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Designer Babies

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Started: 3/10/2014 Category: Science
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Do you think that changing the way someone looks or how smart they are or how good of an athlete is would be something good for the world? I think that it is. They are called designer babies. Designer babies are babies that when they are still an egg, are changed in some way so that they have different characteristics. Designer babies are a very controversial issue. Some people think that it is wrong to change something about someone that is unnatural. But designer babies could save people. They could be the difference between life and death. Preimplantation genetic testing is a testing used to figure of if there is a defect with the baby when still in embryo. Designer babies are a very controversial topic. Some people think that it is wrong to change something about someone that is "unnatural". They think that it would lead to a superior race of people. With designer babies, you could make it so that the kid would be taller or prettier than the natural human, therefore creating something unnatural and superior than others. Designer babies also cost a lot of money, so only rich people would be able to have designer babies. But, I believe that designer babies would be something good for people. Designer babies could save lots of people and in many different ways. One way that designer babies could save people is if there is a genetic disease that gets passed down from generation to generation, you could stop that from happening with designer babies. According to Issues and Controversies, you could prevent the disease from being passed down into further generation, and therefore, no one else in that family would get that disease. Another way that they can save people is if someone in the family is sick, you could have a baby that has the type of blood or a good heart or organ to give to the sick and dying person.


What would the world be like if people could design and customize their children? Many people believe that there would be an elite race. Only the wealthy would be genetically perfect. People could pick their traits, creating smarter, prettier, healthier, more athletic people. But what about the lower class? They would now be considered inferior in pretty much every way. Adolf Hitler wanted to create a superior race. He wanted to eliminate pretty much everyone who didn"t have blond hair and blue eyes, he wanted to get rid of people of certain religions, races, or anyone who was handicapped. Even though this is an extreme situation, it is possible. With only the wealthy being able to create perfect children there would definitely be a superior race being created.

Currently, parents are using bio tech to create disease free babies, and some are even choosing genders. Parents can scan embryos to try and find the healthiest child. This is called preimplantation genetic testing and it is used to look for disease or even specific traits in an embryo. Parents who have disease in their family can do this to insure a healthy child, but it can also be used to look at traits that the baby could possibly have.

Even though scanning embryos to try and have healthy child can insure a brighter future, it could easily get out of hand. So far, about 20 designer babies born in the US and this number is going to keep increasing. I believe that creating and designing a baby is wrong and it should not be allowed.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that designer babies would be something very good for the world. I think this for a few reasons. One reason I think this is because designer babies could save lives. There could be a deadly genetic disease that gets passed down from generation to generation. If you had a designer baby, you could prevent that from happening. You could take out the gene that caused the disease so that the baby and future generations would not get that disease. Another way that designer babies could save people was if there was someone in the family that needed blood but nobody had the right kind of blood in the family or weren"t willing to give blood, you could have a kid and make sure that they had the correct kind of blood and save a person. Some benefits of designer babies is that you could make someone"s life better than it would have been before. You could make them better looking or you could make them a better athlete. Who wouldn"t want that? If you could have been born a better athlete or born smarter, you would have wanted that, wouldn"t you? People can be, now. People can be better people. But there is a rick. The risk of designer babies is that it isn"t a 100% guarantee that the baby will have exactly what the parent wants them to have, but with a non-designer baby, the kid isn"t going to have exactly what the parents want either, so it is about the same thing. According to, a deaf couple in Chicago wanted to have a deaf kid. The issue is, is someone making their kid disabled the same thing as someone making their kid have blonde hair and blue eyes? Well some people think that it is and some people think that it would be wrong for someone to do that. Those people think that the point of designer babies is to make the life of a kid better and by making them be disabled, you aren"t making their life better. Another ethical issue is that some people don"t think that any kind of designer babies should be allowed. They think that changing the DNA of someone is wrong. Even though designer babies could save the lives of people, some people still don"t agree. They think that it is "unnatural". Biochemist James Watson said "In all honesty, if scientists don't play God, who will?" He thinks that "If we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn't we?" In other words, if we aren"t allowed to change people for the better, who is going to?


Why would we need someone to play God now, if no one has before?
What is the purpose of creating a baby just to be prettier?
Are you suggesting that someone should create a baby for the sole purpose of saving their existing son or daughter?
In your argument above, you said that having a designer baby is pretty much the same thing as having a baby naturally because you can"t insure that they will have the traits that you want. If you can"t insure that the babies will have the traits that you want, then why would you waste hundreds of dollars on trying to design a perfect baby?

Designing your own baby is a pretty new topic. We have conducted very few experiments on humans. We can"t ask people to risk their lives in order to test procedures that would later be used to create babies who were more athletic or better looking. Many people agree, and have tried using the preimplantation technology with monkeys. The life of a pregnant women living in the 21st century is extremely different than the life of a pregnant monkey living in a lab. There is very little research on this topic, and it would be very dangerous to try and perform these operations on humans.
Also, preimplantation technology can be very fatal to both mother and child. An estimated 80% of embryos don"t implant, or result in a miscarriage.
Finally, there is no real purpose of creating an athletic baby who has blonde hair and blue eyes. Many of these traits are affected by outside factors, and in the long run, they can"t be controlled. Designing babies with desired traits can also lead to discrimination. Only the wealthy can afford to design these "perfect people," so the poor will now also be considered inferior to the rich in every possible way.
Debate Round No. 2


The reason for playing God would to make people be better. The reason that people haven"t been able to play God before is because that type of technology hasn"t been available before now.
You wouldn"t be creating a baby to have a baby. You would want to have a baby and you would make that baby prettier. You wouldn"t be having a baby just because you could haev a pretty one.
Yes, I am saying that someone should have a baby to save a living son or daughter.
The reason that is isn"t a 100% guarantee that the baby will have all the traits that you want it to have is because this is a new thing. Over time and with more practice, it will be that you can have a baby with a 100% guarantee of having the characteristics that you want it to have. Nothing is perfect the first time around.
You are saying that designer babies are a new topic and that people should risk their lives testing the procedures to have a designer baby. What do you think would be a more efficient way to test if designer babies work?
You said that designer babies could end in a result like Hitler. How would creating people to be better, end in a result like Hitler killing millions of people?
You talk about "outside factors" affecting people, what "outside factors" do you mean?
We aren"t forcing anyone to have a designer baby, they volunteered. Do you think it is okay that they volunteered or do you think that it is still wrong even if they want to have a designer baby and be part of the experiment?

Designer babies cost lots of money to make. That being said, only people with a lot of money would be able to have designer babies. Just because you are born into a poor or wealthy family, doesn"t mean that you are going to end up being rich or poor. You could be born into a poor family and become very rich. That being said, designer babies are available to everyone. Anybody is allowed to have a designer baby. It isn"t just for specific families. Any person can have a designer baby.
If designer babies are a success, then people as a whole could become healthier, smarter, and less likely to get a disease related to chromosomes, making the human race better. Would you rather live in a world with people that have all sorts of genetic diseases, and people who aren"t healthy? Or would you rather live in a place where genetic diseases are a thing of the past and people are healthy and smart?


I said, you can"t ask people to participate in these experiments and risk their lives. I suggest that we stop testing to see if designer babies will work. There is no point at all to spend hundreds of dollars to create a perfect baby. People can die from participating in these experiments. They may not realize the huge risk of using this new technology.

Hiltler wanted to create a superior race. He tried to kill off everyone that he didn"t think deserved to live. He made people think that because of how they looked they didn"t deserve to live.

There are many outside factors that can affect your knowledge, skills, and strength. It all leads back to how you are brought up. If you work hard, and participate in activities that will help you with certain skills, you will be affected.

People might not recognize the risks associated with these experiments. Babies and their mothers can end up dead. It doesn"t matter if they volunteer. You shouldn"t be giving them the chance to risk their lives in the first place.

People who are born into poor families can become wealthy, all I am saying is that it"s extremely difficult. They don"t have money to go to college so they can"t prepare for their future. Also, there is no point. This will only cause bad things to happen. Designer babies can lead to discrimination, a higher, elite race of people, and death. Many people only think about the good, but really is there any. Being pretty won"t really get you anywhere in life, so you aren"t creating a "brighter future" for your child.
Debate Round No. 3


In conclusion, I believe that people should be able to have designer babies, whether it is for the sake of saving someone"s life or just because they want their child to lead a better life by being more athletic, better looking or anything of that sort. Designer babies could change the world for the better, possibly even get rid of a lot of down syndrome, predisposition towards obesity, and other illnesses related to chromosomes, making the world a better place to live in.


I think that designer babies are a waste and they shouldn"t be allowed. They can lead to discrimination, death, an elite race, and they are a huge waste of money. Performing the research is deadly and we can"t have people risking their lives for something that will just help the wealthy create a "perfect person". We don"t know if the babies will be healthy when they are born. As I said, it"s a new technology and it would be dangerous to perform on humans.
Debate Round No. 4
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