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Designer Babies

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Started: 2/25/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Listen up people,
the topic is Designer Babies. I just want to know - Are you for or against the idea of genetically modified traits in our new born babies. I need facts, why you feel this way and give supportive evidence.

Thank you for your time

Master Debater



With the development of technology this will most likely be a possibility in the near future. And when technology is within reach, man achieves it. However, I do think that this is in some ways dangerous. We are losing sight of one simple fact: life is not perfect, humans are not perfect. I think instead of trying to make ourselves or our kids more perfect we should try to except and love the ways in which they are not. A parent should love their child unconditionally and not already object it to some standard of being beautiful or having other characteristics that can be modified. That's kind of the beauty of parenthood and the relationship to children: It's a very deep connection that is not primarily bound to anything like beauty. Let's not ruin that, let's accept ourselves the way we are, especially our children.
It is also very likely that designing babies would be very expensive, so that only a handful would be able to afford it. Their kids would likely be considered more beautiful, intelligent and so on. We would be able to create 'superior' humans which would be dangerous because it would make society even more unfair.
I know that new technology can often be exciting, just think of all the possibilities! But we have to ask ourselves one important question: Would it make life better, happier? I don't think it will. In some ways, it might make things worse.
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