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Democracy is bad to a certain extent

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Started: 8/13/2019 Category: Politics
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So we live in a society which is turning people delusional, Slowly but surely. People are being born and being thought that it is ok to like same sex which is just mainstreaming delusion.

These type of people are allowed to vote in major elections. The same people who like same sex and think that everybody else must call them by the correct pronoun of choice. Even laws have been put in place to impeach freedom of speech and force people to call others based on what that person wants to be called.

Eventually we are going to get to a stage where these type of people are majority of the population. And that is where the world as we know it starts to crumble.

Democracy is going to be the death of the world, We need some sort of system in which people must be qualified to vote and have a certain iq at very least.


Who is it that will decide who does and does not vote, What basis will that be done on, And how will you ascertain those are the correct and most beneficial criteria?
Debate Round No. 1


Well that is the issue, My point was democracy is bad in which everybody over the required age can vote.

It should be narrowed down in some sort of system in which the people are educated on politics and know the pros and cons of each candidate. They should be the only people allowed to vote. It is absolutely insane that drug addicts above the required age can vote.


Ok, So first it was no people who had sexual preferences you don't like, But it's OK for people above a certain IQ (Don't tell me, You're one of those, Right? )

Then it was no people who use drugs, But it's OK if you're sufficiently educated in politics (Because, Some, How, Those two groups must be mutually exclusive, Right? But in any case, You still qualify).

It is impossible to debat an unformed, Sill, Self servig idea, Which changes as the breeze blows.

This is clearly a case that you don't like the fact that people you don't agree with get to have a say.

Sorry, That's life.

BTW, My IQ tests in the 120s and I take a keen interest in politics.

My vote is for universal sufferage.
Debate Round No. 2


You are not getting my point. I am saying democracy is bad because delusional people can vote.

People who are on drugs and so on.

I don't have to narrow my point down to one set of people for the debate.

I am not saying i do not like people who like same sex, I am simply saying they are delusional and need help.

I'm not sure what you didn't get about my point, I said democracy is bad, And gave two different reasons why and you say that i should not have more than one reason? .

If your iq is in the 120's like myself, I regret saying people should have a certain iq as iq clearly does not show political intelligence.


In my opinion anyone who thinks being attracted to the same sex makes someone delusional is themselves delusional and should therefore not be allowed to vote.

They must also have very little political insight and are demonstrating low intelligence and are probably on drugs.

See how that works?

You seek to marginalize groups because of your own prejudices, Well so can I.

And thus we have conflictong views. How to solve this?

Perhaps a system where all stake-holders get to participate, Be representet, And vote.

Now what would be a good name for such a system?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sully221 1 week ago
I am not a conservative firstly.

I know there are many other ways to go about this argument but it was just in the moment i decided to pick members of the lgbt community.

Also i do not see how you think my statement on gays is "plain stupid".

I did not ask who the greatest geniuses in history were.
Posted by CraneTechnique 1 week ago
It's too bad the title of this debate is irrefutably true, Because your actual arguments are all just plain retarded. I would take this debate in a heartbeat if I didn't agree with the basic premise that democracy is bad "to a certain extent". Your claim that being attracted to the same sex is wrong is totally arbitrary and it's just plain stupid that this is your main argument because there are so many better angles to go about it with.
You also say that only people with a sufficient IQ should be allowed to vote, But there are plenty of dumb asses who agree with you and your conservative beliefs. The greatest geniuses in history are all socialists such as Einstein and Tesla, So there's that as well.
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