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Dividing a state do good for the country?

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Started: 8/3/2013 Category: Society
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Telangana at the Cost of India-
UPA decision to divide Andhra Pradesh is based on narrow political calculations


Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are never meant to be a single state.

The two have always been separated prior to Independence. It was only during 1953 that a merger was contemplated to put people who share the same language under a single jurisdiction.

People from Telangana are skeptical of this merger since there is a large economic disparity between two regions but with Telangana population extremely marginalized despite having a larger revenue. The merger is expected to divert the much needed revenue for development away from Telanganu and into Andhra Pradesh.

Nehru describe the merger as "tinted with expansionist imperialism" since Telangana people and their wealth are potentially subject to exploitation.

But in the name of unity, India's central leadership in 1956 nevertheless proceeded with the merger but with an added caveat that State leadership should guarantee equittable economic development in Telangana.

Nehru viewed this union as marriage with pre-conditions for divorce.

Broken Promises

Throughout its 6 decade history, the combined Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state (collectively called Andhra Pradesh) was ruled predominantly by leaders from Andhra Pradesh (54 out of 60 years).

This is despite Telangana's demographic and economic contributions -

* Telangana is largest of the 3 regions in Andhra Pradesh with 42% of the land mass
* Telangana comprise 40% of the population
* Telangana contribute to 70% of State revenue

Ever since the merger, Telangana has remained neglected, exploited and backward despite assurances from India's central leadership. For over 60 years, plans and agreements for Telangana's development have simply been ignored.

On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh and the capital Hyderabad experienced exponential economic growth and prosperity.

History of Discontent

The separation of Telanganu and Andhra Pradesh did not happen overnight.

An overwhelming population of Telanganu has expressed discontent since 1969, and movements for separation had sprung multiple times.

Telanganus have asserted that the merger is a futile exercise and that failure to honor safe guards, guarantees and agreements made in 1963 are precedent to the separation.

However, such movement did not garner political support from India's central leadership in the past.

Recent cases of immolation by Telangana youths and nationwide unrest by virtue of social media indicate that the situation has reached a point of desperation and further neglect of the issue will have grave political ramifications.

Political Expedience

While many argue that the recent separation (2013) is politically motivated and convenient, it is a catalyst to the inevitable.

Telangana leaders merely and rightfully exploited the political opening in order to push thru changes that have been desprately needed for over 50 years.

If not now, Telangana may have to wait for few more decades to realize their dream of self-determination.

Separation is the best course of action

Andhra Pradesh and the Hyderabad capital no longer need Telanganu for its economic development driven by decades of unfair and disproportionate allocation of funds.

Better wealth management and distribution is not the solution. It has been tried for 60 years and has obviously failed.

As a separate State with locals as their leaders, Telanganu can finally push thru reform that directly benefit its population - education and infrastructure developments that remove barriers to equal opporunity.

While there are calls that these will lead to unwanted results, these are misguided red-herring -

* In the past, the Communist party with its promises of reform prevailed in Telangana only because the region has been neglected by the central government. The Communist can never regain their foothold in Telangana especially that the new State now has the power to enact the changes on its own and for its own benefit.

* Separation of the two States will not lead to the dissolution of the Nation. They remain States under a single nation - India, except that one has now been given more power for self-determination. This will increase

* Separation will not lead to confusion. Eventhough they will both share the same Capital, this is only for a period of few years to allow a smooth transition between the two States as the process of separating jurisdiction takes time.

Eventually, Andra Pradesh will be granted sole jurisdiction of Hyderabad once Telangana has successfully setup its own State.

* Andhra Pradesh will not suffer economically. Hyderabad is one of the most wealthiest cities in India and is now self-sufficient. With constant flow of investments and burgeoning industries, it no longer needs economic assistance from Telangana. In the long term, this will only encourage Andhra Pradesh to be more efficient and allow its leaders to better focus its wealth and resources for the benefit of its population.

* Telangana has legitimate grounds for separation, and while other regions also vie for separatation, theirs are not as strong as the case of Telanganu. Telanganu has been fighting for their cause since 1969. Other cases are more recent and are merely mimicking actions of Telanganu's leaders.

* Telangana's population will find a renewed spirit of solidarity with the Nation. If not for the separation, worsening conditions in Telangan will simply fuel more discontent that will lead only to further tensions.

Telangana is like a teenager who has graduated from university. It remains a part of the Indian famility but with better aspirations and prospects for the future. It aspires to simply spread its wings and seek self-determination.

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Posted by DT 5 years ago
So how does this work?

Is round 1 acceptance only? or do I proceed with my opening immediately?
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