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Did feminism make women unhappier compared to the women of the past?

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Started: 6/27/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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- Women are expected to work hard outside whereas they were not expected to do so in the pre-feminism time.
- Femininity has become something the girls cannot appreciate. They are pressured to be masculine, and gender equality is presented as a upward hill to them where masculinity is better than femininity.
- They are pressured to surpass their feminine feelings. While women's natural mate selection centers around a monogamous, stable relationship, they are taught to be promiscuous and to think it is liberating.
- Family bondage is becoming extinct. Men are ditching their women whenever they wish. Majority of the children lives in non-traditional family. More and more women are raising children on their own. Of whom half lives below poverty line.
- Of the traditional family - most of the women are expected to work. Whereas women before could raise the children themselves, now they get to see them couple of hours a day.
- Before only the father usually brought the work stress home, while the women usually were there to relieve the stress, Now both of them bring their stress home, and family lives are becoming chaotic.
- Today girls are pressured to be economically independant, so they are protected if their relationships fails, But the Irony is when in the past women were not economically independant their relationships seldom failed.
- They are taught that they don't need men. And then they are taught to be like them, be able to do whatever the boys can do. While this continuous pressure has enabled women to max their performance. The pressure on boys stayed the same or lessened compared to the past.
- The men of the past were pushed to be responsible, hard-working for their family, these days responsibility is a lost word in the dictionary of men. As women are taught to act like they don't need them, boys don't feel the need to be needed and thus become irresponsible towards all relationships.
- Of the two sexes girls are being pushed more than ever before. No wonder surveys reveals that boys happiness is booming upwards and girls happiness is being crushed under the boys.

As feminism has made the sexes less helping of each other, men are less likely to help or stick with girls today, So the shift in happiness index is less likely to change soon. So while the feminism movement has done a lot to improve some testosterone fueled, lesbian-ish females. It literally SCREWED the 95% of the feminine women who would be much happier with a traditional family with a masculine men - which she NEEDS( which she don't have to BE herself).


Well, there is no structure set for this debate. In virtually every argument I have seen so far, the first round has been for acceptance. I'm going to assume that that is the case here, since the instigator has not answered my question in the comment section.

I accept this debate, and I look forward to it.
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Posted by Agingseeker 2 years ago
Slam Dunk....It sure did make women unhappier

Survey: Stay-at-Home Moms More Satisfied Than Any Profession

Fashion, beauty, and home online magazine published a survey, which found that stay-at-home moms with four or more kids are "very" or "extremely" happy.

[ can you imagine :0 ]

And that just came out...Wow, did certain people get upset with that. But no need. Facts is facts.

When we lived in the MidWest we knew a lawyer woman who gave it up to stay at home. She didn't regret it a spack and she is a great mom. So you don't get to go to court and write up reports.
Posted by ThePunisher1234 2 years ago
Is the first round for acceptance?

Also... are you trolling? This argument seems pretty ludicrous, and I'm not sure whether it is a joke. I was hoping you could tell me now, so that if it is I don't waste my time...
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