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Dissociative Identity Disorder is Real

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Started: 1/4/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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FollowerofChrist1955 is the only one I want accepting this.

For voters:

I forgot about the debate as my memory sucks. I am re challenging you as to finish the debate.

The idea of everything being "Unspecified Mental illness" as I said before, just doesn't allow for proper treatment. And you are very off topic.

I have been in the mental health system for years as a client, and can tell you that though some people only care about a pay check (And I've mostly seen that in special ed staff or those who use abusive forms of therapy like traditional ABA), most mental health workers really care about their clients. That is why they studied psychology in the first place.

Mental health issues are very rarely diseases. In fact DID is a coping mechanism to help with severe trauma.

I in no way see how I am making an "Atheists argument". As a devout christian I am simply stating truths so far.


Thank you to my opponent for welcoming my challenge to debate this topic. I"ll begin by saying that there"s an inherent challenge in questioning an unfalsifiable claim such as this one. Google "Russell"s teapot in space" if you want a further explanation.

First, there"s no evidence of a cause(s) of dissociate identity disorder [DID]. There"s not even evidence for the disorder itself, not to mention any way to quantify or falsify it. For example, although psychopathy isn"t listed in the DSM there"s still a universal way to measure it, with a checklist [Hare"s checklist]. Psychopathy also has causes that are similar among such subjects"childhood trauma, violence, etc. This means that the causes of psychopathy are valid and we"re therefore able to predict and develop a list of risk factors because these subjects report very similar upbringings/symptoms. The only similarity with people claiming to have DID is simply that they have more than one "self". Everything else is arbitrary, such as the number of "selves" or "personalities".

So, this round of my argument is dedicated to the fact that DID has no empirical value. It"s simply based off of the words of the patient. DID has little validity and reliability because each subject varies pretty dramatically [i.e. number of personalities, genders of personalities, consistency in attitudes of personalities].
Debate Round No. 1


This debate was meant to be accepted by one specific person, not you.

The cause of DID is known to be excessive abuse , normally during childhood. Possibly with a genetic predisposition. When someone experiences abuse that is to such an extent that they cannot possess it, they will sometimes fracture of that memory from themselves which grows into another personality. DID is essentially a coping mechanism to protect an individual from their own experiences.

DID also happens to be in the dsm.

The first D in DID, Dissociative, can easily be expressed. Disassociation of some extent is quite common, a mild form of dissociation is day dreaming. I've also experienced more so forms of dissociation in the form of flash backs and sometimes during autistic meltdowns losing control of my body all together and feeling like I'm just watching it happen. The first D is a given in traumatic experiences.

The alters in this case make prefect sense to vary by system. DID is a personalized disorder, it would be weird for someone who has never heard of fairies to have a fairy alter for instance, though it would make sense for someone who watched a lot of fairy shows or was interested in mythology. Do to the nature of DID it would be odd for all systems to be alike.

Some symptoms are alike, for instance the roles an alter may have, co consciousness experiences, and holes in their memory.

As far as I can tell most people with DID doubt they have it at first, and one would have to be an amazing actor to fake it.

Some links to check out:
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
@MagicAintReal I tried and it said he wasn't accepting debate challenges.
Posted by MagicAintReal 3 years ago
Arganger, if you only want FollowerOfChrist to accept this debate, then just send him the debate rather than put it on the open debate section.
Posted by miinty 3 years ago
its a real thing. one of my close friends has it and its a struggle for her everyday.
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