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Disabled people should die

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Started: 4/30/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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they should die because they don't belong in this world and are not normal human beings


I'm astonished this is even a question, and I won't put much effort into debating this because this is most likely a troll question.

Obviously, disabled people didn't choose to be the way they are. Thus, we would be punishing them for a crime they didn't commit. Imagine if I killed you because you were a male? That would be barbaric.

But let's look at your justification for the idea that disabled people should die.

"they don't belong in this world"

What does this mean? You don't provide any justification for this.

"and are not normal human beings"

This is not a justification for murder. Imagine if we killed left handed people because most people were right handed. Such a society would be looked upon as barbaric by virtually everyone.

I sincerely hope you are a troll.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, Disabled people chose to be born the way they are. The Blind wanted to be blind. When they were just a fetus, they wished "Dear Lord! Please make me blind!", and that's what happened. They became blind! This is why they should die! They chose to be born that way.

How dare they be retarded! They do not belong in this world. They are not real human beings because they cannot do what others can. Especially mentally disabled, the retarded, are no use to this society. We need to kill these unimportant subhumans to help put an end to overpopulation, and to improve the economy. They steal our money for no reason, and we can't even do other things because of this. They ruin our country, and make us dumber.

We should start spending more money on creating perfect human beings, and then we can have a better country. This will give us a better military, better politicians, and less political issues to worry about, because the retarded won't cause some of them.


Since the paragraphs about disabled people choosing to be disabled is such utter nonsense, it's fairly obvious this is not a serious debate. Since I could literally be voted out if I don't respond, I will actually respond to these points.

Fetuses don't have the mental capacity to ask a God to make them disabled. Futlrthermore, the idea that God causes people to be disabled assumes he exists, an idea that is extremely controversial in its own right.

Disabled people are human beings. If you wish to deny this, cite one dictionary which states that a necessary part of being put in the category of "human" is to not be disabled.

Con hasn't demonstrated that the economic benefits are enough to outweigh the harm that would be caused to the people who were killed, and the emotional agony of the families that would be the result of the deaths of disabled people.

Overpopulation is not an imminent issue. Even if it was, genocide would not be the best option to fix it.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
The internet is great for psychopaths because they don't have to expose themselves in real life and can spend all day trolling and posting their hated comments.

Everyone else is too busy working and socializing in real life to waste time in front of a keyboard.

Got to go, have a life to get back to
Posted by FreshMeat12 2 years ago
I'm honestly surprised this is a debate that extends beyond one lone troll advocating for this genocide. It shows that this site is filled with either trolls or psychopaths. To those who are advocating for the murder of innocent people, can you put yourself in shoes of a person who is a family member of a disabled person?

I guess psychopaths are incapable of empathy, so if that doesn't work that doesn't work, just understand that losing a loved one is destined to hinder a person's productivity.
Posted by What50 2 years ago
If they're not contributing to society than why have them?
Posted by What50 2 years ago
If they're not contributing to society than why have them?
Posted by BruceVader 2 years ago
They didn't ask to be the way they are. Everyone's has a chance to be like them. Metallicasucks, you could have been disabled. It is usually an accident in the child hood or just that one in a billion chance to be disabled.
Posted by Logan686 2 years ago
:/ yee
Posted by Logan686 2 years ago
:/ yee
Posted by SmartNigga 2 years ago
if they cant talk walk or do anything important their just a waste of healthcare and money
Posted by DrorMann 2 years ago
As a person whom has a mentally impaired sister that was diagnosed with the mentality of a three year old, I can say without a doubt that if she hadn't been a part of my life I would not have understood compassion, acceptance, or friendship at the level that I do today.

When you learn to look past the physical form of an individual, and see them as a fellow Earthling, instead of the cause of all your imaginary problems, you understand that each person adds value to the world regardless of whether they can contribute in a profound way economically.

If anything we need to expose the general public to the mentally, and physically impaired more to teach people how to treat each other with dignity again. We're falling further, and further into the pit of dehumanization,where we only see each other as the sum of the profits that we can earn for society.

If you saw where your tax dollars went, and how much it meant to the impaired people to have a decent life, you'd feel much differently.
Posted by ughhh 2 years ago
This is insane that someone would even consider this.
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