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Did france help in WII

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Started: 4/19/2018 Category: News
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Did France help in World war 2 the pro may go first ! i hope you will have fun with this debate!!


Alrighty, I'm going to assume this is about World War 2 on the Allies side, as the title has a slight error (or perhaps there is something I don't know about called WII.
During WW2, France fought as the 'Free French' after the take over of its own nation, becoming the Vichy Puppet state. Although this could be interpreted as just an attempt to get Germans off it's own turf, the French were notably killing off Nazi soldiers, and like many before us said- the enemy of my enemy is my best friend.
I'll be mentioning the 'Free France' society frequently, as they are the most well known but let's be fair here, it didn't contribute much to the war other than scaring everyone else with the capabilities of the Germans. However, Normandy (The Doomsday Attack) in a sense did act as a bait to create a turning point in the Great War, as Germans were advancing quickly.
Now, if we were talking about HOW much the French did assist in the Second Great War, then it's agreeable... that the French really didn't do much except get captured. However, you didn't specify how much of a help they were, thus you left the question as an open end 'yes' or 'no' response. And to that, my answer is- Yes. The French DID help in WW2.

On the contrary, if we were talking about French assistance on the AXIS side, we can talk about the MASSIVE amounts of land aquired by the Nazi's, and the manpower the Vichy gained. However, to this day- if you hear someone even suggest you are a 'Vichy', you have the right to get infuriated, as it's seen as a massive insult to the French (being seen as a traitor, nazi, or someone who ENFORCED the holocaust).
But, i'll only assume you meant on the allied front of WW2, though i'd appreciate your input on this topic :)
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your right there is an error sorry about that yes this is about World War2. What I mean is what did France do to help Great Britain And the United States. I think France really did nothing to help. Yes they did kill a lot of Nazi but the Nazi did take over Paris after that its like they just vanished into thin air. While the Allied side where fighting the Nazi, Japan and Italy with low supplies. United State Great Britain and Canada went to France to help get back Paris that is know as the turning point. It is called D Day. And did France help with this no they did not.

Ohh thanks for accepting this debate I hope you have fun with this.
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