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Diplomacy is only effective under the threat of war.

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Started: 4/4/2018 Category: Politics
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Modern day countries these days are annoyed and bothered with tons of issues whether they may be territorial disputes, international relations or world economics. The instrument tasked with solving a country"s (or by extension, an organization or individual) problems and issues, as well as dealing with people effectively and in a positive way is diplomacy.
All throughout history we have seen many conflicts and wars fueled by people"s ego and the simple aggressive human nature, both verbally and physically. Some of these problems have lingered to these days such as the racial problem in the USA or the rich/poor conundrum happening all over the world. The only thing stopping these problems from escalating to an all out war as it has happened many times before (USA and China civil wars) is diplomacy.
A country"s problems and issues do not all amount to War. There are problems in subjects such as international trade agreements, export promotion, economic development and cybersecurity that do not necessarily lead to war. War is but the final step on a very large staircase that are international relations, and as such rarely ever threatens a country. On a global scale, diplomacy mostly functions as an instrument to ensure the survival and prospering of trade and business relations between 2 or more sides and its effectiveness is seen in handling situations such as these.
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