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Disney Must be Banned

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Started: 1/25/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Disney Must be Banned. Vote pro.

Round 1: Acceptance

Round 2-4: Debate


Hmm. I had something different in mind, but this debate seems fine. I'll take it. I accept. However, sir, I ask that you rebut almost every claim I make in a vigorous and robust manner. Let's crack this nut open and see what you have to say. I await a most convincing opening argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Disney is a bad influence on children. It misdepicts so many things.

First of all, the Disney princesses, such as Mulan or Cinderella, are a caricature of today's royalty. Too much romance and whatnot is involved, as seen in Little Mermaid. That is why Disney princesses are a terrible influence on today's kids, especially younger girls.

Also, Eeyore, from 100 Acre Wood, is depressed. This is mean to depressed people, and also misrepresents the donkey. How offended would a depressed merchant be? And Pooh Bear is not wearing any pants; is that a reference to pornography or sex? Furthermore, he is yellow, which is mocking Asian people. Now obviously there is the Chinese, Korean, etc. version of him, but that doesn't mean that he ought to be Asian or whatever. Piglet and Tigger are just one letter away from the N-word. (niglet and nigger)

Also, Mickey Mouse is so ugly. It's like getting Uncle Sam or Mahatma Gandhi to be the mascot of the NFL.

Here is a picture of you:


Disney is not going to be banned and it should not be banned. It is a part of American culture and to ban it would be a violation of the free speech guaranteed under the United States constitution. It might be a bit stupid, but it's for kids and there's nothing lewd or wrong with any of it.

All the points you bring up are nothing more than shallow conspiracy theories. Disney princesses are not meant to be a mockery of today's royalty, but a representation of yesterday's royalty. Their representation of medieval life might be inaccurate, but if they were accurate, and showed the black death, it would not be acceptable for a kid's cartoon. They might be stupid, and cliche, but there's nothing wrong with them and most kids enjoy them. If a parent doesn't want his kid to see them, he doesn't have to play them. It's as simple as that.

Eeyore is depressed, but he's depressed for a purpose. His depression is meant to conflict with the naive joviality of the other characters. Because of his pessimistic viewpoint, he can see things in a different way, he can see when things are wrong. Pooh Bear is a clod when it comes to important decisions, Eyesore's pessimism increases the diversity of the show. Without him, the show would be dull, because all the other characters are happy. It takes all kinds of people to make am world, and Eeyore is crucial to the comedy and fun. He does not cause kids to be depressed. many donkeys do look sad. A.A. Milne took the face of a donkey and imagined how it would behave. He's good at that.

Pooh does not wear pants because, in reality, he's a teddy bear and the whole story is imaginary. Didn't you know that? It's an important part of the Pooh universe. It would be obscene if he had a genitalia and did not wear pants, but he does not have a genitalia. And while you're at it, why not call out Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, everyone from Pooh, Donald Duck, and Wile E. Coyote, who do not wear pants either? They do not wear pants because they are anatomically incorrect.

Pooh is not meant to be Asian because he's yellow, he's just a yellow bear. He does not have a racist Asian accent, or buck teeth, or glasses, or any of the other racist baloney. You're a hypocrite, sir. You hate Asian people.

Piglet and Tigger are not meant to be close to the n-word. Piglet is called Piglet because he's a little pig, and "Tigger" is a misspelling of "tiger". That's the whole joke with him. Don't you get it? And you shouldn't be one to call out the n-word, sir, you hate black people. You're malodorous and vile.

Mickey Mouse is not ugly, he's a very aesthetically designed mouse, and an American icon.

We are not going to ban Disney. It is a multimillion dollar corporation on which the American economy rests. If we banned it, there would be riots in the streets and those who devalue censorship would be outraged at such a violation of the constitution. We are not going to ban Disney. There is nothing wrong with it.

I await your next argument.
Debate Round No. 2


Look. Disney World is filled with prostitutes. All they do is try to get the people to have sex with them. Also, did you know that Disney is racist? I think I said so in my last argument. Also, Disney is filled with nonsense. Kids are influenced by Disney to be depressed or talk in a weird way, or they are motivated to eat jugs of honey a day.

I completely support the banning of Disney. It is filled with a bunch of racism and baloney and frankfurters. This picture here is so ugly, don't you agree?

Also, Pooh Bear and Donald Duck not wearing clothes is just so inappropriate. Pooh Bear is misrepresenting Asians. Honestly, they should have just given him glasses, small eyes, and chopsticks. Also, why is Donald Duck white? He is as ugly and retarded as an Indian. They should have made him brown.

Disney does nothing as entertainment for children. I really believe we should reconstruct the 7 Wonders, or actually 5. We already have the Pyramids of Giza, and the Lincoln Memorial functions as the Status of Zeus. Kids ought to learn more about their forefathers and ancient history. I doubt any kids know much about history.

Find at least 5 pictures of me on the Internet when you post your argument.


Disney World is not filled with prostitutes. There are no prostitutes at Disney World, because I'm sure there's a policy against selling your body for sex when you work there. You can give me an article about prostitutes at Disney World, and I'll believe it. Otherwise, it's unsupported nonsense.

Disney used to be racist, back in the day. Just slightly racist. They're not anymore. They're trying their best to not be racist and put out a whole bunch of new movies about the culture of the world. Moana, Pocahontas, The Lion King, and so on and so on. I think it makes them less racist. If they WERE racist these days, they'd be put out of business. But they're not racist anymore.

Again, you're a hypocrite, because in a past debate, you said, "I believe that black people cause too much violence in the world. You see, besides rap music and basketball, what are black people good at? nothing. They have abnormally low IQ's, and throughout history, they have achieved nothing." THAT'S racism. OK? You're a racist lout. So don't criticize Disney for being a titchy bit non PC back in the 30s.

That picture is not ugly, it's Mickey and Minnie mouse standing in front of Disneyland. What's wrong with you?

Pooh Bear and Donald Duck wearing clothes is not inappropriate, because they do not need clothes. Real ducks and bears do not wear clothes, so they don't need to either. Pooh bear is not supposed to be Asian. If anything, he's British, since A.A. Milne, the guy who created him, was British. And no, he is not going to have glasses, small eyes, or chopsticks, because that would be racist. Donald Duck is white because he's a white duck. He's not supposed to be Indian.

We are not going to reconstruct the 7 wonders of the ancient world for kids. We might do it for adults, but it would be unnecessary and expensive.

This is a more debatable topic than your racist ones, but you still can't even do it. If I was on your side, I could bring up some bad things about Disney, some stuff that would PROVE Disney should be banned. But I won't give them to you, you'll have to dig up the dirt on Disney yourself. You're doing a bad job of badmouthing the most beloved children's franchise of all time, sir. The saddest part is, it's something you COULD prove.

5 pictures of you:
Debate Round No. 3


But Disney is a waste of time, right. Kids today spend too much watching Disney movies and doing wasteful stuff. I think they need to learn to play Solitaire and go on and debate against me over some white supremacy topics.

Also, as I said, Disney is nothing but a caricature of royalty, Asian people, and depressed people.

Please, judges vote wisely. You can tell who the wiser, one is. (Hint: He is the white guy.)

And here is a picture of you:


Being white does not mean I am racist. I win.
Debate Round No. 4
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