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Did Jesus rise from the dead?

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Started: 7/16/2013 Category: Religion
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In this debate I will be debating that Jesus did rise from the dead and I have evidence to show this. The first round I will be making my opening argument. So lets get started. Do we have any facts that support the historical resurrection of Jesus? Absolutely. And I won't just use arguments from guys on our side. To make the strongest possible case, we'll rely on those facts that virtually all scholars who study this subject agree upon, including critics of Christianity.

Fact #1: Jesus died by Roman crucifixion.

Not only is Jesus' crucifixion recorded in all four gospels, but non-Christian sources report the event too. Jewish historian Josephus and the Roman historian Tacitus are just a couple of those sources.

And remember, virtually all scholars accept this fact.

Fact #2: The disciples believed they had seen the risen Jesus.

Scholars recognize two important pieces of evidence for this fact. First, the disciples claimed to have seen the risen Jesus. Paul lists the eyewitnesses in I Corinthians 15:3-8:

For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, and last of all he appeared to me also, as to one abnormally born.

By the way, it's legit to cite the Bible here. Even critical scholars believe I Corinthians is an authentic letter written by Paul. At this point, I am simply using it as a source of ancient history, not as an inspired book of the Bible. Thus, I have a reliable list of people who believed they saw resurrection appearances of Jesus.

Second, the disciples really believed they had seen Jesus such that it totally transformed them. Jesus, their leader, had been brutally killed before their eyes. Understandably, they split. Peter even denies Jesus three times. But something happened, transforming them from cowards who abandoned Jesus to courageous men who risked life and limb for His message. They didn't just claim Jesus rose, they really, really believed it.

And remember, virtually all scholars accept this fact.

Fact #3: Saul of Tarsus (Paul), an enemy of the church, converted because he believed he had seen the risen Jesus.

Before his Road-to-Damascus experience, Paul tried to destroy the Christian church. He beat Christians, imprisoned them, and killed them. But suddenly, he converts to Christianity. Why? Paul and Luke both report it was because he believed the resurrected Jesus had appeared to him.

And remember, virtually all scholars accept this fact.

Fact #4: James, the brother of Jesus and a skeptic, converted because he believed he had seen the risen Jesus.

The Gospels tell us James was skeptical of Jesus' ministry (Mark 3:21; John 7:5). He was unconvinced. However, James eventually converts and is even martyred for his faith in Jesus. What transformed this skeptic into a believer? He believed he saw the risen Jesus. Remember the eyewitness list in I Corinthians 15? Verse 7 tells us "[Jesus] appeared to James."

And remember, virtually all scholars accept this fact.

Fact #5: The tomb of Jesus was empty.

Where was Jesus publicly executed? In Jerusalem. Where did the disciples start proclaiming Jesus' resurrection? In Jerusalem. Think about those two facts together. How does Christianity get started if Jesus' corpse is still in the tomb? It doesn't. Jewish and Roman leaders simply pull out the dead body and game over. But that doesn't happen. Instead, the disciples preach the resurrection in the very city Jesus is crucified. That's only possible if the tomb is empty.

This is the one fact not accepted by "virtually all scholars." However, about 75% of scholars buy this one and that's still a large majority.

What do these facts point to? That Jesus Christ is no longer dead. His resurrection explains all five facts very well. The facts give us solid evidence He has risen indeed.


Im busy and short on time so im gonna make this short

1. The Romans and people back then had bad and inaccuret historical records.
Also from what i researched most scholars dont belive Jesus rose from the dead and dont accept these facts.

2. Again, bad historical records. Also Cambridge university's new discovery of the Turin shroud theory can prove that Jesus rising from the dead could just be an illusion.

3. As said in previous arguments. Bad records and Turin shroud.

4.same as in 3.

5. We still dont know the exact place where jesses tomb was. Also, smugglers could have taken the remains. It has happened on many occasions. Take they Egyptian pyramids for example. Tons of artifacts are missing because of smugglers so it could be the same with Jesus.

Sorry for a late respons.

My scorces.
1-ancient history class
2-daily and Wikipedia
Debate Round No. 1


1. How did the Romans and people back then have inaccurate historical records? Most scholars believe these historical records are accurate. Do you have any evidence to support the assertion that the historical records are inaccurate?

2. Please explain how Jesus rising from the dead could be an illusion. Again support your assertion with evidence.

5. Why would smugglers take Jesus body? and how would smugglers take Jesus body? Jesus tomb was heavily guarded by Roman guards. Again like all your other arguments you need to support your assertion with solid evidence.


By scholars do you mean religious scholars. By that its understandable they belived it. However, scientific scholars dont belive in jesus rising from the dead. According to a scholar is "a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject". That could include religion but scholars in the scientific field dont belive in Jesus rising from the dead.

Jesus rising from the dead could have been an illusion because of the turid shroud theory. The shroud of Turin is a burial cloth with an imprint of a man looking like hes rising. Many other cloths like this have been discovered from around jesuses time to the mideval era. The reason for the imprint in the cloth is because of carbon. Its long and complex so im not going to explain it now. People back then probably saw this imprint on the cloth and though he rose from the dead. I got this from

Smugglers would want to take the body because its valuable. This has happend with the pyramids in Egypt. They where also heavily guarded but smugglers managed to take valuables. We dont know when the body was taken but it could have been when the Romans stopped guarding the tomb.
Debate Round No. 2


I never said that scholars believe Jesus rose from the dead. Fact #5 was "the tomb of Jesus is empty" which about 75% of scholars believe is true.

John 20
6 Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb; and he saw the linen cloths lying there, 7 and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself.

The cloths which had been wrapped around Jesus were lying in one part of the tomb, and the napkin, which had been wrapped around His face was in another part of the tomb. The term linen cloths is plural, because there was not one singular shroud, but strips of cloth in which He was wrapped. The head-piece was totally separate from the strips of cloth which had surrounded the body.

This is just one of the many reasons why the shroud of Turin cannot be the true shroud, and is just another fake Catholic relic.

The Shroud of Turin is most likely not Jesus body and honestly isn't very relevant to the topic. The reason why people back then believed Jesus rose from the dead is because of fact 2,3,4, and 5.

2.Not only did the disciples see the risen Jesus but a large crowd of more than 500 eyewitnesses saw the risen Jesus Christ at the same time too. The Apostle Paul records this event in 1 Corinthians 15:6. He states that most of these men and women were still alive when he wrote this letter, about 55 A.D. Undoubtedly they told others about this miracle. Today, psychologists say it would be impossible for a large crowd of people to have had the same hallucination at once. Smaller groups also saw the risen Christ, such as the apostles, and Cleopas and his companion. They all saw the same thing, and in the case of the apostles, they touched Jesus and watched him eat food. The hallucination theory is further debunked because after the ascension of Jesus into heaven, sightings of him stopped.

3.The conversion of Paul records the most drastically changed life in the Bible. As Saul of Tarsus, he was an aggressive persecutor of the early church. When the risen Christ appeared to Paul on the Damascus Road, Paul became Christianity's most determined missionary. He endured five floggings, three beatings, three shipwrecks, a stoning, poverty, and years of ridicule. Finally the Roman emperor Nero had Paul beheaded because the apostle refused to deny his faith in Jesus. What could make a person willingly accept"even welcome"such hardships? Christians believe the conversion of Paul came about because he encountered Jesus Christ who had risen from the dead.

4. James, the brother of Jesus, was openly skeptical that Jesus was the Messiah. Later James became a courageous leader of the Jerusalem church, even being stoned to death for his faith. Why? The Bible says the risen Christ appeared to him. What a shock to see your own brother, alive again, after you knew he was dead. James and the apostles were effective missionaries because people could tell these men had touched and seen the risen Christ. With such zealous eyewitnesses, the early church exploded in growth, spreading west from Jerusalem to Rome and beyond.

There is absolutely no motive why any one would steal Jesus body. The Jews and the Romans had no motive. Why would they steal Jesus body and let people believe Jesus rose from the dead when they were highly against the idea of Jesus being God. The disciples had no motive. They were extremely discourage about the death of Jesus. Jesus body would have to be stolen with in three days after his death (On the third day the tomb was empty) and during those three days the tomb was guarded. So if Jesus body was stolen which there is absolutely no motive to do in the first place, they would have to get pass the guards.

Countless people have died for Jesus, absolutely certain that the resurrection of Christ is an historical fact. Ten of the original apostles died as martyrs for Christ, as did the Apostle Paul. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of early Christians died in the Roman arena and in prisons for their faith. Down through the centuries, thousands more have died for Jesus because they believed the resurrection is true. Even today, people suffer persecution because they have faith that Christ rose from the dead. An isolated group may give up their lives for a cult leader, but Christian martyrs have died in many lands, for nearly 2,000 years, believing Jesus conquered death to give them eternal life.

To conclude I want to thank my opponent for taking her time to debate me on a very important topic. Thank you, I hope this debate gets you and the people reading it to think more about the resurrection of Jesus.


Your arguments are circular and base everything off the bible and god. How do we know thoes are real? Theres no proof. And since science has proven god isnt real how do we know Jesus rose from the dead? Also, how do you know the bible and "scholars" are accuret? Science hasn't proven anything from the bible to be real. We dont even know where the information came from, which means it isn't accuret. All of your arguments are based off the bible and god so how do we know theyre true? You didnt even prove god yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by devient.genie 5 years ago
If you take my rib to make a human, we will have the same DNA. So my identical twin if you make her woman, would have sex with me and we would have two sons who would (f)(u)(c)(k their sisters to populate the planet.

Take that debate. If identical twins have sex and the kids of those twins have sex, its all going to be messed up.
Posted by RyanR619 5 years ago
bruinshockeyfan, if you want I will do another debate with you on "Is the bible accurate?"
Posted by devient.genie 5 years ago
ryan, that is a great question.

DevientGenie 14:11--Many forms of scripture have numbers separated by a colon, however True scripture not only has numbers separated by a colon, but also a colon and one of the parenthesis at the end to signify it is in fact True Scripture :)
Posted by RyanR619 5 years ago
Whats up with all the happy faces?
Posted by RyanR619 5 years ago
Whats up with all the happy faces?
Posted by devient.genie 5 years ago
ryan, do not wonder about those who are good without a god, pity those who need a god to be good :)

Reverse Trolling

When someone of little or no intelligence on the internet gets into a discussion, debate, or argument that they cannot keep up with because of their inability to think and process information outside of their closed little mind, and respond by calling the other person more intelligent than them a troll :)

Is that the best you got sky daddy worshiper?

Now get up, I aint heard no bell :)

I will fight ignorance and stupidity that infects government, and schools until either the ignorance and stupidity dies or I die.

I will hold religion in contempt until either religion dies or I die.

I am not interested in incessant whining about coddling ignorance that has poisoned society so much, that childish beliefs about a sky daddy are dividing people.

People should be ashamed as a 21st century human, but shame wont enter their feeble mind because they treat research and education like its a venomous spider and avoid it.

The sheer fact that humans in the 21st century do Not understand that homo sapiens evolved over billions of years is because they turn a blind eye to evidence.
Religion impedes science and tells children Not to question life and to accept that they were created by a bully who ordered people stoned, committed the greatest act of genocide by flood in storytelling history and organized a human sacrifice in the middle east to show forgiveness.

Its pathetic and a disgusting insult to human intelligence.

DevientGenie 3:45--Religion is a crime against human intelligence. The Genie is a Vigilante against such criminal activity :)
Posted by RyanR619 5 years ago
Devient.genie, are you really 41 years old? If you are really 41 and trolling on the internet that is sad. I honestly feel bad for you. :)
Posted by devient.genie 5 years ago
ryan, time for a broken heart, but your heart wont break because evidence isnt something you embrace :)

josephus and tacitus are b u l l s h i t, so are other stories :)

I think you should consider embracing True Scripture :)

True Scripture, will help you see more relevance to the 21st Century, Not that watered down tripe from back in the day :)

CURES 1:1--Free Thought is Not a curse, it's the cure :)

Inept 10:10--Religion is Thought Abortion :)

Thoughts 7:32--Thinking, if everyone did it, who would be religious? :)

Religitards 5:55--If ignorance was body odor, religious beliefs would make you stink like you slept in a dumpster of fish and vomit :)

DUH 9:23--You dont need religion to have morals. If you dont know right from wrong, you lack empathy, Not religion :)

IDIOTS 6:13--Allegories, parables, opinions, apologies, metaphors, interpretations and excuses, these are the ingredients of the religious mind :)

Inept 5:55--Logic, reason, evidence, critical thinking and facts are religions natural enemies :)
Posted by Bruinshockeyfan 5 years ago
Who eliminated the ducks? Oh. The red wings! Also one of my fav teams. The wings won the cup much more than the ducks. So did the bruins.
Posted by RyanR619 5 years ago
you guys have it all wrong! The Anaheim Ducks are obviously the best team!
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