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Depression Should Be Illegal

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Started: 1/13/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Let us debate that depression should be illegal. Here is how it will work:

Round 1: Acceptance
Rounds 2/3: Debate

Here we go! Number 4!


Number four. Let's have at it.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay. Depression is when you have low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem are useless people who achieve nothing and are useless to society. Therefore, it is a good idea to kill off everyone with depression because that helps solve overpopulation and save the planet, before all the superior polar bears are gone.

Below are some statistics about depression:

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. 350m/7b=5%

So 1 in every 20 people suffer from depression. To put this into perspective, only 1 in 200 people are redheads, so depression is much more common than you think.

America is the 3rd most populated country in the world, currently at a population of about 324 million. So if we kill off all the depressed people in the world, it is equivalent of killing off everyone in America. That is a big solution to overpopulation and global warming, and polar bears will be happy.

Here is a picture of you:


Depression is not just low self esteem, it's a mental condition, and people should try to resolve their mental conditions, we should not kill people because they have a mental condition. people with low self esteem are not useless to society. Many great comedians have low self esteem, that's why they became comedians. Stand up comedy is a kind of mental therapy. Everybody has low self esteem at some point in their lives, we should not have to hide our emotions. When emotions are suppressed, and people only feel happiness, and the happiness is being forced, then that person is not happy.

Many people with depression have jobs, stupid, boring jobs, and that's why they're depressed. They're depressed because they're contributing to society. We should change society so people are less depressed. We should make life more fun. Then they wouldn't be depressed anymore. We should allow more pay, shorter work hours, more career diversity. We should make life better for them, not worse. What kind of sick monster ARE you?

You said that 350 million people suffer from depression. Killing them would be killing a lot of people. Then more people would be depressed about the people they killed. Sadness is a part of life. We cannot eliminate it. We can only turn our society into a smiling utopia by embracing sadness as a reality. To Hell with your polar bears. Polar bears are not affected by overpopulation, they're affected by CO2 emissions. We need to stop emitting CO2. Then polar bears would be fine. I'm sure some polar bear scientists have depression. And what about the penguins of the walruses? Do you care about them? Or just your stupid POLAR BEARS WE ARE NOT GOING TO COMMIT MASS GENOCIDE UPON ALL MINORITIES TO SAVE ONE ANIMAL

What do you think about grizzly bears? Do you hate them for the color of their fur?

That picture you gave is a striking likeness. Here's one of you.
Debate Round No. 2


Look. I hate grizzly bears because they are brown people. They are no different from African people. All grizzly bears do is play basketball and eat fried chicken.

350 million killed is a huge favor to the polar bears. Polar bears did nothing to deserve this evil, yet humans contribute to overpopulation and global warming. That is the population of the United States and Australia combined. Think about it: if the United States and Australia never existed, there would be much more polar bears in today's world.

People who are depressed are always paranoid and sad. Paranoid and sad people are always pessimists. Statistics have shown that pessimists fart too much, which is also bad for the environment.

Oh, and here is a picture of you, frankfurter50:


Oh, man, you really went off the hook there with those grizzly bears. I knew it would be something like that. You don't even know what you're saying, do you? You're a lost mind in a simple world. That's why I like debating with you, sir. I always win, because you continuously fail to provide any sources.

We are not going to kill 350 million people for the polar bears. It would be roughly the population of the United States and Australia. But if we killed that many people, the United States and Australia would have far less people and we would be worse off because we would have labor shortages, the people would rebel against their government for killing all the depressed people, and the like. There are cheaper, more humane, efficient ways to deal with global warming, like solar, wind, nuclear, and so on. We do not need to kill everybody to stop global warming. Humans are not the problem, the problem is how we produce energy. If you actually cared about global warming, it would be nice. But you don't you just use global warming as a way to express how you hate 95% of all the people on Earth.

Actually, though, we could kill all the white supremacists and hate groups. That would help.

I ask you, sir, in the comments, to give me just ONE source, one graph or chart which shows that global warming is brought about by the farts of pessimistic people. I doubt you'll be able to. Because that's not true.

You choose what we debate next, surprise me, send it out, I'll be waiting. In the meantime, here's another picture of you:
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Posted by barsic 2 years ago
Frank, you play drawception?
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
Nah, they'll suck.
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
This is more extreme than ISIS, but we'll see pro's arguments.
Posted by Maryam_mosawy 2 years ago
How in the world can depression be illegal, you can't force a human to change their emotions or think differently. You know what should be illegal?
Unequally treating people who come from different ethnicity.
Posted by Myphirak 2 years ago
How can you say that a human emotion should be considered illegal? That is top-tier tyranny if I've ever seen it.
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
True. So true.
Posted by MRAAJ 2 years ago
what a cnt, how can my man say a mental health problem should be illegal. This guys a fool, racist, sexist, everything-ist. Such a prik.
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