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Did Walt Disney hate jews?

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Started: 4/10/2014 Category: People
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Walt Disney did not hate jews. He didn't hate anybody to be exact. According to the people close to him, he liked everyone equally. Sure he wasn't the best boss in the world, but everybody still liked him. The belief that he hated jews was just a rumor that went around a long time ago when his workers went on strike and sued him.


That is because there was a lot of nazism in Walt Disney's work, if you were to search that on Youtube there are videos of Donald Duck working for the nazi's with swastikas on his arm. Seriously, I'm not joking. That is why people have that mind frame, I don't believe it unless he said it himself.

There are strong claims that Walt had associations with Anti-Semitic groups and individuals. The biggest claims are as follows.

Old employee"s accused Mr. Disney of visiting Anti-Semitic meetings.
Early Disney production has examples of Anti-Semitic caricatures.
Disney had relationships with known Nazis.
On the surface these accusations seem to strongly support Disney as a rabid Anti-Semite. Lets take a look at the evidence. Lets review what is known and what is unproven about Walt Disney.
Debate Round No. 1


Ah, but did you ever stop to think about whether they were fake or not? Or did ever occur to you that those were used as propaganda to get people to support the war. He was never accused of supporting the Nazis, or being a Nazi for that matter. If he was it'd be in the documentaries about him. Or better yet, the proof would be in his biography. I'm in the process of reading that and I've seen atleast 2- 3 documentaries about him.


well there is no way to know if that were fake i was not alive in 1940 and i have never had meeting disney documentaries about him. would not tell every thing and likey there are secarets we dont know

here is what we do know

Disney cartoon shorts featuring Jewish characters in a less-than-flattering light, while some of it stems from his association with various anti-Semites of the time
Dumbo's black crows;
Fantasia's black servant centaurette;
and Song of the South, a movie so offensive that the Disney company will no longer let it be seen in public
Then there is Walt Disney's own behavior: Gabler cites a meeting in which Disney referred to the Snow White dwarves as a "nigger pile" and another in which he used the term "pickaninny."
Believability: Those are certainly not flattering facts, but they are facts.
Walt Disney was also sexist.
this letter saying a woman cant be an inker

is he anti jew

Disney personally welcomed Nazi director Leni Riefenstahl to his studios.

Walt Disney gave Hitler"s pet filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, a tour of his studio.

she praised Disney for receiving her, saying, it "was gratifying to learn how thoroughly proper Americans distance themselves from the smear campaigns of the Jews

and there is lot more
Debate Round No. 2


Yes but, a lot of people loved those. Those films aren't shown anymore because they're old. Besides I'm sure at the time Disney had Jews working for him. And a Nazi visited the Disney studios, big whoop. That doesn't mean he supports them. Disney was a great man with very few enemies and a lot of fans. He didn't hate anybody.


this is it the is super mega racist to jews
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nerosmoke 7 years ago
I mean is he the super mega raciest of what
Posted by nerosmoke 7 years ago

his is it i missed it when i posted
Posted by JacobG 7 years ago
I want in this debate so bad :s because if con plays his cards correctly in is virtually impossible for pro to win.
Posted by JacobG 7 years ago
I swear to god there are so many contradictions in this I just want to scream them all out.
Like how the swastika represents life, sun, power, strength, and good luck until it was used by Nazis in WW2.
and there is even banned episode of Disney cartoons showing anti-Nazi propaganda(which is wear he got that Donald duck photo.)
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