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Diversity is Bad

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Started: 5/12/2014 Category: Philosophy
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I assert that the existence of race/human diversity is a plight/curse upon humanity and it would be entirely better if it did not exist.

Race is defined as large groups of people who have similar skin color, hair and/or other features. Examples of a 'race' are white/European and black/African.

The effects of diversity is intolerance and hate between groups, and the need to constantly berate and oversee the two opposing peoples so that they do not commit aggression upon one another. Diversity causes people to focus on their differences instead of other issues. It causes politicians to get elected merely because they pander to one race or another instead of presenting policy or merit. Diversity allows corporations to drive down wages because of distrust instilled between the races and the inability to bargain together. It allows both the existence of a mistreated underclass and a native population that cares less about the new incoming worker's conditions because they are alien and different. Diversity causes a country to become divided and unhappy. Diversity causes communities to draw inward and become fearful of one another.

Humanity would be better off with only one global race.


The only reason diversity seems bad is because humans perceive others to be different - too different to their liking. For example, I don't discriminate blacks and whites, but do you discriminate sharp and soft ears? Dark vs light hair?

Diversity is not only a way to adapt to the surrounding environment, it is a way to individualise the brain - so radical views that nobody would think of can be explained - by a person with radical views himself.

Diversity is one of the best things ever put into existence, and we should be polite to those with radical views - those who think blacks might have a disadvantage - etcetera.

If we stopped being diverse, the human species would be evolutionarily damned.

Conclusion: Diversity isn't bad. The actions of a few of the people it produces happen to be.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the debate.

First off I agree with the notion that diversity in brain chemistry is inherently good, and that without people with different views and ideas humanity would be doomed. I would also agree that a certain level of invisible bio-diversity- resistance to certain types of diseases- is also good.

But diversity in looks only serves to divide us. It would be entirely better if we lived in a world in which people are not divided by their looks, but by their ideas and actions. We as a species have evolved past the need to have different skin color, eye color, hair color and ear shape. Diversity from birth to look a certain way is a fate an individual has to live with for the rest of their life. An ugly person is doomed to be shunned. Skin color leads to tribal-like conflicts within diverse communities.

It is entirely natural for humans to perceive others as alien and different if they look a certain way. Everyone has an inherent innate racism, and the need to constantly keep it in check is a drain upon society. It would be entirely better if there were no differences between people when they were born based on race, and if everyone could have the same skin color, eye color and hair color. People can express themselves by dying their hair and wearing different clothes, but race is something that the individual did not chose and cannot stop expressing to others. This is an unnecessary harm that we would be better off without.


May I point out that everyone is an individual, and between individuals I feel no racism. You can't stop the effects of within-lifetime evolution (darkened skin for example) because it will help - in this case - to prevent Sun rays from damaging your skin.

It is true that there are traits people seem to like, for example blue eyes, But the development of the visual cortex and retina cause these changes; they don't affect our perception, and they subtly enhance our ability to distinguish one another, so why not keep it?

But as for black - white skin, what I have to say is that different skin colour can be used to distinguish between ethnics and races, and the racism is to do with ethnicity, not skin colour.
Debate Round No. 2


While darkened skin may have been useful when farming was done by hand, and sunscreen had not been invented, in the modern age it doesn't help significantly to have minute evolutionary differences.

People have never had the problem of distinguishing between other members of their ethnic group, only other ethnic groups, and that is because of the differences between them. These differences are signified by things like eye color and skin color.

If humanity was simply one ethnicity, one race, it would be able to cooperate more- or at the very least fight over more ideological issues instead of playing race politics against one another. Therefore human racial diversity is bad.


In poorer countries, farming is still done by hand, and sunscreen is not heard of, thus these differences can help significantly in the developing world.

If humanity was one race, then it would be harder to survive as we were supposed to survive, knocking over the base of human biology and causing the human race to be crushed by all of the natural material that animals take for granted.

Humans are meant to be well adaptable; having a single race would not help us adapt to different climates. They would help us to die in different climates.

Diversity came naturally, and all of nature is to be taken for granted, no matter what, because it made us us.
Debate Round No. 3
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