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Did the inhumane insects create atheism?

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Started: 4/6/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Did the inhumane insect create atheism or was it the inhumane acts of ancient religions and beliefs?
Charles Darwin's classic monster: The parasitoid wasp, "There seems to me too much misery in the world"

Then walk by the poor wretched mentally ill that sleep upon the streets, that will most likely pass away tonight because of the cold be it from the weather or the coldness within our own hearts and think that you are any better than a parasitic wasp.

Where is the line in the sand between inhumane and humane when free will is no more then I don't know you I only know of you will I ever know myself at all.

This is not a dress down of the human race this is our own stupid intelligence raising its ugly head. You may run at this thought. I know that I have and do for my own survival, but my mind suffers and my soul pains for a resolve.
Just as it did when I had to leave the streets of misery where I found a love that was so strong that in my later years I had to let it go for my own weak body sickened and now my mind and soul suffer so greatly.

Jesus asks of us to give all you have away and follow me and I did. I am in tears as I write this for the peace of mind and the love that shone from within and the warmth of the sun in the morning dew from the cold ground that spent all resolve I have from want is where I draw a line in the sand between humane and inhumane.

Not many feel unconditional love. If you carry a large stick you will never have the chance. Because love is unconditional and so is the ability to hate. All religions and beliefs are corrupted by people that carry a large stick and the truth of it all is. To become humane is to be aware of the strengths and weakness within ourselves that reflect the past, present and future of the good and bad within us all because empathy is knowing what it's like in someone else's shoes by personal experience and sympathy is not really knowing but caring anyway.

Peace be with you and all glory and praise belongs to our own existence creator of intelligent design of the known universe.


get an education
Debate Round No. 1


You remind me of a child that once replied to a parents instructions, WILL YOU JUST GROW UP AND GET AN EDUCATION.
and the child replied what to be just like you?

Look I have had it in for atheists ever since I noticed the damage to our modern cultures and beliefs with no more than insulting remarks of late and of passed upon religion.

Free will; I don't know you. I only know of you. If I ever knew myself at all. Say what you mean and mean what you say is not mean it's meant from the heart. Sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind.

Why don't you just try to comprehend the topic or is it too controversial for you to grasp hold of?

An argument is when a discussion becomes heated with defensive remarks while all reasoning is tossed aside while all is thought about is what is going to said next even if what is or was said factually.
But while having the passion for what you believe in is a debate and all that is. You get back what you put out.
An eye for an eye keeps the world blind.
Religion without science is blind; Science without religion is inhumane.

I don't play mind games with genuine individuals. You get back from me what you put out. Treat me like an idiot and that's what you get. Treat me with a little respect and consideration and you will get it back.

Give it a go. I will call a truss and apologise for my past actions towards you personally. I am sorry for the way that I have communicated with you in the past.

Within my own reasoning, I will not apologise to you for what I believe in. In any way and I would not expect the same from you.

Peace be with you. With a cool head to debate within the future.


Its not that i dont understand your position, its more of i am yet to see any irrefutable evidence for our universe needing to have been intelligently designed, let alone by the biblical god.

Although ive yet seen anyone give their burden of proof, but that doesn't mean they haven't made an attempt at justification, however the best ive seen from them is the cause/effect argument, and then there are those who simply say the universe just looks designed, and i cant see how it came about by random chance, this is blatantly a argument from ignorance.

also i know you mention alot of things regarding the heart and so forth, well my or your emotional standpoint has no bearing on whether or not something is true.

i dont have a problem with your beliefs, what i have a problem with is your lack of justification for those beliefs, and then trying to debate others with no justification, thats not really a debate, things like this tend to get repetitive.

and on that note, i would be more than happy to end this because it is just simply repetitive.

You and me could probably argue all day on something and not change anything whatsoever.

but i just want you to know the only thing that i was asking for was for you demonstrate the truth of what you are saying, not just simply asserting it.

that is all i have to say in this regard.
Debate Round No. 2


So both events have. One invented the word and the other reinforced it.

Now if we consider the latest scientific discoveries within the large hadron collider?

What side of the fence do you stand? Or are you upon the fence of indecision?

Now is the Higgs boson an allusion or an illusion as I could only fall upon my own sword and say I am deluded to think that I could understand it anymore then what I have said.

I stand with allusion and within my mind, it is still delusional.

As it doesn't matter what side of the fence you choose to stand or to even stay undecided within in your mind it is no more than delusional.

Is this the cause and effect of what you mean, Is that the cause and the effect of the conclusion and it was named the God particle?


cause effect is just simply the notion that effects have a cause, because we haven't observed an effect happen from complete nothingness. Also the higs boson is a partical that probligates the higs feild and gives particals like quarks and electrons their mass, I don't see how it being called the God partical has any bearing.

For example we call the beginning of our universe the big bang, but it wasent really an explosion, it was a rapid expansion of space and time.
Debate Round No. 3


What I am referring to if what I have asked of you has missed the mark. Or maybe I am no more than reminding you are.
How can this particular vanish and then reappears as the same particle maybe it is a different particle or is it the same one that repairs behind the scene and then reappears?

This is the cause and effect I assumed or is assumption no more than the cause and effect as complacencies breeds concept.

So I all so assume that you agree with: So both events have. One man of many invented the word atheism and another can do no more than to try and reinforce it.

Complacencies of the peignoir, and late Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair, And the green freedom of a cockatoo Upon a rug mingle to dissipate The holy hush of ancient sacrifice. She dreams a little, and she feels the dark Encroachment of that old catastrophe, As a calm darkens among water-lights.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
No stupidity creates Atheism. The condition not the insult!
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Or maybe it's at the moment of the collision the third party as the likes of what are those particles that we are bombarded with that go through everything and scientists have way underground an instrument to study them.
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
The god particle has absolutely nothing to do with god. It is a mere particle, known so due to its interaction with the Higgs field, that gives "mass" to all massive particles, (whilst also is rare to appear). The reason it "vanishes" instantly is that it decays quickly, as do many other particles. Do not use it in reference to god as if they are related in any manner.

Would you like to correct what you have stated? (whilst also is rare to appear) why does it not show up every time the particles collide have you any rational reasoning for this?
Maybe it's dust or some leftover force left over within the so-called spent chamber?
So instead of rational reasoning, billions of currency and hundreds of thousands of time is to be spent on a bigger Larger Hadron Collider.

So it's now, mark 1 fails and off it goes into the too hard basket and mark 2 fails and off it goes into the too hard basket. So is it a mark failed fragmented particles that the Higgs boson so named God particle going to even exist at all or it will be there more so often and still mark 3 goes into the too hard basket as well.

So what will all of this spent time and money find out that a bigger one is needed? That is what the hard basket is fore.

Why not just look out in the nebula and see it going on right there in front of your very eyes.
I know that we can't use our own 7 scenes but we can't use them within the next to the hard basket that is no more than a waste of money and time and resources. Unlike nature, resources are never spent.

The nature of our own existence creator of intelligent design of the known universe.
Peace be with you.

I am as I have stated a know all know nothing.
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
So why should I not add it to the list of unknowns and throw it into the to hard basket and being not know as a know all know nothing as I always will be and have always been?

Philosophy is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat.
Metaphysics is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that is not there.
Theology is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that is not there and shouting, I have found it!"
Science is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat using a flashlight.

Do you disagree with this as well?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
The god particle has absolutely nothing to do with god. It is a mere particle, known so due to its interaction with the Higgs field, that gives "mass" to all massive particles, whilst also is rare to appear. The reason it "vanishes" instantly is because it decays quickly, as do many other particles. Do not use it in reference to god as if they are related in any manner.
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Darth_Unicorns you have but taken what I have out forward literally. The reference to the topic has limited room so wit is a necessary trait to express one's own pearls of wisdom of intelligence.

Click on the links I have put upon this debate for your own sake and learn to broaden your own horizons.
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
So it's out on the farthest branch upon the tree of monkeys is it for Im_Intelligent. As contempt is where I have gone through my mind's complacencies and this is where I stand.
I can only hope that he is alright.
Posted by Darth_Unicorns 3 years ago
There isn"t absolutely no proof whatsoever Atheism was created by inhumane insects. As soon as one thing starts, it"s opposite starts at exactly the same time. The idea of God is believed to be came up with around 3 million years ago (3,000,000). Therefore atheism probably would have started at a similar time.
Therefore there must ha e been intelligent insects, that could communicate with the people. There is simply no evidence of these existing. Natural selection would have made sure these creatures were able to survive and through evolution, they would probably end up being an animal species, able to communicate with humans, which simply does not exist. Thank you for reading
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Why you heff to be mad?
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Oh darn I forgot to add that everybody is born an atheist, no exceptions, none. You have to be taught YOUR religion. So who, or better yet, what taught you YOUR religion? And even better yet is that if you have the slightest inkling of doubt in your belief in god(s) then you are an atheist. Now jell on that for uno momento and figure out the why.
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