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Democrat supporters are trying to overthrow the election

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Started: 12/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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As the electoral votes are tallied a meeting made up of democrat/Hillary supporters have this conference in New Hampshire projecting an image of mainly older women shaking there finger at trump and his supporters then trying to change the previously established system to the now popular vote being more important than the electoral. Funny thing is this is the same party that said pre election that even if trump won the popular vote the electoral voting process is our system and we should honor it. I have no problem with changing the system but I will and do not support its change just because they lost. For better or worse the system chose our president and that in itself should show the destabilizing for another Clinton resigm. Sorry ladies she didn't win but when it was fairly obvious the democrat that was to beat elect trump was Bernie sanders not lying Hillary and you still try to ram in another Clinton/Obama government, don't be upset that the right and now obviously a good portion of the left and even former Obama supporters had grown tired enough to vote trump should be enough for these people to realize that just because it's there idea of the dream government doesn't necessarily mean it's everyone's. trump was elected purely because he was a real change (at least at face value) and people looked around and said wow socialism isn't helping us. I look forward to hearing people on this lol ty


I will uphold the statement as follows:

Democrat supporters are attempting to overthrow the election.

This in mind, I must show some evidence that at least some Democrat supporters want the election result changed, and thus, are attempting to overthrow said election. My burden is not to prove that every Democrat is trying to overthrow the election, only that some of them are.

On to arguments:

1) Vote Recounts

Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, after losing the election for good, was incredibly dissatified with the results. She then claimed that the votes were "succeptible to hacking" and demanded a recount in Wisconson, Michigan, Nevada, and Pensylvania (1). These states have the combined electoral votes of 52, enough to deny Donald Trump the Presidency. It's clear that Jill Stein at least attempted to overthrow the election by recounting the votes in these states.

2) Riots on Election Night

During Election Night, many riots broke out as a result of the electoral count being in favor of Donald Trump. There are many videos of said riots, flag burnings, and fights here (2).

3) Facebook posts

I, myself, being a supporter of Trump over Hillary, was attacked over Facebook by my own family members. To quote: "A special note to all the evangelical Trump-voting "values voters": I always knew you were full of s**t, and now everyone else does too." I hope that Con accepts this as it is, as I would rather not disclose who wrote this post.

It's clear that many Democrats are angry with the results of the eleciton, with America's choice for their next president, and have attempted to overthrow this election. Just look at these two angry electors that actually want the elecoral college to revolt against Donald Trump (3).

I await Con's response.

Debate Round No. 1


I absolutely agree with your statements and just to be clear bc
( 1) I do not identify with either party and
(2) when I post democrats I certainly do not mean to encapsulate the entire party and thus should have simply said "some/many democrats". I apologize for that.

However for anyone reading this I'm am going to post a video from, with that being said as well I'm not a huge fan of Alex Jones but anyone who is truly interested in a non-partial view or attempting to do their best in that category, I should say because its obvious that we all have influences in our lives from birth that cause to have opinions not plain observations and that's another part of the human condition but I digress, the reason I post this video is because I could not find the original video of the meeting in this video and however you may feel about Alex Jones this WAS news and I hope you too can ignore the commentary portion if possible.

Also I would like to say one more thing, if anyone truly believes that once inaugurated the world is going to flip one way or another I truly feel for you. The real issue is that the established exploiters that we call our government have a pecking order and the true reason for the borderline hatred and widely published anxiety is elect trump invaded their money making scheme and pecking order to which they find as a terrible insult/occurrence. Now that the trump family is elected, the revenue streams of our government will be redirected in many ways to that family and now should be looking to be absorbed into one of the handful of family bloodlines that govern. That will be the true task of the Donald.
So in conclusion, trump wont eat your family or nuke Mexico, he will continue to help the "government" funnel your working $ from your pockets to theirs. That's the true bottom line folks. With help from the sheep of America the media will continue to shove stories in the faces of us public telling us all what to believe is the important issues and then watch from atop laughing as they continue un-hindered bc behind the scenes the same families will continue to do the exact same things they have done which again monetary based and control based. Just imagine these families as a large board of directors and the American pubic as the workforce. That's what we truly are people. In a nutshell, we are the batteries that keep the dream machine called capitalism running.

"Greed is Good, Greed Works"- Wall Street 1987- M. Douglas (Actor)

Thx- B


I have a feeling that you may have choosen the wrong wording for the resolution, or the wrong side. From what I gather, your argument is that people should not attempt to overthrow the election. The Resolution is whether or nto Democrat supporters are trying to overthrow the election.

Your argument actually affirms my side, stating that these people are rioting, recounting, etc., doing what is nessesary to attempt to overthrow the election.

I completely agree with your argument because it affirms my case completely.

I feel no need for rebuttal, as I don't want to tear down an argument that benifits me.

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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Sheepz 2 years ago
Absolutely, I just believe even that's a smoke screen to the larger picture in a way. example being yes the repubs and dems both want control however behind the scenes those family bloodlines are not affected majorly unless a family like trumps for example, although with perceive as hugely rich and powerful are small potato's when it comes to the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan lines.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Coming up next - 4 years of lawsuits coming from Soros' goons. That is the next logical step in their process of trying to make Trump's presidency look as bad as possible. They are doing all of this to set up the next election cycle.
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