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Democracy Is A Good Political System

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Started: 7/28/2018 Category: Politics
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Here"s to a good debate.


According to Borgen magazine, There are 123 democracies out of the total 192 countries in the world [1]. That's a healthy 64%. There's a reason that this many countries have chosen to be democratic. Generally, Because it works. People usually like to be free and be in control of their own lives, And so a democracy is the perfect government for this purpose; it still governs their lives and provides order, And yet they -the people- get to decide what the government and order is based on popular opinion.

Occasionally democracies will be corrupted, But this isn't true democracy, And so you can not attack these cases. And yes, You can make an argument that true communism hasn't yet happened, But I don't think it's a coincidence that every communist nation goes to shjt unless they start adopting capitalist practices (thanks to democracy).

1. Http://www. Borgenmagazine. Com/many-democratic-nations/
Debate Round No. 1


Well, Here's the thing. Democracies suck. Most end up as a dictatorship. The thing with democracy is that 100% of power is vested in the majority. This means that there isn't anything they can't do. They can even do whatever (kill, Burn, Torture, Etc. ) they want to the minority. That's the problem. The tyranny of the majority. It's literally a king, Except the king is many people. However, America isn't a democracy. We are a REPUBLIC. In a republic, There are checks and balances. Everyone, Including the majority, Is held accountable for their actions. They can't just do whatever they want. There are guidelines and rules even the majority can't even break. There are documents like the constitution and bill of rights to make sure that the majority doesn't get too out of control. To make it simpler,

Democracy = Majority can do whatever they want
Republic = Majority can do what they want, But not to the extreme the majorities in democracies can.


While tyranny of the majority can be a problem with democracies, Generally the majority opinion is the correct or more ethical opinion. I'm not saying the minority is always wrong, But generally more people will agree with what is good than what is bad.

However, Even if they trample on the minority's rights (which again rarely happens), At least he majority of people will be happy.

While republics are honestly the better way to, I don't think democracies suck. They are definitely on the good side of the scale as far as governments go. The bad side would be evil dictatorships and monarchies. But democracies, While imperfect, Are still a lot better than the shjt people have to put up under dictators.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, The majority could be correct. But it depends how much bigger the majority is. Yeah, The majority of the people will be happy, But that doesn't change the fact that democracy is a very oppressive form of government, To anyone who isn't part/supports the minority. This is literally totalitarianism, Except only for the minority. Just because there are worse systems of government, Doesn't make democracy a better system. For instance, Robbing a bank. Sure, There are things that are worse (murder, Bombing, Rape, Etc. ), But that doesn't make/justify robbing a bank better.


Your points are fair enough, But i don't think they prove democracy sucks that much. Democracies are beneficial because:

1. If there's a bad leader who bashes human rights, And the minority group approves of this (example: a U. S. President institutes Jim Crow, And some Southeners like this), The majority opinion can throw him out of office. Minority will get no say, But in a republic they will.

2. One person gets one vote. Fair enough.

You are arguing on the basis that Democracies always will oppress the minorities. While a tyrannical majority is defeinitely possible, It isn't at all inherent of a democracy. Therefore I don't think it's right to insult democracy because of something it's not even responsible for. Blame the @ss hole majority, But not the system of government.

A dictatorship can theoretically be good. If you have Jesus or Ghandi or some very nice dictator, Than yeah, Everything can be great. Therefore, Democracies can be great too, It just depends on they type of people within.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by logicalcat181 3 years ago
I can't believe you.
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