made to drive on any terrain, he went as far as providing even the original sketches for what he thought it should look like.

The Blow Up Doll [2]
albeit debatable he definetely had a hand in this, infact the Borghild project focused on making an extremely realistic one.

Great scientific weapons (near plague invented) [3]
Hitler led Germany to massive scientific funding, so much so that the U.S. felt the need to bring over Nazi scientists at the conclusion of the war. In fact there were scientific applications in many fields, He of course funded the V-2 Rocket which was the first long-range guided ballistic missile. [4]

Now you might be wondering what these advances have in common, simply put he made them all first in foremost to help his war effort. By any measure he was one of the most intelligent leaders of any country in the history of mankind, despite all this potential he chose to be an agent of chaos.

Now when you're looked for a blurred motive you have to look at the result of his actions to find the motive, which we agree it's blurred, seeing as history is written by winners.

World War Two was very winnable for Germany at one point in time. Hitler had a choice before him of what to do with the jews and the gypsies. He chose to round them up and enslave them, now if he wanted the third reich to thrive he would surely have them labor. While the war was being lost, he chose to speed up the process of the elimination which was extremely counterproductive. If he believed it had to be done for the third reich to thrive then he should have had them work and liquidate them after. Now in the case of Hitler, it would be extremely neglegient to say he made this choice out of well neglegiance. If you look at his own advertised propoganda along with his decision to liduidate the jews and the gypsies, which halted labor immensily at this also took alot of manhours. It is clear he didn't believe in what he was promoting, the motive now clear from the outcome was to leave Germany and as much of europe as possible in ruins.

This is very well explained by Jordan peterson who is a clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. [5]


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Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago
Sh1t i forgot to post l, il remake this when I get time g, dw
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